Saturday, November 10, 2012

You'r not a veteran, you're just a rookie!
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Hello there, It's Pierre Kelly with another GSN The Know. As you know, Veterans day is Monday and I've decided to do it on Saturday, because some libraries where you live are closed at the moment because of a holiday, but in order to do what we do on patriotic days, let's start by doing the pledge of alleigance. Up on your feet people and say it with me....

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Now continue to stand as my friend Smashcraft will now sing the national anthem.

You may sit down now. Ok, let's get going with the ratings report. Hilty, what is up?

Family Feud once again took up the 8 spots but Fifth Grader gets back in the top 10 by placing 9th and having another Feud round out the list. Now, the cemetery...

Whammy! had a big moldy sandwich in between Match Game, Password Plus and $100K Pyramid. Another one swam in the ocean of Dawson's Feud for the rest. That's the first quarter. Hilty must get the "Blank" out.

Now the second quarter. With Pyramid 2012 sinking away, Friday would be a good time to replace it, so next week, guess which show is next?

Told you. Improv-a-ganza. A 40 episode wonder done by Drew Carey is invading the block next Friday. Hope you watch wisely. Also, on the day in which everyone goes shopping like a buffalo herd after Thanksgiving, Regis Millionaire at 8 CST and Harvey Feud by 1:30 CST later on. More news now.

To help you get ready for the Marathon, Reege will host the International Emmys and by International, I mean whatever country you were actually watching.

And finally, a chef of Beat the Chefs fame will speak in Lexington next week. Now we move to halftime and in keeping with the veterans day thing, we get a video from 3 Doors Down called "Citizen Soldier." This reminds you of going to the movies before the movie actually starts. Watch.

I hear the music. It's time for the nominees for our first ever....


It seems that every year award shows bring you who did it best, but we at this blog find out who did it best...and worst. So to start, we begin with.....

-The Pyramid
-The American Bible Challenge
-Beat The Chefs

If it wasn't for the million viewers who saw that BIble show, it would've been a flop all along. That's why Bible outlasted them all. Chefs, however did far worse than Bible losing viewers from it's lead-in and Pyramid takes the share of the 80's version we know.

-Mike Richards
-Jeff Foxworthy
-Matt Rogers

When you think of Mike RIchards, he brings experience to the table. Foxworthy has been doing well for a show that did well and Rogers is very decent at times.

-Tururros on the Pyramid
-The Chefs format

If you're wondering why the format of Beat The Chefs was...then too bad. The Food Network should've gotten it all along. DWTS to the network had the fans go...."Nah, let's play Borderlands 3." Every episode figured out who already did it like any pro wrestling booker would do before a show, but for the Tururros, they would've gone on another game show. Why didn't they do so good? I mean, their IQ was 50, which is below average if you ask me, but John Tuturro should've replaced either Nick or Aida Tuturro, because that would've gone out with a bang. Moving on....

-Harvey's Feud
-Minute to Win It
-Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

FOr 3 shows, they all have 1 thing. They make GSN money. They are hits in the top 10 and there's no stopping them anytime soon.

-Press Your Luck
-The CLark Pyramids
-The Passwords
-Match Game
-Family Feud

With it's endless lease loops, 25K Pyramid had newer episodes, but the big surprise was PYL getting the 1983 shows never seen on the network before. It's hard to tell which one has a winner.

Those are the nominees. We'll be here in Decemeber the week before Christmas with a year-end special tied in. We'll announce the best voice of the fan, The Screen Team will be here, Ravergirl aka Kristin Perez will be stopping by and a whole lot more. Join us and on Tuesday of next week, you get vote on what I posted. ANd now, it's.....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. Now since I ran out of interviews, I decided to do something different. I decided to get to know them by music. Today's fan.....Mallory E. Zieger.!/mallory.zieger

Born in Naples, Fl and now in New Jersey, Mallory is an advice columnist with her own YT account. She is also a big fan of Disney as afformentioned by her likes in movies and TV. She is a huge American Idol fan and her favorite are Scotty McCreery and Skylar Laine. If you wanted to Ask Mallory, well now may be your chance. Congrats Mallory, you are.....

(song stops; switces to intro)

The Fan of the 4th quarter.

Well, time to go. One thing I forgot to mention, the Bible Challenge is casting in my hometown on Wednesday and I'll keep you posted when it arises. Hope everybody have a happy veterans day, because at the lounge, they'll play and eat free if you are a veteran, because after all, freedom isn't free, but what's free is that you get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas. Ronan Tynan, take us home.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Obama 4 more years? Well at GSN The Know, we got 4 more reasons to elect yourself.

-We got the Ratings report to see who collected the votes
-All the news upfront in a flash
-We seelct the candidates for the inagural GSN The Know "Know-It-All" Awards
-And our Fan of the 4th quarter

GSN The Know. Everything you wanted on a fireman's pole & more.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Front Porch swing vote
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Hi ya pals! Welcome to GSN The Know. It's November, and if you forgot to set your clocks back an hour, then it's never too late nor early to spring ahead. ANd it's time to jump to it. Hilty came here early before I got here, so he's got teh ratings for us.....

