Saturday, April 6, 2019

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On the Next Game Show Live!....

-More on Holey Moley and one NBA star may jump on board....
-Sherri Sheperd comes back to GSN....
-And we countdown the worst Jeopardy! answers in history. 

It's all the way live on Game Show Live! Get showered!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Mental Samurai Summer Camp

This week....Fox unveils something for the summer......

someone from The Voice brings something to America....

And something to blow your mind to.  All this and.....Help, I'm steppin' into the twilight zone!


Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Well, it looks like Madi2Themax has returned......via Skype Pre-recording because we are here for 
 Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.  

FOX is announcing summer premiere dates for returning series BEAT SHAZAM, MASTERCHEF and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, as well as for new series SPIN THE WHEEL. Air dates for PARADISE HOTEL and MISS USA(R) were previously announced.
PARADISE HOTEL, the innovative unscripted dating competition series in which sexy singles try to remain in paradise for as long as possible, will debut with a special, two-hour premiere Thursday, May 9 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Television personality and reality star Kristin Cavallari is tapped to host the new series, which will air three nights per week in an "as it happens" format during a five-week run. Following the Thursday night premiere, the series will air on Mondays (starting May 13 at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), Wednesdays (starting May 15 at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursdays (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).
BEAT SHAZAM keeps the jams coming with the Season Three premiere Monday, May 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). Hosted by Grammy-, Golden Globe- and Academy Award-winning actor and musician Jamie Foxx ("Ray," "Django Unchained"), BEAT SHAZAM is an interactive game show that pits teams of two against the clock and each other as they attempt to identify the biggest hit songs of all time. In the end, the team with the most money banked will outlast the competition and go against Shazam, the world's most popular song identification app, for the chance to win up to $1 million dollars. Actress, model and writer Corinne Foxx, daughter of Jamie Foxx, will return as deejay. Celebrity guests who have appeared in the series include Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Bolton, Smokey Robinson, TLC and Lance Bass.
Celebrating its milestone 10th season, MASTERCHEF will air two nights per week, kicking off Wednesday, May 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) and joining the Thursday lineup on Thursday, June 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). On MASTERCHEF, award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich will put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds, with one home cook ultimately claiming the title of MASTERCHEF and the $250,000 grand prize.
Hosted by Cat Deeley, the Emmy Award-winning SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE returns with an all-new season on Monday, June 10 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). Joining fan favorites Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy at the judging table for auditions and the Academy rounds are Emmy Award nominee Laurieann Gibson, Lady Gaga's longtime choreographer and creative director, and Emmy Award winner and SYTYCD alum Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval. The dance competition series spotlights highly skilled dancers between the ages of 18 and 30 who compete in contemporary, tap, hip-hop, ballroom, animation, breaking and more to secure their place in the SYTYCD studio, competing each week for America's votes. Contestants will be eliminated weekly until a winner is named on the season finale.
Brand-new high-stakes game show SPIN THE WHEEL will debut Thursday, June 20 (9:00-10:00 PMET/PT), following MASTERCHEF's time-period premiere on the night. Executive-produced by four-time Emmy Award-winning actor and 10-time Grammy Award-winning musician Justin Timberlake, and hosted by actor, director, writer and comedian Dax Shepard ("Hit and Run"), the show offers life-changing opportunities to win fortunes each episode with the spin of a massive, unpredictable wheel. The show, created by Timberlake and Andrew Glassman ("The Wall"), is a suspenseful, high-energy mix of pop culture trivia, strategy and simple whirling luck, with the possibility of winning incredible sums of cash prizes upwards of $20 million. With massive prize money on the line, contestants must make sweat-inducing, gut-wrenching decisions: whether to walk away, or risk it all to SPIN THE WHEEL one last time.
FOX finales include: MENTAL SAMURAI (Tuesday, May 21, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT); and MASTERCHEF JUNIOR, in a special two-hour episode (Tuesday, June 4, 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). 

After this commercial word, If you think The Masked Singer is all fun, wait until you meet the newest entry soon.  That's.......when Game Show Live returns. 

(fade to break)

Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive..

