Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!

On the next GSN The Know.... -We'll fire torpedos at ratings.... -Hoist the sail on the stories..... -And cruise along with a look back at block scheduling. Join us for GSN The Know. Abandon ship! Abandon Ship!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pub Quiz, hot shot!

(We're in November, and the holidays are right around the corner. Where can you buy stuff? Hobby Lobby, of course. All the crafts, fabric, jewelery and everything else you can have at a Hobby Lobby near you.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Ladies & Gentlemen, back in the floor where I was and we've set our clocks back an hour and Hilty did set it early, but we jump forward into the ratings. First....

Family Feud took up 1-5. but Baggage surpisingly took up 6th and Harvey feud filled out the slots. Now we go all the way back to the bottom 10....

Match Game went first, Love Triangle was next and Baggage, Feud and P+ went next in line. 2 2012 Pyramid episodes was split between a couple of Match Game shows and another Baggage. Family Feud rounded out the list. As for eyeballs.....

This week: 342,000/258,000
Last week: 311,000/259,000

The last full week of October had Prime going up above 300k again for the 2nd time in a row, but the whole day lost only 1000 viewers still hung in there. That's the first period. Hit the alarm clock!

Break time for us, but come back for some schedule changes and comparisions of Chase & Bible. Expect to see you there.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

Back again and as I said before, there are some schedule changes and.....

1 vs. 100 with Bob Saget returns with the following timeslots:

Tuesday 9pm*; Tuesday 12am*; Friday 7pm & 8pm; Saturday 1pm*; Saturday 10pm*; Sunday 9pm.

The * means that the episode of 1 vs 100 that aired Tuesday at 9pm after the new run of The Chase also repeats in those timeslots, five times around the schedule.

So bye-bye Ohno. Your time in GSN is short-lived. Saget & Beast have moved in. More changes for you....

*Baggage is out for Friday nights completely (except the Midnight run every weeknight); Baggage is replaced by 1 vs 100 (7-9pm) and Minute to Win It (Fieri) (9-11pm).

I guess Fieri is getting back in the groove.

The Chase will rerun Sunday at 12pm; switching with The Pyramid (GSN) which will move from 11am-12pm, after Love Triangle.

So 2012 Pyramid may get more people but there's a problem.....many people are at church or watching NFL pre-game shows if the new time change takes place. We'll soon see. Finally....

Minute to Win It (Fieri) gets a cutback Sunday night with 1 vs 100.

To put it that way, Ohno's Minute may be running out of time as far as I'm concerned. Now we check......

The Facebook Files.

Last week in Overtime, I gave you a question on the GSN FB page and we decided to let the FB fans answer the question. There may be a firestorm of answers, but once we get them all, I would bore you to death. So Ron Cote will kick it off with this....

"A good mix of all of the above.Please bring back classic game shows on the overnight.I've seen enough of the Steve Harvey Feuds and all the episodes of Baggage.I'd love to have Eubanks Card Sharks return with the episodes you didn't air during its last Overnight run.Same with Ludden's Password Plus and the episodes Bill Cullen hosted.Ray Combs Family Feud would be a good addition to the overnights. Davidson's Hollywood Squares and Eubanks Newlywed Game that other viewers have recommended would also make a good addition to GSN.I think that you'd draw more viewers if you didn't run Family Feud all the time."

I guess choice E would've been all of the above. June Duncan Kinback has the answer:

"D. But please stop showing the same episodes over and over of all the old shows. Don't you have any others? You show the same Pyramids, Super Password, and Sale of the Century over and over again. Those shows were on for years...why on earth do you keep showing the same episodes? The old shows are the best though. The new Pyramid stinks. The new Family Feud stinks. How about making more Catch 21's? That was one of my favorite newer shows. Yeah how about Tattletales, Card Sharks, To Tell the Truth...."

I agree with you, sis! Cheryl Wheeler, you're up next.....

"This is a hard one for me from your choices. Sorry just can not pick one. LOL I love the American Bible Challenge, because it is new and fresh and very educational. Other wise it would be Family Feud. Thanks for asking."

Well, I guess she's a #FAITHFULFAN, don't you think? Tommy Breece....interesting name, has this.....

"Definitely trivia, I'm getting sooooo tired of Family Feud I could throw up. I also miss Who Wants To be a Millionaire and The Weakest Link. Bringing it back will make me watch GSN a lot more."

Me too. Finally, Shane Fromaggio.

I would enjoy the American Bible Challenge exponentially more if the show addressed the issues in the bible that most Christians completely ignore. You know, the murder, rape, slavery, oppression of women...little stuff like that."

Another #FAITHFULFAN knowing this show is a top 10 hit.

(song fades out)

In keeping with FB, the offices of GSN held a costume party and Flasher snuck in the window of the HQ's office for snapshots when they weren't putting in tapes of Feud every day. Stare at it.

See there? In addition, they carved pumpkins.

Hope Halloween was a good time at the GSN offices. Now to the 2nd intermission presented by If you know Ylvis, their "What Does The Fox Say?" video has become a phenomenon. Now they've done it again with this new song about to blow up the charts....

What did the fox say? Oh yeah, he said it's time for the 3rd period.

Chase & Bible are 2 of the trivia-only GSN originals on this network. The Chase has 3 contestants to the Bible Challenge's 3 teams of only 3. Bible only consists of the Bible and nothing but the Bible with pop culture sprinkled in, while Chase is general knowledge with a slight YDKJ pinch to it. That's "You Don't Know Jack" for you PC gamers out there. Chase has over $100,000 in one sitting for the team while Bible has $100,000 to one champion every season. Chase has a female host who used to play a lifeguard while Bible has a male host who was on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Chase was based on a UK game show while Bible is created by a UK male named Michael Davies. So if 2 shows are your thing, why not watch it?

That's about it. Your blog today is brought to you today by singing waitresses. They hit the entire opera singers of the Macaroni Grill to a wall.

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