Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sneaky Peeky

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-Idiotest driving viewers away?
-Another Rarity coming....
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Something's Under Your Skin

(For the second year in a row, Party City gives you costumes and everything for Halloween. 'Cause it's October for God's sake.)

VO:  This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United  States of America. Now live from his manor, Pierre Jason Kelly.

It's GSN and we are G-A-M-E, because I wanna have some F-U-N talking game shows before it's O-E-R.

O-V-E-R. Darn it. Enough with the spelling, let's cast a spell by doing...

The Starting Line.

An Oregon lady wins it all. Natalie Fletcher is the champion of Skin Wars outlasting 9 other bodypainters.

Fletcher won the $100,000 grand prize, a one-year supply of paint and the winner of a trip to New York City to be featured as a guest artist at IMATS.

So you go, girl!

After the break, Skin Wars renewed? And Idiotest being an Idiot? Those answers are next, so please...stick around.

(Blood work nurse enters)

(Pierre hides under covers)

(Song fades out)

Floam Commercial from 1990s:

(Quick fade out)

Well here I am, just a bit of blood I took on my writing hand covered in a cotton ball over tape. Hope the blood work nurse won't see me again, but in the meantime, let's talk Skin Wars. The shocking announcement was it's a go for season 2. Why did they make a decision? Do you know why the G in GSN stands for game? Are the classics needing more? Anyhoodles, the show I was talking about is casting along with.....everybody's favorite....The Chase. They got Chi-Town & Frisco covered, but Skin Wars is casting it via.....this.

Meanwhile, GSN had a glorious morning showing Card Sharks from 1986 introducing us to the Car Game, $ale getting the rest of the syndicated run and PYL getting the biggest surprise of its life: Showing episodes into 1986. Quit whining hardcore fans. The dream is now being fulfilled.

However there is one wrinkle in the bunch. Remember what I told you about a new season of Feud coming to the network? It's he-ere. Yep, the 12-13 edition of Feud arrives in addition to BET and TV Land getting theirs as well.

Quick change: The only minor change to be seen is Let's Ask America returning to the noon ET hour Thursday (October 16), while Throwback Thursday remains from 8am-12pm ET Thursday. Baggage remains in the Sunday 9pm ET hour on the 12th and 19th while The Chase remains in reruns and Idiotest still airs new on Tuesday nights.

Now to the second intermission presented by Since the blog's inception, Svengoolie wows us with his horror parodies and it keeps getting better. Here now is the first appearance in 2014.

Svengoolie: "Specimen" Parody Song!:

And it's final period time.

Idiotest just couldn't get it's act together for one reason: the game's aspect of it. When that & Skin Wars premiered back in August, many figured out who would walk away a surefire hit. Now had Skin Wars become a complete disaster, Idiotest would score a knockout blow, but Skin Wars got the reverse button and Idiotest did decently. That's not all. The reruns took a huge hit causing a migrane to fans of the show. So why is it still hanging in there? Not enough $10,000 winners, puzzles throwing players off for a loop and the humor of Ben Gleib....except for the kicking theme song. What did I do to help? Create a movement on Twitter to support the show by tweeting with the hashtag and the show's name. You should do it too before every new week of shows and there's not much of it left since we are in October, so get on it.

Time to end this thing by eating a box of Lucky Charms and playing WWE Supercard to go with my Vanilla Coke. Today's blog is presented by the Idiotest theme song. It'll make you wanna get up & dance to it.

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