Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-Steampunk'd takes a nosedive, but was it a small one or a big one?
-Some changes for September to follow....
-And why Buzzr Lost & Found was compared to pilot specials on GSN.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Socially Yours

(Burgers are an important part of Labor Day weekend, so get to Red Robin now to purchase gourmet burgers other restaurants won't allow. Find one after this blog.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Well well well, GSN invited us to a private party for 2. You don't need to whip out a phone for an Uber or take the bus somewhere. The party's in the living room or the bedroom depending if somebody else is watching, so come dressed as you are. I "Triple-dog-double-dare-Physical Challenge" guarantee you, because contestants must BYOB: Bring Your Own Brain. GSN's guest list in a 20-year period spans the likes of Wink Martindale, Jim Lange, Geoff Edwards, Bob Barker, Gene Rayburn and on and on it goes. What will GSN bring this week? You'll just have to wait & see. So let's start with...

The Starting Line.

Buzzr needed something to make the viewers raise the ante and they went for it by unveiling the menu plan. Take a look.

David Downs's photo.

For Monday, we will delve into an unseen MG from 1964. Yes, the original, and "Play For Keeps" will also be there. Also, "Star Words" will get in the mix. Saw the opening of it as the tail end to Spell Binders kicking it off in a Youtube video. Go look that up! Tuesday, it'll be Feud. Everything will be the Combs Version, something GSN hasn't seen in a while. It will be the "Family Feud Challenge" edition from near the end of his run. TKO will be there judging by the gameplay as does "On A Roll." 2 reasons why it didn't sell: Doubles punishing your turn in an instant and David Sparks. Need I say more? Midweek, it'll be the a mix of Double Dare from 1976 and NYSI 2 years prior. Thursday, it'll be the pilot to LMAD that gave Buzzr a kickstart, but a rare one from 1969 will be there as will BTC '79. Friday, Body Language and Child's play will be on deck as will Body Talk. Yes, the one with Pyramid legend Vicki Lawrence. Heading into the weekend will be MG, LMAD, Feud, DD and Body Talk. So there you go. Buzzr Lost & Found. Come Labor Day, your DVRs will get all charged up and ready to go for this once-in-a-lifetime event game show fans will never forget.

No need for a candlelight dinner. After the break, we tackle Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, so come back for more. Not Moore as in actress Whitney Moore, more as in....opposite of less.
(song fades out)
And so we return. Skin Wars: Fresh Paint was a special to put the cherry on top of a 2nd season sundae. GTK is here to tell you all about it.

Once upon a time, there was a man...or woman named RuPaul who brought in 6 painters who never tried bodypainting....until now. the first challenge involved doing something from the waist up to create alter-egos. Adelaide had Ms. Giggles in which Natalie was teamed, Max had the Green monster in which Dutch got to mentor for and Ryno got the Devil in which Gear became his partner. with half of 6 gone, they had to do natural-element collaborations in which Mat Gleason judged this one as did Emma Cammack. Adelaide did Ice to fire, but sadly was burnt. 2 remain. For the last challenge,  they did a full body 360-degree costume based on royalty. The winner......Ryno. He won the battle as does bragging rights. And they all lived happilly ever after.
(song stops)
Switching now to Steampunk'd.
There were 9 people who went in a secret lair,
that's where the challenge took it from there,
 John Des Jardin came here,
to show the steampunkers no fear,
The winner also got a confetti scare.

So Red Team came up with a plan,
with a full boat that does it again,
But Blue just got 4,
but like last week before,
they don't want one gone by the end.

After this, J.W. was crowned,
and James got 2nd that time around,
but the bronze got a trip,
to get a pink slip,
and Lady Hawk was the dead bird on the ground.

(song Stops)

Turkey sandwiches for everybody!

Let them haters keep hatin. GSN has announced via press release today that they have achieved their most watched summer (June, July, August) ever in all key demos in primetime and total day.
Wanna know why?

According to the press release, versus the summer of 2013 (which was higher rated than the summer 2014) in primetime, GSN is up 24% in total viewers, 37% in Women 18-49 and 31% in Women 25-54. In total day versus the summer of 2013, GSN is up 23% in total viewers, up 15% in Women 18-49 and up 12% in Women 25-54.

Yay GSN! 

As far as MVF goes, look for it during these times in the Eastern time zone....