Family Feud won back it's throne where it used to be nothcing up the first 7 and he last spot where Minute to Win It got the 8th & 9th spot. Now, tardy slips for these....

Baggage kicks it off, with Dog Eat Dog and a moldy sandwich with Password Plus being the bread to Card Sharks being the limburger and Family Feud finishing dead last for the rest. That's the 1st quarter. Time for Hilty to spring out.

Now the 2nd quarter.

Everybody knows Jimmy Pardo is a comedian. He used to host "Funny Money" in 2003, but he's got a new one called "Write Now" for the Nerdist Channel in addition to his award-winning podcast.

Steve Doocy of "Fox & Friends" taks a jab at Chuck Woolery. Why is he not mentioning Lingo? I don't Know.

In some parts of th south & midwest, rain is about to pour down today, so it might be a good time to have some MTWI games you should try at home. One example....

Frankenstein: Pick up three yardsticks, each with batteries balanced on both ends, using only your arms. Carry these yardsticks to the designated drop-off point without dropping anything and you win the game, as long as you complete the task in one minute or less.

See there? And now, we want to know what does this game show remind you of?  NBC is going to debut "Take It All" with Howie Mandel next month, but what GSN show does this remind you of?

Oh, Friend or Foe. The show with former MTV VJ Kennedy from 2002-2003. Might be a good one. Remember Who's Still Standing last year? Let's hope Take it All will be a better hit. That does it for the first half and we go to halftime. I would like for you to introduce Tori Whodat A rapper from Louisiana now residing from Memphis. Last month, she released a video for you guys and here it is....

Now that you've seen the video, go to her facebook or twitter and search her name, or better yet, if you have an MP3 player like I have, download her album for....well, absoluetly nothing at this link....

And while you decide to download it or not, we go to teh 3rd quarter. I think it's about time we go to Buzzerblog for wha the fans said on the Pyramid's downfall. Andrew L. Budny has this:

"As of late, GSN has aired 25 and 100 thousand dollar pyramids in a double run at 10am and 12pm respectively. Also The Pyramid is in a double run as well with old episodes airing at 3pm and the new ones at 6pm.
Thus I confirm this is a classic case of rerun abuse in which GSN is famous for. If they would just get rid of the second aoring of Clark’s pyramid at 12pm and just limit the new pyramid to just 6pm, then I could see higher ratings."

Aha. I think Pyramid is just its former self. Why can't it act like 1982 or 1991? Next comment from Lee:

"And please, whoever books the celebs for that show if Pyramid comes back for a second season – do not EVER bring the Torturros back! Ever, ever ever!"

I think the Tuturros should never be on any game show again despite that final week, But Ben has more on it....

"The Torturros are the worst celebrity contestants EVER. Just awful. Makes the show painful to watch. They need to do some mock games and see who works and who doesn’t. There are too many clueless celebrities and contestants on this version of the show. I like the host, set and everything else, but the game itself is very hard to sit through."

Why can't it? The classic versions had close games won or lost. GSNFan is up:

"If The Pyramid is cancelled, then it will cycle out in reruns like Catch 21 did and Engvall Lingo has. A year from now, The Pyramid could be taken away from the schedule, or sooner. GSN didn’t mess around with taking Beat the Chefs off, so The Pyramid may not be long for the schedule either."

O....kay. Myke25 is ready...

"What GSN should do with The Pyramid if it chooses to renew it:
1) Make it a weekly, not a strip.
2) Put it in Prime Time, add a late night repeat airing
3) End the season with a tournament for at least $250,000…but preferably $1M
4) Promote it outside your own network.
GSN has been wanting a reality show for a long time now. By having a season-long tournament where players either advance or are eliminated each week, they could have the best of both worlds: a shiny-floor game show formatted like a reality competition show. The 40-episode order would be stretched out over 10 months, not burned through in 8 weeks.
I hold out hope for it’s renewal. If it does get renewed, GSN needs to get it out of the 6:00 ghetto and get some eyes on it. They need to go big…or just resign themselves to being the Steve Harvey Feud channel."

Maybe 4 or 4:30 CST would've done it. Back to Andrew who wants to know, does returning champions need to be on this network?

"Returning champions would be a great idea for this show, but as long as David Goldhill is head of the network, it will never happen on any GSN original, unless they get rid of him and replace him with someone who knows what their doing, then it could happen."

That leaves Jeopardy! as the only show to ever have retuning champions. But we have to leave this quarter to focus on....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. This week, it'll be Chris Kennedy. He's a native of NYC who survived Hurricane Sandy and he's riding the waves to our blog. Let's surf!
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First one, you were in the audience for Millionaire in NYC, were you aware of the reruns on GSN long ago before you went to taping?

Chris: OH YEAH!!! i used to catch A number of them on GSN, and vividly remember their promos!!!