Lights Out

VO: In case of a blackout, we have a backup generator for today's blog.

...with the master of Everything buzz.....and light switcher...Pierre Kelly!

Welcome to @ The Buzzr.  

Buzzr wanted something to ring in the holiday season. What do you think it is? I'll tell you why once I return. 

We asked you are you going to Pluto TV for buzzr? Of course, it was Yes. We'll have another one after I tell you about.........this....

For just one day, Buzzr will air The Great Christmas Light Fight on November 25th as a Season 1 marathon.

Each episode of The Great Christmas Light Fight features a series of families or groups that create elaborate Christmas light displays. The contestants are chosen in advance by producers. The displays are judged on three categories: use of lights, overall design, and Christmas spirit. Each display is first individually featured, then the judge or judges review the display and its specific details. Once all contestants have been reviewed, a winner is chosen, and the judges return to the winner to congratulate them. The winner of each week's episode wins $50,000 and a holiday-themed trophy.

So....are you going to watch it on November 25th? We'll give you 2 weeks to decide. 

That should end it.  anything you question or comment goes to me on social media or email and we'll explain. We will see you all @ The..................... 


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