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-We get the info on Idiotest's premiere date...
-Find out what happens had Steve Harvey flop his new Feud...
-And one shortie to end February.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greenlighted Greensleeves

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now live from his manor, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Hello whoever you are. An ice storm hit hard in my hometown and that prompted me to stay in and watch GSN all day on my channel hoping the streets won't be a real-life Super Mario Kart or Twisted Metal. Hope you're doing the same as well. Let's slip out with...

The Starting Line.

Family Feud seems to be too much on the network but according to the GSNN blogspot page, we bring in the stats:

GSN airings of Steve Harvey Family Feud, February 2015: Weekdays 12-1pm: 2011-12 season (10 episodes per week) Weekdays 6-7pm: 2010-11 season (10 episodes per week)
Weekdays 7-8pm: 2011-12 season (10 episodes per week)
Mondays 10pm-1am: 2012-13 season (6 episodes per week)
Tuesdays 10-11pm: 2012-13 season (2 episodes per week)
Wednesdays 9-10pm: 2012-13 season (2 episodes per week)
Wednesdays 12-1am: 2012-13 season (2 episodes per week)
Thursdays 9pm-1am: 2012-13 season (8 episodes per week) Fridays 10pm-1am: 2012-13 season (6 episodes per week) Saturdays 2-4pm: 2012-13 season (4 episodes per week)
Saturdays 4-8pm: 2010-11 season (8 episodes per week) Sundays 12-5pm: 2011-12 season (10 episodes per week)
Sundays 7-11pm: 2012-13 season (8 episodes per week) 2010-11 season airings: 18 episodes per week; 21% (6% of the entire GSN schedule)

2011-12 season airings: 30 episodes per week; 35% (11% of the entire GSN schedule)
2012-13 season airings: 38 episodes per week; 44% (14% of the entire GSN schedule) Total: 86 airings per week of Steve Harvey Feud (31% of the entire GSN schedule)

With just the new season airing in primetime, everything else happens during the day and the O 'Hurley version may be the next Feud out. Will Harvey continue to dominate GSN before you know it?

Just after the break, Baggage's big fall and another short-lived entitity. Don't slip & fall, we'll be right back!

(Song fades out)

adidas Mutombo Commercial 1993:

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And you're back. BOTR had some high marks seems to habe ran out of gas.

Baggage On The Road scored up 23% in total viewers for its hour of new episodes this week versus the last. Last week, both episodes of Baggage On The Road averaged 306,000 total viewers (312K at 10pm, 300K at 10:30pm). This week, the new episodes of Baggage On The Road averaged 396,000 total viewers (380K at 10pm, 411K at 10:30pm). The first episode of Baggage On The Road, at 10pm ET, is up 18% in total viewers week-to-week.

Good news, but the REAL bad news was...

Baggage On The Road did fall from the rest of the primetime lineup which consisted of Idiotest at 8pm and 8:30pm ET then Family Feud in the 9pm hour. Idiotest reruns scored 426K (8pm) and 419K (8:30pm). Family Feud scored 469K (9pm) and 622K (9:30pm). Baggage On The Road actually fell a large 39% from its lead-in (622K to 380K).

Talk about riding in a beat-up van cross country on regular gas.

As far as Feud goes, the axe must be handled.

Steve Rahner of GSNN has this story.

"In the next six months, Game Show Network is expected to cutback on Steve Harvey Family Feud by approximately 10% (or about 8 episodes/4 hours worth of the current Steve Harvey Family Feud programming). This is simply due to GSN airing new seasons of originals later this year in primetime. In addition, it is expected that same night and weekend reruns will replace some of the current Family Feud slots, although that has not happened with the fourth season of The Chase."

Hey GSN viewers, don't think it won't be like G4TV (RIP) when it was showing Cops.

And to wrap it up, Idiotest needs faces to fill our audience. Click here if you want tickets:

And now the second intermission presented by We continue Lindsey Stirling appreciation month with the title track of the 2nd album with Lzzy Hale backing up.

Shattering away is the 3rd period.

Perhaps the shortest title in game show history comes with these 2 letters: Go. If you've been watching the 1980 & 2006 versions of Chain Reaction, you know how it goes. It all started from the seed of an unsold show called "Get Rich Quick!" That front game molded itself into a game show itself in October of 1983. Players had to say one word back & forth like Pong to formulate a question and hit the bell to let the player in the center answer. The winning team had to try for 10 or maybe 20,000 simoleons with weather guy Kevin o' Connell being the host. Sadly, it was 3 months and that's it. But for game show fans like us, Go was what a bonus game from another Bob Stewart creation was all about.

Time to shut down this Winter Waltz. Where are you, Spring? Anyhoodles, this blog is presented by that "Let It Go" song from Frozen. Perfect for alarm clocks, snow days or your next recital. Act now and we'll add an Elsa doll absolutely free, but only if you know the words.

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