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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some things Never Change.....

(Don't even think about watching James Corden. Go to sleep with #ZZZquill today and you'll dream about you sitting next to him in a carpool karaoke segment that'll get a zillion views on Youtube.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hello my peoples. After 2 weeks of watching the USA beat out everyone else for the gold and seeing the closing ceremonies, it's back to work on the GSN grind, because we never stop and never know when to rest until I tell you to. So let's keep the grinder on blast with....

 The Starting Line.

As we get closer to the fall season, August 29th on Buzzr will change everything. Weekdays will go like this.....

 6:00 AM - Blockbusters (NEW) (Repl. Child's Play)
6:30 AM - Blockbusters (NEW) (Repl. Body Language)
7:00 AM - BUZZR Casino (Repl. Blockbusters) (CS, PYL, SP, FF, MG)
7:30 AM - BUZZR Casino (Repl. Super Pass.) (CS, PYL, SP, FF, MG)
8:00 AM - B&W Block
10:00 AM - Match Game '73 (NEW), 4 new shows per day
12:00 PM - Family Feud '85 (NEW), 4 new shows per day
2:00 PM - Press Your Luck (NEW), 2 new shows per day
3:00 PM - Let's Make a Deal '85
4:00 PM - Match Game '78
6:00 PM - Family Feud '80
8:00 PM - Let's Make a Deal '85
9:00 PM - B&W Block (NEW)
11:00 PM - Primetime Repeat
2:00 AM - Match Game '73
4:00 AM - Family Feud '85

The Buzzr Casino will have a breakfast buffet taking the 7 EST block and Blockbusters at 6 EST will kick it off. There's a smattering of Feud, LMAD and MG.

And on Saturday....

6:00 AM - Let's Make a Deal '85
8:00 AM - B&W Block (R. of 'New' primetime airings)
10:00 AM - E/I Stanley... Go
11:00 AM - Blockbusters (R. of 'New' earling morning airings)
12:00 PM - Match Game '73
4:00 PM - Family Feud '85
8:00 PM - BUZZR Time Machine
11:00 PM - BUZZR Time Machine
2:00 AM - B&W Block (R. of 'New' primetime airings)
4:00 AM - Press Your Luck '84 (R. of 'New daytime airings

Not much movement, but there are repeats of the B&W block will be in the AM.

By Sunday....

8:00 AM - B&W Block (R. 'New')
10:00 AM - New E/I show (Animal Outtakes)
11:00 AM - New E/I show (Wild Wonders)
12:00 PM - Match Game '73
4:00 PM - Family Feud '85
8:00 PM - Sale of the Century '85
9:00 PM - Beat the Clock '79
10:00 PM - Double Dare '77

The Sunday Night lineup makes its triumphant return and there's a little slight schedule stuff there.

There you have it. The new lineup. Will it be a hit or will it be....meh?

Our fans will react to the new schedule and it'll be right after this word. And let's hope it'll be no reference to Los Angeles in 2024.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Back like an old drink getting revived and the reactions to the new schedule made you wished I'd take up poetry. And I'm writing one right now.

Hey, I just met you....
And this is Crazy....
So here's my Split-Ender....
Comment it, maybe?

On the GSF website, my Frenemy David Downs says....

"Having been quoted above, I get that the "business of Business is business". I get that MG and FF probably dwarf (comparatively speaking, given how little of an audience they have) the other shows that will soon be gone. I also get that my voice (and all of the naysayers) doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

I just doubt it'll work for them like it does for GSN, because, while GSN has enough Harvey Feud to make this kind of scheduling work, Buzzr probably won't do as much of either show (their batches of fresh material usually isn't more than about 60 episodes), and given how they weren't drawing flies anyway, once this batch ends, they'll be back where they already are.

Guess I just need to call a spade a spade and move on to something else."

I guess why FF on GSN has the upper hand, but with Buzzr having both classic Feud and MG next week, it'll be interesting to see how this goes. Next is Tammy Cox Blocker who says....

"My only game show question is what brings better ratings...The 3rd run of the day of back to back to back to back eps of Dawson Feud(or Match Game) or one fresh run of 4 somewhat popular games from the 70s/80s? I think most viewers are angry because of their original claim of 40k available eps, but they draw from 400. Old or new, it's hard to program any network on this lack of variety."

That's why Buzzr is a slow operation and they hardly get new ones every other month. GSN on the other hand tries to help keep the Harvey train alive. Maybe we should do a little something called....

Playing with Art. David Downs came up with this funny-looking graphic.....

As in Richard Dawson and Gene Rayburn.

(song stops)

Some more of him in.....

The Facebook Files.

in it, he says....

"I'm pretty much over this channel at this point. They can do what they want, but this is clearly a last-ditch Hail Mary to get more viewers. Who knows if it'll work, but whatever the case is, I'm going to save my strength going forward."

We'll see on 8/29. Richard Brown says....

"I'm getting tired of the same year's batch of What's My Line, To Tell the Truth and I've Got a Secret. There's nearly 20 years...maybe more...of each of those series and quite a few do exist. Why can you not run more of those? Plus I'd really like to see the color 60s-70s run of T.T.t.Truth and maybe other classics like Truth or Consequences and Liars Club."

T or C and Liars Club won't be on the channel. The TTTT run will. Joshua Deland says....

"Why did you drop super password and card sharks on the weekdays and put the black and why game shows on weeknights? How did they come to this decision? Could you let me know about this?"

Well, it's to make Buzzr a little better nothing else. Mike Bens says....

 "Please stop announcing new episodes that you then repeat the
________ out of. Just air the shows from the first episodes to the last episodes. The way God intended. Simple!"

Yep. Wished they did.

(song stops)

Special Monday edition since I have to work the Renisannce faire at Moo Moo Farms for Overtime. We discuss 3 things as to why Winsanity is not a hit in the ratings. I will tell you about that.

Now the 2nd intermission presented by We continue Anomaly Acoustic August with Alyse Black who brings a little love & light to the blog. Here she comes.....

Now the 3rd period.

MOAM invades Twitter.....again. You heard me right. It seems suspicious to it but a tweet says.....

Friday? Best. Day. Ever. Get down with & on tonight at 2am!

Then this tweet happened.....

Did you vote the same as ? Find out & 's take too tonight 2am on

Then this.....

On tonight's ! What do think is the worst subject on a first date?

62% think it's their exes. MOAM seems to have a wake up call on Twitter. Will this continue?
It's about time to go. Today's program is presented by the Alpha Delta Phi sorority. Apply today at any university and they'll scare the pants off of you.

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