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-Which GSN daytime shows are left unchanged?
-Is it the end of the line for Steampunk'd?
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Love in a Hellevator

(When you hear the words "Totes A Ghost," what does that mean to you? It means you're watching Social Medium, the hot new web series over on Youtube today.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

(Pierre runs out of an elevator, into the offices of GTK, runs through a newsroom and enters the studio with a lighter and fires away at a BBQ as a torch.)

Every 4 years (or 2 depending upon your season), athletes from all over the world gather to compete in the Olympics for glory and gold. Well, every day, GSN is like the Olympics, but they compete for cash & prizes as if it was a track & field mashup. Now the runners are placed, we are at.....

(song fades out)

The Starting Line.

Last week, Hellevator was the one show people thought it would be a flop. But then, last week came and here were the results.

8:00pm Hellevator (new): 430,000 total viewers/243,000 18-49 viewers; down 25% in total viewers/up 17% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in; down 15% in total viewers/up 31% in 18-49 viewers from last week;

Although that would be a bit of a letdown, that didn't matter, plus Idiotest was up a bit after being on the receiving end of premiere week. But will Hellevator go down again now that we're in November, or will it continue to go upward and have possible renewal for another season? We will soon see.


We must take a pit stop for right now, but after this, Steve brings his 2 TV forms together. Don't run off, okay?

(song fades out)

And we're back on the air. Not in the air, on the air.

By now, Steve Harvey is a behemoth at GSN and this past week on his talk show....

He brought the Feud to his talk show. In addition to behind the scenes footage from his show in Atlanta, there was also a Fast Money round for $10,000 which was what Feud started back in 1999 under Louie Anderson. Pretty cool, huh?

But Halloween was also at the network. This past Saturday, it aired Halloween-themed episodes of Richard Karn Family Feud from the 2003-04 season (9am), 2004-05 season (9:30am) and 2005-06 season (10am). Even an O' Hurley edition sneaked in. By the time the kids were trick or treating outside, GSN ran Hellevator's 1st 2 shows. Harvey Feud ran as normal to finish it by the time they used an extra hour of sleep to wake up. Don't you hate it when sundown begins at 5 CST?

However, the 3rd season renewal of Idiotest would have to wait. Sources claim that GSN is pushing for as many episodes of Idiotest they can get, considering the young-skewing demographics of the show and how cheap it is to produce an order of episodes (Idiotest is one of GSN's cheaper current originals). It is obvious GSN has been pushing for more episodes through many on-air advertisements for Idiotest casting.

Currently, those who applied to be on Idiotest earlier in the Fall have gotten callbacks in recent weeks. It looks that the more contestants that apply to Idiotest means the more episodes that will get ordered.
Same goes with Winsanity. It had casting & production issues to go with it.

In addition, Those darn Soska sisters took it to NBC for their interview with the Today Show one day before the spooky holiday. That joins Ben Gleib and Mike Catherwood as the only hosts to appear on the morning program.

Far as the new Buzzr schedule is concerned, here's a look....

Keep in mind, the B&W shows are moved to afternoons in addition to late night.

Now something we should all be thankful for. If we're thankful for the way GSN used to be, that's great, but the network is thankful for fans of a certain kind. That's why we bring you....

Say what you want to say.

To kick it off, Kevin Lindsey.

"Love $25,000 Pyramid. How about showing some of Donnie Osmond's Pyramids."

Um...maybe someday. Michael Fox, no, not the actor from Back to the Future says this....

"Can you show a few more classics and less Steve Harvey Feud.
Every survey has the answer P---- or Sex or drugs in it.
"Name something that gets bigger when it gets hot"
#2 Mans Wang
At least the Dawson & Combs versions winked at dirty answers instead of being all out filthy!"

GSN thinks they want more classics, but if you want more classics, take your behind somewhere to Buzzr. They know what they want.  Donna Tobin Hungerford says....

"Although I truly dislike the new version of Chain Reaction, why are you drumming it down?!?! The contestants said intelligence for Intel and you gave it to them... that was so wrong. I know it is the shortened word, but not even close. Why do you keep giving it to them when they are close to the word.... I understand plural and singular.... but not this!!"

Well, Lane and Catherwood versions take the form of the word via singular or plural. Does that make sense? Here's Amy Doutt.

"Hope Hellevator keeps losing ratings each week. Cancel it. Keep The Chase USA . The Chase is a much better show."

Um....we'll wait for it. Carl Chavannes now.

"Gee, "Hellevator" isn't a month on the air, and you butcher it to a half-hour!
GSN, it' obvious that you are addicted to "Family Feud." WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?! Please seek help, because this addiction is making us all sick!"

Yeah, go ahead, we got a team of psychiatrists and hypnotists all looking to cure the network in a hurry. Phyllis Wright will end it with your big rant.

"Hellevator is absolutely the worst show on television... downright evil! I watched for 10 minutes, then switched to another station. I may, however, have to go back and watch it just long enough, with the mute on, to learn which sponsors are endorsing this ungodly show so I can inform them that I refuse to purchase any of their products as long as the show airs. Hellevator is another example of the depravity our society is leaning toward. It is deplorable to think that our young people and people with mental illnesses could be influence by this degradable, vile and sick kind of "entertainment". As if we don't have enough trouble in this country already. You have really stooped to a new low with this one!!!"

I guess she doesn't want to take the horrific program.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by

Over the years, GSN The Know has searched high & Low like Card Sharks to find the best talent. Everyone from Holly Bowling to Summerglen came to where talent runs deep, but indie music is our best bet. With the days of Bieber & Beyoncé right now, this month we turn to the one artist responsible of DIY-ing it. Ladies & Gentlemen, GSN The Know presents....

Nanno-vember. It's finally here. We salute the hard work of our GSN Soda Girl Christa Nannos. We start the month off with a song from The Weeknd. It was the first song I requested to her. And here's her acoustic rendition of "Can't Feel My Face." Play it, Lizi!

And like The Weeknd, look what you earned....The 3rd period.

What do Skin Wars and Hellevator have in common? Well, most people think they hate it amongst older people over the age of 40, but people under the age of 40 want to watch. That's because people over 40 prefer the old school tasteness like Buzzr, which IMO is repeating itself in an attempt to have newer shows out soon. People under 40 wanted to watch it, but wants to not only make it a big hit, but GSN wants it to stay modern and up-to-date. Look at what Skin Wars did. 2 seasons in and a spinoff on the way. Hellevator may have lost steam around Halloween, but as far as ratings go come the first weeks of November, things can change. So to the people over 40, don't feel left out in the cold when a new game show in reality form arrives.

Time to flip out. Today's blog is presented by Flipper: The Musical. You'll marvel at the waterful wonder about a whale, guaranteed to make your clothes wet when it's all over. Playing now at the Grimsborough Arena. Smocks, googles and shower caps available when you purchase a ticket. Kids under 10 free.

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