Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

Watch your dubstep and whatever you do, have Skrillex be your driver, because GSN The Know gives you the club vibe you always wanted.

-We boom the speakers to the ratings
-Have the latest news to crank the speakers up
-we cut & scratch with more talk on the schedule changes
-and I'll tag team with a guy who used to work for Disneyland.

Get to dub stepping. GSN The Know.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ghoulish Baggage
(theme fades out)

By the clock on the wall, it's GSN The Know. It's time for me to give you all the news & info GSN has from Collierville to Boston. Pierre Kelly getting set to start with the first quarter and Hilty will start it up.

The Bible show continued to be in its playoff run dominating 1st, but MTWI was between a stack of Feud episodes, but Pyramid in a Prime time showing was also tied for 9th place with Feud. Now the candy corn basket of goodness:

A big soggy sandwich known as Whammy was in between Match Game, Family Feud and Password Plus. Baggage got 2 more spots before Feud took the last one. That's the first quarter. Hilty to get off. Way off.

Now the second quarter and there are a lot of changes to be done. First.....

9 AM - Card Sharks (replaces Password Plus)
9:30 AM - Press Your Luck (replaces Family Feud) (Karn)
12 PM - 100,000 Pyramid (replaces Whammy!)
12:30 PM - 25,000 Pyramid (replaces Lingo) (Woolery)
3 PM - The Pyramid (replaces Whammy!)

It's so great to see the classics now go from 7 to noon central time, but Password Plus never had a full run when it got acquired earlier this year. So bummed out about Woolery's Lingo off the airwaves and PYL is back, baby! The next week....

8pm - 10pm: The Newlywed Game, with new episode at 8pm. (Replaces Bible Challenge and The Pyramid hour)
11pm- 12am: Harvey Feud (Replaces Bible Challenge)
12am - 1am: Baggage (Replaces Harvey Feud hour)

8am - 9am: Dawson Feud/Match Game (Replaces Baggage hour)

3pm: Dog Eat Dog (Replaces The Newlywed Game hour)
6pm: Minute To Win It (Replaces Bible Challenge)

5th Grader now airs from 6-10pm with no breaks. (Replaces Bible Challenge)
10pm: The Newlywed Game hour (Replaces Bible Challenge)

In order to get a second season in place, Bible is vanished not to get rerun abused again like the others, but why Dog Eat Dog Food? wanted it to be once a week, but now it's growing on you and run all 26 into a puddle of dirt. Oh, and Engvall's Lingo is gone too. 40 shows, no second season and the writers who got laud off from Maxim Magazine got hired for this messy show. Hope those changes will help the network. More news now.....

Just like the Futon Critic says, another season of Bible is in the works, but....

According to the catholic news herald, they have a article on Bible as well that fills a gap in all the family friendly programming, not to mention those with fundamentalist values. And finally....

We say adios to Alex Karras. You may already know him from Webster in the 1980s or seen him for the Detroit Lions, but you saw him on Match Game 75 as an appearance. RIP Alex.

(Song fades out)

Ok, on to halftime and Svengoolie is back with another classic for your ears. Hit it!

And be here next week for another parody he's cooked up for you. Now about the schedule changes. It seems that the first one I mentioned got a lot of responses with the latter one not so much. So I broken them down into 2 parts and we start off with this.....

"For years and years, people who remember PYL from the USA days have been clamoring for GSN to show the remaining episodes. We have been walking barefoot over hot coals just to see them. We even got our tastes of these episodes on YouTube. And now, we deserve to see them on GSN. Whether it's 1983-early 1984 or late 1985-1986, these episodes deserve to be seen on GSN."

And you're about to finally get them. Next up:

"For what got cut out: Karn Feud needed to go in mornings, but I really thought GSN was going to cover it up with SP or Match Game, and leave everything else from 8am to noon untouched. It seems like whenever there are morning schedule changes, they're big. Not just one slot changed here or there. Just take April 2nd and Memorial Day this year for example."

