Thursday, June 7, 2012

COming Attractions!!!!

From what I heard, the latest season of Jersey Shore would be the last for the original crew, but for us, it's not. GSN The Know keeps you ashore with the lastest on news and information....

-The Ratings Report gets your party on
-Get your GTL with the news on the upfronts of this year
-We'll have all the guidos and guidettes on what poeple thought of the Richard Dawson tribute
-And I'll have a "situation" on Beat The Chefs casting

Join us for GSN The Know, Snooki's new possible home!!!!! or not.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Survey are dead!!!
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If it's one day after watching Raw, then it must be time for GSN The Know. Hello everyone and welcome to what would be your weekly source to all things GSN. Later in the second quarter, we'll say goodbye to a legend you see on your screens and many more stuff to come, but first we check the ratings report and yes, I have the cartridge for individual shows, so let's stick that in and give it a whirl.

Family Feud almost dominated the top 10 for the week of May 21-27th by having Fifth Grader take the last 2 spots. Now the bottom 10:

A couple of Match Game episodes lock off the countdown along with Password Plus and 25K Pyramid, and the Feud was the moldy sandwich with Super Password, Password Plus, Match Game and Catch 21 in between. That ends the ratings report. Let's shut the whole computer system off.

And we move on to the 2nd quarter as we say goodbye to a legend....

On Sunday Morning, Richard Dawson, the first host of Family Feud died at the age of 79 over cancer. Born in England, he became a comedian who got his start in America on "Hogan's Heroes" as Cpl. Peter Newkirk. The war-related sitcom was one of the highest-rated shows on television during its six-year run from 1965 to 1971. By 1973, a new version of Match Game on CBS came on the air and he became a regular until the time the Starwheel was on its early days. During his time on MG, Family Feud was a new show on ABC and Richard was chosen as host. From 1976-1985, he kissed female contestants and that became his trademark for the show. The nighttime version was also a hit in 1977-1985, but by 1983, it was bounced by a new nighttime version of the popular daytime program "Wheel of Fortune," which went on to be touted as "America's Game." By 1987, he played a game show host named Damon Killian in one of my favorite movies, The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. By 1994, he returned for just one season as the host of the Feud replacing Ray Combs for its syndie version. Ironically, he died the same day Ray hung himself in a psych ward. He is survived by children who have also worked in the game show field and was married to actress Diana Dors and Gretchen Johnson, who he met during a 1981 show. May he always be at the top of the survey board on the greatest Feud hosts of all time.

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GSN will air his tribute on the day where DOND is normally aired including one from the 1994 version you have to see to believe. Join us as we pay tribute to the first Feud host on the network for games.

(song stops)

It seems that the upfronts are on the horizon and only 2 of them are casting. First, "War of the Roses..."

They went to Toledo, Ohio, not far from Drew Carey's hometown for casting, but there's more on Beat the Chefs. And by means of video transmission, here are the casting directors to tell you more.

Now, we delve into the American Bible Challenge and the press is buzzing a plenty on the show itself.

Folks in the Midwest are getting their fill at this new quizzer out in the summer. In fact, my new friend Flasher took a photo of what went down in the Dallas auditions and in this exclusive, you'll only see it in this blog. Flasher, snap it!

Bob Eubanks of Card Sharks game is donating some artwork for big money here.

And finally.....

Mr. Lingo, Chuck Woolery talks about why he would vote no on 28.

And we say yes to ending the first half. To give you a taste of what's to come this Thursday, here's a clip that you've already seen as part of Feud's current lease. I know it's overplayed and overrated, but here it is......

On to the second half and with Harvey taking now 10 spots in the schedule, don't you think it's time we let the fans talk? Let's start out with:

Here's what the schedule will look like.

8am - Karn
9am - Karn
10am - Karn
11am - Karn
12pm - Karn
1pm - Karn
2pm - Karn
3pm - Karn
4pm - Karn
5pm - Harvey
6pm - Harvey
7pm - Harvey
8pm - O'Hurley
9pm - O'Hurley
10pm - O'Hurley
11pm - Harvey
12am - Karn
1am - O'Hurley
2am - Harvey
3am - Dawson

Each on for a full hour. I'm sure I forgot a few Shepherd's, Springer's, Mandel's, Woolery's, etc... But that looks about right.

Eek! That is too much Feud on one day. We move on....

"Bill Cullen hosted hosted hundreds of shows totaling thousands of episodes and he is on GSN: ZERO times a week."

And that makes me wonder...where is Hot Potato? Where is Blockbusters? Where is Child's Play? Where is everybody?...... Oh, you're still here. Moving on.....

"Catch 21 does seem like an odd pick for that hour. I would have tried an hour of Donny's Pyramid in that slot, or failing that, maybe Woolery's Lingo. But I'm glad they're at least showing SOME mercy with Family Feud, and I also think it's good that they replaced one of Karn's airings with O'Hurley."

And that may seem odd because it can perform poorly in the ratings every week. Next one.....

"Too much Family Feud...

I have to agree with everyone else here. I like Steve's version, but this is overkill. At this rate, why not just air Family Feud all day from 12 pm to 2 am the next morning?

Seriously, the ratings for Family Feud will eventually drop off the side of a cliff, no matter when it airs, if GSN continues to abuse the schedule with Family Feud, regardless of who's hosting it."

12 noon to 2am is too much for the Feud. That may ruin things around here. But they were talking about War of the Roses and here's why it sparked a convo.

"In baseball, one,...two,...three strikes you're out. Well we had three failed reality shows on GSN already. "Unstapled" should be the game show that was the strike out. All three past GSN reality shows bombed, and another example should be "Improv-a-Ganza". Management has changed within the past few years, but GSN executives here in 2012 should have looked into the past more, and dumped the reality ideas."

Why can't the network prove reality tv don't mix? I don't know. Next one....

"Let's just summarize this up= F-A-I-L

I'll take 100 more slot of Family Feud before this"

100 slots of Feud is way too much. We move on.....

"All of them are equally bad. I have to say myself this is one of the better ones, but still a horrific idea that GSN picked it up. My two least favorites that I can think of right now is "I Do, Now I Don't" which talks about how engagement rings get sold back to places. I think that show could be summed up in about two minutes. Then the fashion show reality one is very bad too."

Those 2 are way worse. There's no way viewers could watch that horrific mess. How about one more?

"Trust me when I say this will bomb. There is no way this is gonna be a hit. Not no way, not know how.

GSN, for the love of God, REALITY TV IS NOT WELCOME TO YOUR CHANNEL! How many times will it take for you to realize this?"

And I'm hoping it will definitely fizz out. That ends the third and for the 4th, I've decided to clear the confusion on the Pyramid in the 80's.

The $25,000 Pyramid is on GSN, but why can't there be new episodes. To clear up the confusion, CBS started airing them by the original title and adding "New" by the time late 1982 came and dropped it around the mid 80's. Sounds easy? No. The 1986-87 season was "new" to the network and Flashback Fridays had it especially during the morning hours. However, it looks not so good. What needs to be done? Bring back any season we haven't seen in quite some title, in other words, lease a new one. That will solve the pyramid problem in one big move.

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