Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Can I Play, Steve?

(Waiting at a bus stop outside with the rain pouring down sucks. Beat the long times and get Lyft. It's the app that takes from from here to there in one move. And you don't need money in your wallet. All you need is your phone or tablet. Download it today!)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Can You find a network with game shows? Good. Can you find something else that has all game shows all day? Well, no. GSN is one and only one network you might find. Good to have you here. Let's flashback.

But I heard a rumor.....

....that teh 2012-13 season of Feud takes place. It'll be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if it happens in an attempt to make these 2 shows ratings gold. And by ratings gold.........nevermind.

(reverse to reality)

But is it true? WE hit.....

The Starting Line.
A rep of teh network had this in my inbox while I was prepearing for the 2nd intermission later on. It reads....Scriptor.....

"Game Show Network is currently making attempts to acquire Steve Harvey's third season of Family Feud, but FremantleMedia is asking for more money than ever for these episodes. Our offices are facing similar struggles to when they have tried to acquire Wheel of Fortune from SONY. Our network wishes to acquire the latest episodes of Steve Harvey-hosted Family Feud to bring attention to new originals airing on our network later this Summer"
In other words, they're working on it. The rep also says this.....

"It is still very possible for the 2012-13 season of Family Feud to appear on the Game Show Network later this year, but these episodes are extremely more costly to acquire than previous Feud acquisitions."
So it'll come soon. Don't bet on it. Many people threw a firestorm including  this from Casey Abell.....

"Sorry, but I smell eight rats. I can't believe that anybody at GSN would go public with comments like these. Somebody is taking a swipe at GSN majority-owner Sony? And trashing the provider of GSN's top-rated show, Harvey Feud?

Not only that, but some of the phrasing - "bring attention to new originals airing on our network later this Summer" - echoes a previous post on this blog. And frankly, some of the comments barely look literate: "...these episodes are extremely more costly to acquire." Whatever else you might say about GSN, their press releases are usually written in gramatically correct English.

Color me unconvinced that these comments are coming from anybody at the network."

He is not.......right. In fact....

Believe That!

He posted about why he ripped on the blogger himself. Look, leave him alone Casey for all I know. He supports the classics and he's got to move on from here. As far as the new episodes are concerned......please wait.

(song stops)
Just ahead, The gang to meet in Skin Wars and one know-it-all's subscription to GSn vanished? All that when GTK.......rolls ON!

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Back in the chair and with Skin Wars on the horizon, we thought we'd take a look at the conestants & the judges in addition to Rupaul and Rebecca Romijn.

  • Alan Anderson is an award winning artist from Denver who also makes a living as a firefighter and paramedic. At an early age he started creating creatures and characters on himself for Halloween parties and contests.
  • Angela Roberts is the youngest of the group at 21 years old. This former college track star from Lafayette, Louisiana has used her talent and art to overcome some of the learning disabilities she’s faced since an early age.
  • Dutch Bihary teaches workshops around the country with his wife, in addition to owning and operating a face and body painting workshop in Seattle, WA. He started out illustrating comic books and his love of the art has evolved into a wide variety of projects, from murals, tattoo flash, and album covers to special effects makeup on film and music videos.
  • Felle is a master of the air brush gun and has painted murals and more for hip hop royalty, including Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and Kanye West. Owner of a custom auto painting shop in Detroit, MI, he is also a member of Economic Growth for Detroit.
  • Gear Boxxx is a street graffiti artist turned body painting instructor from Las Vegas. Known in the business for his talented air brushing skills, Gear loves all things anime and Bruce Lee.
  • Mythica Von Griffyn, is a certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master, and a reverend from Denver. She also spends her time teaching spiritual body painting for healing.
  • Natalie Fletcher, from Bend, OR, is trained in classic realism and technical painting, and specializes in hand painted camouflage landscapes
  • Nicole Hays, from Riverview, FL is the black sheep of her family of dentists and doctors. She fell in love with art and decided to become an artist while on spring break in Florida and never left. Nicole also competes on a roller derby team and performs circus acts.
  • Sean Avram, from Hinesburg, VT, was once a professional wrestler, commentator and ring announcer and is now a father of five. He is known for body painting fantasy and science fiction characters, usually on his wife, who serves as both a model and his muse.
  • Shannon Holt, from Orlando, FL, got her start painting guests at high end nudist resorts. Now she travels the world, body painting at art galleries and private parties. Shannon is an animal lover and animal rescue is a big part of her life.

    In addition, Craig Tracy & Robin Slonnia, body painters themselves will also produce the show as join RuPaul for judging as well. I'll recap teh shows in the form of a fairy tale once the show premieres. Keep an eye out for the action.

  • (song stops)

    Okay, let's channel my inner Walt Whitman....

    Hey, I just met you....
    and This is Crazy....
    So here's my View-Master.....
    Comment it, maybe?

    Cheesy for you guys, but perfect for a segment. Scott Rahner had grades of his own, but we asked you to grade the first half of 2014 in a nutshell. One anonymous commenter says....

    "The schedule changes sucked. Giving them a A- was beyond generous.
    The morning lineup by switching out P+ with BB and then back to BB with no new lease was uninspired. Same thing with Whammy and PYL. Moving around STYD was dumb too. 4-5 and 5-6 and then 12-1 and 4-5 and then 4-5 with Sunday night block and then 12-1 and 5-6. Same episodes too. They should have put STYD in the mornings.
    New to GSN episodes of 25k Pyramid getting a C+? You must not be a classics fan."

    To which scott replied....

     "I don't hate classics."

    Nico Lafavore said....

    "Yep, Karn Feud cutback for me is definitely an F-. It certainly was not necessary."

    Let me tell you one thing....Karn may return. Keep an eye out on that. Finally, Scott Carpency.....

    "It's all relative. I agree, I think the overall performance would be fair enough to grade GSN a B so far. Obviously, based on others' opinions and thoughts, some of these "grades" would be different. It all depends on how each individual looks at it."

    Dang. Looks like his grade is higher than mine.

    And I just found out App Wars may be coming to GSN soon. Yawn. One more thing. It's.....

    The GSN Closet.

    A hynotic mellowness of comments from you.....the people.

    (song stops)

    Boy there are so many. Let's hope August will have more before you know it. On to the 2nd inermission presented by We were supposed to do "Let It Go" by either Idina Menzel or Demi Lovato, but due to contracual Obligations, we decided not to. Instead, we have a guy doing teh song as many disney characters. See if you can identify them.

    ANd let's go to the 3rd period.

    Have you ever felt as if your favorite network somehow gets taken away for good? My friend Anthony Hardy did recently when GSn was taken out of his subscription to Dish Network. That way, he won't see teh last 2 weeks of Bible, A new season of Chase, and more new ones to come. That sucks. More depressing, The hub was taken off as well. Why did this happen? Well, Directv and any other cable company still has it, in fact, it's on 116, stupid. So why Dish Network? They decided to make it more....well........complicated since GSN isn't doing much these days since it's a small network and all, but if you have Time Warner Cable out in Greensboro where he lives, it's 177. Around here in my neck of the woods, it's 230 if you have COmcast. If he decides to switch to Directv or Time Warner, what will teh result be? Don't know.

    Done with a capital D. Today's blog is brought to you by rabbit ears. You get it all. Sports, game shows, sitcoms, courtroom shows, news, documenatries plus much much more without the use of a remote control and costs......well absolutely nothing.
    Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with Sonya Belousova doign Akira. Play on, playas.