All the music I have on my phone from Pandora. Because I only have JJ Heller, Traci Hines, Camden Cox, Deedee O' Malley, Davina Leone and Aleigh O Sullivan, so don't even try.......actually you can search for them on your own phone when you download Pandora today. Now back to our musical director, Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back.  You saw the teasers. Now we unveil the sneak peek of an old RET Worldwide show being resurrected. Starstruck GC: Back TO basics. 

It was love at first sight for this next story.......sort of.......

John Legend and "American Idol" producer Simon Lythgoe will produce "Love at First Song," which combines the two popular mainstays of reality TV: music and dating.
The "All of Me" singer's Get Lifted Film Co. is partnering with Critical Content and Lythgoe's Legacy Productions to develop the show's format for American audiences. The format originated from South Korean entertainment company CJ ENM, who first aired the show in Vietnam in 2018, where it was a huge hit.
"Love at First Song" pairs couples through emotional performances in which single singers blindly rehearse a romantic duet, then reveal themselves and their potential chemistry during a performance. The couples live together, practice together, perform and compete together, but may swap partners in every episode — for love or music.
"Love at First Song is really the best of two great genres: performance and dating, as contestants literally fall in love and make heartbreaking decisions during their duets," said Critical Content's Tom Forman and Jenny Daly. "It's the perfect format to come from a love song legend like John, plus a producer like Simon with a proven record of launching both hit shows and huge acts." 

Microïds and Appeal Studios have announced that Fort Boyard will release on Nintendo Switch, a party game based on the adventure game show.
Alone or with up to four players, you must participate in challenges that will test your endurance, dexterity, and perseverance to earn as many Boyard coins as you can. With these, you can gather the keys that are needed to access the treasure that the stone vessel hides.
Fort Boyard will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in June 2019. 

You don't have to be a mother of dragons to know this next story.....

European satcaster Sky has commissioned a new game show special centered on HBO's megahit fantasy series Game of Thrones from Los Angeles- and London-based entertainment prodco Znak & Co.
Gameshow of Thrones comes ahead of the eighth and final season of the Emmy Award-winning scripted series in April.
In the 90-minute special, Sue Perkins hosts a panel game show with celebrity fans and cast members competing to answer Thrones-specific trivia while representing their "houses." Gameshow of Thrones premieres on today (March 29) on Sky One.
Sky has also renewed Znak & Co's Thronecast, in which Perkins dissects episodes of Game of Thrones with celebrity guests and cast members, as well as the one-off Thronecast: War Room, in which she and her guests deconstruct the events of season seven in preparation for the final season.

They say April Showers bring May Flowers, but this segment is about that that make your money rain and can lead you into a thunderstorm of riches. It's.....

The real live online quiz truth in real live online quiz news, suckers!

We start with the man who started an entire live quiz movement. 

After hosting HQ Trivia for more than two years, comedian Scott Rogowsky has taken on a new role at DAZN, a sports streaming subscription service. Rogowsky began hosting a daily baseball show called "ChangeUp" on March 28th, the opening day of the Major League Baseball season.
"ChangeUp" is scheduled to air Monday through Friday, from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m EST; that schedule could conflict with Rogowsky's current role as the primary host HQ's live game shows, which broadcast live at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. EST every day. It's possible, however, that Rogowsky could continue to host HQ on occasion, or regularly if the app changed its current broadcast times. It's also possible that Rogosky is ready to move on from HQ — but nothing has been confirmed other than Rogowsky joining DAZN.
A source familiar with the matter says that Rogowsky is a huge baseball fan, so hosting "ChangeUp" at DAZN is a dream job for him. Rogowsky will be co-hosting alongside Adnan Virk, who joined DAZN after being abruptly dismissed after nine years at ESPN for his role in a leaking scandal. The show jumps between different MLB games during the evening to capture the most exciting moments, with Rogowsky and Virk adding commentary and analysis.

