Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

You know how Randy Houser sang "This is How Country Feels?" Well, for the rest of us where I live, this'll be how Winter feels the rest of the week, because GSN feels it every season.

-We point the ratings as if it was a phone book
-We Flick to where teh new premiere date of The Family Trade will go
-We pound through the January ratings with our fans
-And we poke The Dating Game as we kick off Sex & Romance Month.

GSN The Know. I feel ya.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That's not soup, that's a soap dispenser!
(theme fades out)

Holy smokes, you are just in time for GSN The Know. It must be PK and the Video Arcade Lounge is preparing for a Soup-er bowl party this Sunday. But we got a soup du jour for you, So Hilty will get out of the soup kitchen and start the 1st quarter. Hilty????!!!!!!

Once again, Family Feud domainated the charts with the first 13 slots taken up, but for the bottom 10, they had too many flies in their soup and here's why....

PYL hadn't been in the bottom 10 ever since it came back, but it started off the list for bad reasons, along with Password Plus, Card Sharks, Feud and 100K Pyramid. Feud, on the other hand, took the last 4. That's the ratings and let's let Hilty deal with a can opener.

You know every month, we like to honor those who made the cut and some that got cut like scissors. It's a new feature that I call it: Yay.....and Yawn. First, the Yay:

Family Feud with Steve Harvey notched up more than 10 spots week after week. It seems that Feud reruns have been on a wear and tear at the bit. Even the primetime days make sense to it. Now the Yawn. The dawson version of Feud may have viewers changing teh channel. Maybe it was the lease that done did it.....but hey, it's just GSN. And the first quarter comes to a close.

We head into quarter 2 and by the looks of it, DWTS is coming back on Super Bowl Sunday. Why? Just out of luck, I guess. Plus, Woolery Lingo makes a return. That makes it more interesting. Moving on now.....
Does this make you cry?

Steve Harvey breaks down like a mechanical engine on an episode of his talk show. And finally....Would GSN hire this?

Katy Perry trying to be a game show host. Best moment of the far. Now it's halftime and the guys that knocked off Bruno Mars' Locked out of Heaven otu of the top spot have done it again. Mackelmore and his proucer Ryan Lewis have a hit on their hands. You watch this.....

And it's the second half, but before we do that, a couple of reminders....

First, Swagbucks. They give you virtual money be doing surveys, games or whatever, and if you save enough, you may get something, so click on that website, sign up and get virtually rich. Also, we kick off sex & romance month, where I pay tribute to shows about relationships on GSN. Also, with the violin being a romanttic instrument, we pay tribute to one artist and to help us do that, we must solve a Super Password Puzzle for you to solve.....


Don't know it? Tune in next week and find out who it is. Now, with Lingo returning, fans had the adoration and praise of those watching, starting with.....

"I am glad it isn't going to replace Press Your Luck. Besides, Lingo was better with Woolery. "

Yeah, me too. What about this comment.....

"Personally, I prefer the Engvall episodes to the Chuck/Shandi ones. I never understood the need for a co-host. But that's just me."

Difference of opinion? Um, yes, but what about this?

"I thought the endgame on Engvall's version was a bit cheesy. 5 puzzles for $100,000? It may be as hard as it looks to some, but Bill says "shout out whatever". People make it as hard as it really is.

Like with Chuck's version, it takes some thinking. Make sure you use different letters, not the same ones over and over. That's what people forget. If you get letters out of place, that's a good sign to.

The clues were also cheesy. Heck, I wouldn't let the clues bother me. I'd just shout out what I can to try to get letters. That's the thing there. I don't have a problem with Engvall's version, but I enjoyed Chuck and Shandi."

Now I know why. On to the 4th.

Is Family Feud too much for the network? Ever since the network got started, the show has it's fill of surveys and hosts with the same format and different tweaks to it, but Steve Harvey's version outsells them all. When you turn on GSN, Family Feud has covered 75%, maybe 70% of the network, but the Harvey version puts in the top 10 every week. When Harvey's version wanted to do the first 2 seasons, all it did was air season 1 and that was it. If season 2 comes, things may change, but for the format itself, it'll continue to make GSN a Feud network.

I guess the servers are calling me for soup, so I have to go for now. Thanks for being here.

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