Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Caught 21 with your pants down

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And let's start. First off....

Oh what now......

This is why we can't have nice.......oh yeah, it's teh GTK Video Phone. I wonder who it's from....

Oh, it's Miss Eckert. She has something to say to everyone.

Thanks, Lizzy. In case you didn't get the memo, GSN is turning 20 this year. Can't believe it's been a long time for GSN. 2 decades and still going strong. Can't believe they had so many classics, but now it's not much. The Chase & Idiotest are still King....& prince this year and starting next month, I'll set the record straight by giving myself the top 20 GSN originals off all-time. Yes, of all-time. The only times I won't do the countdown are the Year in review poem in which I always do in the new year, shorties in February, and the class reunion in May. So there. SO Happy BIrthday GSN, there's going to be a party everyday. 24/7/365.

Now back to the start with.....

The starting Line.

That dance sent Catch 21 host Alfonso Ribierio and Witney Carson of "So You Think You Can Dance" fame straight to victory. That victory broke the GSN hosts jinx for the first time ever. Technically, Apolo Anton Ohno did win before his Minute came aboard. Sherri Sheperd, Jerry Springer and Bill Engvall couldn't try it, heck, Drew Carey last season came....oh so close. But Alfonso took it all beating out Janel Parrish of "Pretty Little Liars" by Youtuber Bethany Mota. As for GSN......I'd wish they do a Catch 21 marathon in his honor, because DWTS isn't going to work. My possible window is 7-midnight on a weeknight. So if that makes sense, it might work for the network.

It was a November to Remember. How? With the month's Yay & Yawn.

The Yay: Chase getting a big return....with Wink this past week and celebrities of course.

The Yawn: The Thanksgicing marathons. It's all the thanks they get?

Collect your thoughts. After this, How to poke fun at a blogger........and where did the feast of favorites go? We'll tell you after a pit stop.
(song fades out)


(Quick fade out)
Back to the grind and all the actors are in place for.....
Twitter Theater.
Former Chase winner Cory Antonado gives us a warning....
Warning: The unhinged twatwaffle who runs Game Show Network News dot Bloodspot dot Com is impersonating staff members.
What in the heck is he talking about? Welp, to prove it, he says....
"@buzzerblog spoofed bob’s email address to promote his blog in comments."
But he goes on to say this....
"the man who runs GSNN has in the past used sock puppet accounts to artificially inflate his site and its stature."
Welp, He had a second person blog on this site, but it was a bit of nothing doing. Over on GSNN, one poster says...
"Buzzerblog and Alex Davis are sellouts.
I don't think Buzzerblog wanted to continue after being "Dead" for many months. It was probably pressure from GSN and the money.

Remember: Alex Davis wrote a review in which he LOVED the GSN awards. Then, he took it down because of something. He wouldn't elaborate.

On that episode of the Chase featuring Cory, he should have been ruled ineligible because he was connected to the network somehow. If people are ruled ineligible after appearing on Price is Right because they are part of CBS someway, then Cory should have been ineligible because he is connected to GSN somehow. There's a reason why Chad Mosher still hasn't appeared on the show yet but Cory has...."
Can't soembody settle it with a virtual handshake for both sites and be friends from now on?
(song stops)
Time now for....
Carni-poll. A ferris wheel of polls. Starting off with....
Would you like to see a Catch 21 revival on GSN?
71% say......why not?
What recent GSN revival was your favorite?
48% got The Pyramid with Engvall Lingo a close second and Ohno Minte dead last.
Which recent GSN revival should've lasted longer?
It's back-to-back for The Pyramid. If it had been for good players & would've been a hit.
Let's end it with.....
Should "Baggage On The Road" be considered a revival?
They say.....nope. It's just a season 4, so be it.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by
Here's Winter Wonderland the way you guys like it.
Here comes the 3rd period.
GSN had a feast of favorites back in the day. Now it's gone. All they had is Harvey Feud and Game Show Moments Gone Bananas. That's a darn shame. Where's the B&E library? What about the Merv Griffin library? Is the Goodson-Todman library still available? What about the GSN originals we haven't seen for quite sometime? Isn't it about time in 2015 that they need one? Well, they have to. And what about Black Friday? Bring in old SYTD episodes from 1991-1993. All day! ALL DAY! You heard me? We can't have another marathon of Harvey Feud like this, so how about Idiotest on New Years Day? That might work or $ale on Christmas Day could be a possibility. It's time for GSN to get their act together and turn it over to the fans for help. We need that outcry plea for favorites next year.

And...Poof! It disappeared. Today's blog is presented by Door 3. Hit up Youtube, search Door 3 and bam, a world of games by GSN's page alone awaits you.
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