Saturday, October 25, 2014

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-Idiotest isn't backing down from a slump.....
-Polling stuff....
-And did Mark Labett figure out why it's a "minor network?"

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raising the Blinds

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And....back in the building where I belong. Nice to go back to work after a long absence. Not only this desk is all new, but we have a new HDTV background of the city behind me with monitors playing GSN from every time zone above it. Imagine seeing PYL in Russia time, or Idiotest in Hawaiian time. Even the staff treated me to frozen pizza & coke once I entered the office. But we have to talk GSN. Let's kick it off with.....

The Starting Line.

High Stakes Poker. A cash poker game that had AJ Benza and Mr. Kotter himself, Gabe Kaplan calling the action and helped GSN become the first original poker game in the nation is returning.....or is it? Well, the network is planning to do that for the first time in 3 years since this happened.....

In just a few, Shop says adios and Family Feud has their own version on YouTube. But do they like it? See why after the break.

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YoYo Ball commercial (1992):

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With Shop Til You Drop closing mall doors forever, DOND has found a way to fill in the gaps of it.

Deal or No Deal (syndicated) will replace Shop 'Til You Drop weekdays at 5pm and 5:30pm ET. Deal or No Deal also remains in the 11am and 4pm hours weekdays.

So it'll be syndication, not the NBC one which should've made more sense in it.

With the new syndicated lottery series "Monopoly Millionaires Club" set for next year, GSN will air it in February as opposed to it's syndicated premiere in January. The New York Lottery will sponsor it and Billy Gardell of Mike & Molly, which also stars funny lady Melissa McCarthy, will preside the festivities.

It's been a week since the new weekend changes and so's why.

the primetime average went down 1% week to week from 347,000 viewers (October 6-12) to 345,000 viewers (October 13-19) in the 8pm-11pm ET window all seven nights. The primetime average for GSN came in 41st place out of all cable networks.

The total day average climbed a huge 12% and put GSN in 32nd place out of all the cable networks in the United States. GSN went from 259,000 viewers (October 6-12) to 293,000 viewers (October 13-19). The total day average is measured from 6am-5:59ET all seven days, minus Paid Programming.

The expanded primetime average for Monday-Friday, 7pm-11pm ET was 367,000 total viewers (38th place of all cable networks).

12% for daytime. And there is still life in the morning classics.

Now to the 2nd intermission presented by Svengoolie goes at it again with this....

Svengoolie: "That's No Sheet!":

And this is the 3rd period.

I don't mean to go slighty off-topic to keep with how I talk GSN and that's it...well, in relation to it, but Family Feud is doing well beating out Jeopardy! and getting close to beating Wheel this year.  Even GSN has too many every day. But the Feud found it's way onto a new system....YouTube. That's right, BZZR, own by Fremantle, the same guys who not only do that show, but TPIR and LMAD as well, came up with their own version and what does it feature?.......YouTube stars. Not real families, YouTube stars. If you want to see it yourself, go read my friend Robert Seidelman's video review over at it's worth a look. As for the game, It's 3-on-3, but it's not basketball. Josh Leyva.....huh?.....hosts it and it's the same game you know and love. The set.....reminds me of public access television. Can't they use some old props from previous Feuds? Another gripe: 2 strikes. Where's 3? Family Feud has it. Plus, Fast Money has both players from both teams play instead of a winning team. Did they deserve to do this? And oh yeah, they won't allow duplicate answers on this version. Something is wrong here. And there's $2500 to the champion in this tournament. So to review it, here's a review haiku for you....


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