Here's a note from Hangtime that'll change your tune forever:
We know we’ve been throwing a lot of new stuff your way. DON’T PANIC! But, we do have some more news.
As you know, we’ve been transitioning to a more interactive and social experience in Hangtime. This has always been our mission, and we were able to support and enhance that through interactive shows with cash rewards. We are excited, however, to move forward with something more in the spirit of Hangtime.
That being said, we will be removing the cash out option from the Hangstore on April 15th (yes, it’s tax day!). In the meantime, you can continue to cash out your points, but will not be able to do so after that date. You will still be able to earn points towards levels and achievements, and use them for exclusive swag in the Hangstore.
We hope you are excited for the new Hangtime that is coming, and trust that we will continue to promote the best experience for you and your friends to enjoy content together.
Your friends at Hangtime

The Q is doing a series of special tennis-related games in honor of the ongoing Volvo Car Open. Top tennis pros appear to be hosting, although its unclear what the format is ...
Wednesday 6pm ET -- Madison Keys
Thursday 6pm ET -- Caroline Wozniacki
Friday 6pm ET -- Sloane Stephens
Saturday 6pm ET -- Julia Gorges
Sunday 10am ET -- Andy Roddick

And not one question will be about Pong. 

And sticking with The Q, they finally brought the newest way to make a lot of dough. It's called....

If Majority Rules took the ashes from the seeds of the phoenix, you got 8 queries and $500 staring at you. It's a lot of fun. Play along.

And hey, if The American Bible Challenge was your thing, then check this out....

You may get $50 in Amazon Holy.....cow.

Finally in the Out of Tune Party House.......

So get your friends together, purr when it's 10 minutes before, tailgate and battle with your soldiers for bonus notes on top of a chance to win cash money, honey. Zing!

And that sadly was the real live online quiz truth in real live online quiz news, suckers!!!!!

(song stops)

I can't believe why this next segment is called.....

Buzz-GSN where we ask you guys on the GSN facebook page everything and anything.

Carol J. York will kick it off.

Whoever is Joey Fatone's dresser on Common Knowledge should be fired. He looks shabby. Why????

Why? Why? 

Here's why? The wardrobe department. Next is Jeff Holcomb.

"So disappointed in our Google Fiber TV for dropping the Game Show Network from our channel line up. We watched it regularly."

That's sad. On to Brian Guile with something interesting on a Common Knowledge episode.

"On the episode of Common Knowledge I watched today, 4/2/19, a question was asked about Lucky Charms marshmallows. Of the 3 choices the contestant answered diamonds, Joey revealed the correct answer was balloons. Diamonds are STILL a part of Lucky Charms cereal. The contestant WAS right."

I miss Lucky Charms cereal. On to Janet E. Goonce.

"OK, I am really annoyed that you took off Deal or No Deal. America Says is boring. Match Game I like, but I also miss the 10,000 Pyramid."

Yep. But what about Cindy Beismann?

"I dont like the new daytime schedule. Match game is on way too much. And to take deal or no deal off is a bad choice. Its so popular now they are making new episodes!! Why would u terminate it? Sundays isnt enough. Get rid of match game, put deal back on & put some of the night time games on during the day like idiotest, winsanity & divided! Gene rayburn is so sexist & erogant. He would never be allowed to behave that way today."

However, too much Match just enough.  Joseph Camerlengo will end it.

"I like game show network, but we wish you would replace Steve Harvey. I have many reasons and if you value your watchers you will start the process. I do not want to start the process myself, and I can. He is so disrespectful, a racist, and nasty. You will probably gain viewers with another host, rather than losing them with Steve, if he continues. 
Thank you for understanding, and taking action to replace him."

Hah! You wish!

Time for a Gamestop Game Break. Figure this Password Plus Puzzle out from 1980.

You might as well think after a Google Play musical interlude from our mixed tag mixmasters, Scott & Ryceejo that after seeing Mary Poppins returns, here's what happened.......

But wait, here's part 2.

Ready for the answer? Yeah, I know you are. It's.......

But where's the conditioner? 

We like new segments and here's something to blow your mind to.........

Last Thursday on Swagbucks Live, host Devyn Howard revealed that she was teh niece of...........

One of the Three Stooges. she is also related to her sister Jordy who is a nursing student. Something that blew your mind to.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a gremlin. I wonder if I can feed him some breadcrumbs before midnight? 

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