Thursday, May 23, 2013

COming Attractions!!!!!

On the Next GSN The Know....

-The Ratings report will take a spill at numbers
-We spill in on the news stories
-We bid farewell to the GSN forums by posters
-ANd we end teh class of 2003 reunion.

Join us for GSN The Know. Spill-proof and straw-free.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yoke The Joker!
(theme fades out)

It must be GSN The Know time. Pierre Kelly here looking forward to share GSN knowlegde with you. Let's get to the first quarter and Hilty is\

Family Feud reclaimed the top spot, but Bible Challenge slipped to dos, with Feud filling out the rest. Now the damage caused by a tornado....

Bagge kicked it off, but Match Game was scattered with P+ and the Pyramids. However, Baggage filled out the rest of the list. That ends the first quarter. Let's extract the button.

Now the second quarter powered by

It's now the end of an era for one GSN online feature......the forums. We laughed, we cried, we.....we......we......argued over why unaired PYL episodes, endless classic leases, too many feuds and why the classics should be brought back all in one piece. Now by the end of May, it'll be gone. I was Gameheadz. I gave opnions. Others agreed or disagreed with me. Mods here wanted to approve my posts, but some were rejected like blocks. How did this happen? Well, social media, of course. But to console you, next month, we'll shrink ino a 3-period blog. WE'll have ratings in the first with a classic ad afterwards, the 2nd: news & opinions from either Buzzerblog or facebook with an intermission video like the halftime video which I'll put up in a moment, and a 3rd period in which I'll rant, or put up a moment from GSN's storied history. Not to mention, we'll move from the Video Arcade Lounge...which I'll miss so dearly, into the new Wilton-North building on the outskirts of downtown. I'm moving ahead in the big time. One last thing:

We'll have a brand new theme song to match the blog's name in the first 5 seconds and....that's it. So we've got this and next week to think about.

Also in June, MDP will be gone....for good. Sherriwed will replace it. MTWI will come afterwards. Also on weekends, Feud will air nonstop for 8 hours straight. That's about 16 shows added to your weekend. Otherwise, change it to something else when you get tired. DED will leave on Sunday afternoons and weekend late nights, giving Minute and The Pyramid a couple spots in there. Sticking with Minute, it'll air on Tuesdays between Steve's Feud and will air for 2 hours in rerun mode on 3 days, with Sudnays replacing Fifth Grader and Fridays kicking the NBC version out. The classsics $otC and PYL will go back to where they started come the week of June 20th-25th, with new Steve's Feud shows on June 25th ushering in the new Minute. So to put it this way, we'll start your summer with a bang!

Now let's go to teh rulebook. We pick a show, we tell you the rules, as if it where. "Mind of a Man" may come to GSN this year, but we have half of teh rulebook and here it is.....

Mind of a Man Format Part 1: Season overview

-Order 40 episodes

-4 episodes would air a night for ten weeks. This would be a weekly series.

-Cast 81 female contestants

-Just like American Bible Challenge, there will be a Semi-Final and Finale. In this format of Mind of a Man, there would be the First Round (81 contestants)-Second Round (27 Contestants left)-Third Round (9 left)- Final Round (3 left, winner chosen).

First Round Would Air: First three episodes out of four for the first nine weeks (27 episodes)

Second Round Would Air: Fourth episode of the night for first nine weeks (9 episodes)

Third Round Would Air: In the tenth and final week, first three episodes (3 episodes, Semi-Final)

Mind of a ManFourth Round Would Air: In the tenth and final week, last episode. (1 episode, Finale)

-Per episode, start out with three contestants then narrow down to the promised two.

- For the first nine weeks, The first three episodes would contain sets of three women. Per each of the three episodes, the single winner would move on to the final episode of the night.

-Per episode, out of the three women, one would be eliminated early. The other two would face off until one wins at the end.

-The winner for each First Round episode will advance to the final episode of the night, the Second Round for nine weeks. The winner of the final episode in the Second Round will advance to the Semi-Final in the tenth week, then the Finale Night with the final three contestants. The Bachelor made it more sense. Next week, we'll give you teh other half, but it's halftime now and we have a 2003 classic.

And we'll continue to rock after we tell you our sponsor.....

Do surveys, play games videos. If you rack a whole lot up, you'll get something nice. Nice is what is all about. Now we talk about Game Show Moments Gone Bananas. One poster said....

"I really liked this clip show when it aired, but I wonder why its coming back. "
Well, MTWI with Ohno is arriving soon, so don't fret on it. Next comment.....

"You may see the Peanut Butter clip, which hasn't been seen in 2008."

So it'll take 5 years to finally see the light of day. Here's another one...

"Placeholder until the new M2WI arrives?
Current M2WI sinking in the ratings and they don't want to air extra episode here?
Saving "New season 2 episodes of Harvey Feud" for another night or slot?"

Yes to all 3 unless Minute improves. Last one....

If I remember correctly, there are clips of classic TPIR in the Game Show Moments series. I remember seeing a clip of a classic playing of Lucky Seven with the groovy colors and the old digit font being used, and I could of sworn I read somewhere that they showed a clip of Holly modeling a prize, though Holly's face, needless to say, was blurred. That clip show last aired on GSN in 2005 or 2006, I think?

Hmmm......I don't know. But I do know that you can get your copy....

On Amazon if you don't have cable. Now to the 4th.

Before Jimmy Pardo made "Never Not Funny" known to the world, he contributed to GSN by doing "National Lampoon's Funny Money," in which 2 people answer questions and pick comedians for a 45-second set all for prizes. Scoring was commonplace. They were given "billions of funny money dollars" which would be stupid, but no, it would be in single digits. Playing announcer is Budd Freidman IIRC did host A&E's Improv show before "Duck Dynasty" came along. Pat Finn of "Shop 'til You Drop" was behind teh camera for this project. All of this was in Las Vegas before High Stakes Poker came along and Funny Money became a launching pad for Jimmy Pardo's career for years to come.

That'll take this show into a halt. Thanks for being here.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.