Right, and I hope it stays here for a long time. Another comment:

"Now where's all the negative nellies complaining about "classics=poor ratings" and how GSN really needed more STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE HARVEY for those slots?"

That is what I wanted them to look out for, but I give you a doorbell on that intro to Mr. Ratings killer himself.

Ok, next one.....

"I'm with ya'....but I think we'll get the 2 100K's and the same 25 least until the cycle runs twice with the "new" 25 K.Think Groundhog Days are still here at GSN, but it's getting better in that respect.
Fact we are getting so much Pyramid HAS to make any Pyramid loyalist happy. Hasn't been this good in eons. Pyramid was why I started watching this network.It's my favorite game show of all time. Seeing the new 25 K's was an absolute shock and treat for me.Who needs Obama or Romney......GOLDHILL for PRESIDENT !!!( actually, he might do better...)"

Uh, Goldhill for President of the United States? Nope. He's running the network and God made him do things for the network here. Now on to this....

"It's 2012. Those shows where the questions are outdated would probably bomb. The classics we have now get better ratings, but when CS and The 25K Pyramid were teamed up at 10am, they did better there. SP does great for 11am. Password Plus is gone because it's in a crappy timeslot for it."

Maybe 11:30 would'be been a good one. Next comment....

"Unless GSN started some obscure classics block on weekends when less people probably would be apt to watch or wanted to fill the overnight hours with it you won't see them. I love Jokers Wild and Tic Tac Dough. I'd watch everyday, but most everyone else doesn't feel like I do. You have to realize that as much as some of us want to see these old shows back, they will not generate revenue GSN wants."

See what we mean? Last comment....

"The Passwords also use references and material for puzzles that could be considered outdated. Doesn't stop GSN from leasing them or airing them. For example, Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley don't host the Today show anymore, but GSN will still air the episode of P+ in which they're featured as a puzzle for the show, even though it was many host switches ago, and Pauley hasn't been on television entirely in almost 8 years. And there are many more where that came from. And it doesn't make any sense to air that, but not air a Blockbusters episode from the same time period with the same reference (pretty sure Tom was referenced on the very first gold rush). It doesn't matter if it's material used for a word puzzle or a question; if someone doesn't get a reference, they just won't get it until they look it up or someone explains it to them. Period."

See? Nowadays it's Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer and Scott Pelley. On to our last quarter which is....

The Fan of The 4th Quarter. Today, it's David Downs. A michigan native, he's a security guard who rants all about GSN. He's here with me in a 5-question conversastion. Watch now as we begin.
(song fades otu)

You & I have a relationship of the network. So I thougt I fire 5 questions at you. So let's begin. First, The American Bible Challenge triumphs over Beat The Chefs the past 2 weeks. Is it time for Chefs to make a comeback?

David: No. This kind of a show has been done better elsewhere, and it's too long.

Second question, why is Bible considered a hit?

David: I think GSN marketed this correctly, to the right group of people. Bible quizzers are also relatively rare on TV, and it's very family-friendly.

Third question, is Pyramid following its roots from the classic Pyramid right?

David: So far, yes. It plays much like the classic Dick Clark version, and I like the building of the WC jackpot with perfect rounds. Best revival of the show by far.

Fourth question: Is GSN a Feud network to many?

David: Yes. It's a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the Harvey version does very well and has since it debuted there, and the O'Hurley and Karn versions do fine. On the other hand, I fear that eventually, there will be burnout from the nearly 100 airings per week of it, and then GSN is in trouble.
  • And the final question is...if you could get one classic from GSN's library only to bring it back on such short notice, what would it be and why?
    • David: Wheel of Fortune...old-school style. I know more recent episodes probably would do ratings gold, but I prefer older episodes because the players knew how to play the game, there was much more variety in the prizes, and the show didn't feel as cold and cavernous as it does today.
      • That's all 5. Talk to ya soon
      • David: Alrighty.

      • Time to hit teh bricks. I meant a nap, not hitting the wall. Anyways, thanks for joinging me here.

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