Saturday, November 8, 2014

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-How Feud did on TV Land....
-We discuss Thanksgiving marathons....
-And why some stars of the past can't clear themselves for reruns.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Missing Something?

(You don't have to wait until December to get the new red cups at Starbucks. Ask your barista for one today.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hope you set your clocks back this past weekend, because we're here and we won't take it back. An extra hour of sleep means plenty of time for you to watch a whole lot of GSN. And time to get off of....

The Starting Line.

The Chase has tickets in person for you too see them. It's for people in the LA area or planning to visit. It started this week, here's what the rest of the week shapes up....

*Thursday, November 6th: 9:30am PT; 2:30pm PT.
*Friday, November 7th: 9:30am PT; 2:30pm PT.
*Monday, November 10th: 9:30am PT; 2:30pm PT. *Tuesday, November 11th: 9:30am PT; 2:30pm PT.
*Friday, November 14th: 9:30am PT; 2:30pm PT.

So either get up early or just sleep in once you get those tickets to see the greatest show in the world.

After the timeout, what fans miss out on and GSN won't let you see this program with 2 game shows in one hour. That answer straight ahead.

(Song fades out)

ADs on TWCh 086-DeWitt's Pills - ANT vs. vertebra…:

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Okay kids & kidettes, poetry in motion sickness.

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my Rolling Ruler....
Comment it, maybe?

We asked fans what they missed now the weekend purge has taken over for a few weeks out.

One fan said:

"I miss Karn Feud, Whammy!, and Minute To Win It. Those were good shows. They took those off because they had a bad week ratingswise and they overreacted to it. 1 vs 100 didn't bother me, but the show lasted a year and a half and like Harvey Feud, it got a little tiring. Sadly, they took these good shows off for more and more and more of Harvey Feud. Love Triangle, I have no idea why this crappy dating show is still on, with 2 hours of this show, they will burn off this show within a month. Sherriwed I don't have a problem with, but with the content, this should be in the evening and not in daytime. For Feud fans, John O Hurley is still on there, so enjoy him while he lasts, because GSN will probably get rid of him in a couple of months for more Mr. Harvey. Karn fans, don't worry, there is YouTube. For you Whammy!, Minute To Win It, or 1 vs 100 fans in the house, YouTube is maybe your destination. Wow, this was a long ass comment. I apologize."

Boy that was long. Another viewer said:

"I think the obvious answer would be Dawson Feud but maybe other classics that have disappeared over the years such as Hollywood Squares, the original Password (the surviving episodes of course), and others. Or maybe a classic that's never aired on the network before (Concentration comes to mind)."

Maybe one more.....

"I wanna see the first six seasons of Shop 'til you Drop on GSN at 11AM."

That's what I was wanting for, too.

But what fans didn't miss was Crosswits the week of Halloween, and good numbers made it help.

Game Show Network's second stack of "game show rarities" from last Sunday night featured Crosswits from the 1980's with many celebrity guests. This hour of Crosswits, which aired from 11pm-12am ET late Sunday night averaged a reasonably solid 290,000 total viewers for the hour, and a 0.1 in the 18-49 demo. The first episode had 302,000 viewers while the second dropped 8% to 277,000 viewers.

Guess the classics aren't going anywhere, huh?

Quick note: The Celebrity Chase show will be on Nov. 11th on cable ondemand systems. Look for it.

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Giving her the best legs in wrestling, did you know Stacy Keibler can sing? Really? Then watch.

Stacy Keibler- Why Can't We Just Dance? Lyrics:

Now the last dance of the evening.

Time for a brand new 3rd period segment entitled:

What GSN won't let you see

A collection of shows GSN refuses to allow. And today....

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (Episode 6) (19…:

Match Game & Hollywood Squares. For one hour, it seemed like a match made in heaven, wasn't. Why? Peter Marshall didn't want to host it, but Jon "Bowzer" Bauman did, Gene Rayburn disliked it....obviously and the Hollywood Squares didn't use a rule in which you have the earn the square yourself if you're in a situation your opponent gets a wrong judgement. Such a pity. However the theme remains a classic and Gene refuses to have reruns on cable, syndication or anywhere. Well, he's already dead and Fremantle haven't heard anything from all, but they took Gene's word and won't get on the phone with GSN to negotiate it. Talk about a blank square, er, stare.

The Match Game....Hollywood Squares.....Hour. What GSN won't let you see.

Before we dance on out of here, quick shoutout to Dana Bombbird Ginsberg and this FB group page. Come check it out.....

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