*Monday 9:30pm (during Family Feud)
*Tuesday 8:30pm (during Chain Reaction)
*Wednesday 10:00pm (during a new Idiotest). Also, no Man Versus Fly during Steampunk'd on September 9th.
*Thursday 10:30pm (during Family Feud)
*Friday 8:30pm (during Chain Reaction)
Also, *On Sundays (starting 9/20), Steve Harvey Family Feud will air at 12pm and 12:30pm; replacing Family Feud (Karn).
*On Sundays, Steve Harvey Family Feud will air at 2pm and 2:30pm; replacing Baggage On The Road.

So adios Karn, BOTR, you're on Fridays.

Hellevator has a date. It's October......21st. Even the logo looks scary. Come have a look.

Creative. Even Flasher took a pic of the Soskia Sisters.

Now on to what the fans think of it. Questions? Comments? Answers? Suggestions? Praises? Consequences? Pizza? Pepsi? Water? If those one-word questions can be something, it's.....

Say what you want to say.

Paul Allen, no, not the guy from Microsoft, wants a request....

"Please air 1990s episodes of Dawson and Combs Feud to replace the same Harvey and O' Hurley Feud in the midday hours and extend classics to mid-afternoon..."

Why not? Gary Chaboyea, Jr. saw this highlight of a certain show....

"I was just watching chain reaction and this guy gave the most stupid answer I ever heard. The 1 word was "private" and his clue was "viewi" and he said "viewitown" lol now i'm embarrassed 2 b a guy lol JK but that was a very stupid answer lol."

Viewittown. Is that in the dictionary?  Here's what Abby Marion loves....

"Love seeing the Dog Eat Dog episodes during the afternoons now even though it's not on today because of the body painting show on tonight frown emoticon How about some more shows like this from years ago that aren't Family Feud? ☺"

How about it? Nita Looney thinks one show has gone too far....

"Can we just get rid of the porn show, Skin Wars? This is NOT a game show, and in no way can it be considered "art"!!!!!!!"

Nita, Skin Wars isn't porn, it's entertainment for everybody. Karen Branham hit the CAPS LOCK button and buzzed in on this:


Hmmm, would you see these 2 on another network? Here's Tim Wells...

"GSN ... I thought chain reaction was a family friendly show, apparently not. Will NOT watch it again !"

Really? Maybe Bill Dowis can explain.....

"Why do you guys think it is okay to use the derogatory phrase "skinny b---" on Chain Reaction? I have a screen shot on my wall and my Twitter account (@billdowis) if you want to see what I'm talking about."

Shannon Britz will clear this up as the last comment....

"Just wanted to say I was very disappointed with tonight's episode of Chain Reaction. My 8 year old son watches it with me and one of the Chains was Skinny/ B---- / Please/ reply/ all/ clear /coat.
It is highly inappropriate to have a rude word made as part of a chain. I hope that you consider this when you tape future shows."

And there you go.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and most of the USA will travel to visit, or plan a staycation, or throw a BBQ party. Maybe Fishbone would liven things up a bit to make it better.

Now the 3rd period begins.

Before Social Media was the norm, we took it to the forums. We wanted to know which shows deserved a change and what shows we wanted back. Now with Facebook & Twitter, GSN is making the relms of social media, and Scott Rahner of GSNN BlogSpot page had the stats posted last month. Here it is...

GSN show: Facebook likes/Twitter followersThe Chase: 36,278/22,700
Idiotest: 15,001/3,664
Skin Wars: 84,002/9,707
Steampunk'd: 10,327/313
Chain Reaction: 726/242
Hellevator: 2,030/277

Skin Wars dominates the FB scene while The Chase takes the Twitter side. The weakest goes to Chain Reaction, because they prefer the older versions they ran prior, not to mention the "Skinny B" chain that shocked us all. Another thing:

GSN: 88,059/23,100
GSN Games: 155,326/10,200

GSN Games>GSN, why? Because fans want some old school, not modern stuff. So next time you log on to any social media product, tell them it's GSN and we'll demand it.

I wished the party would continue, but alas, our time runneth out. Today's blog is presented by Shira Lazar for president in 2020. Forget Kanye, she may be the first Canadian to be POTUS, amirite, children? And please don't be surprised by the leaders of the White House, Wayne Brady, Secretary of the treasurer, Jamie Pettito, Secretary of Education, Christa Nannos, Secretary of Fine Arts, who will be on this very blog next week, keep your eyes peeled for that and who needs a first lady? We need a first man. It's the man Christa should take notes from, the king of parodies, Mr. Bart Baker. Are you out there, D.C.?

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.