Saturday, October 28, 2017

What's Up Ahead.....

On the next Game Show Live!....

-Buzzr goes to the Amazon....
-A 4-word review on The Joker's Wild....
-And a Starbucks VIA instant classic.

It's all the way live on Game Show Live! Don't miss it...........if you dare.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Changing the Groove

Stephanie Panisello: From Ghost to ghost, cemetery to Cemetary, haunted house to haunted house and beyond the far reaches of the pumpkin patch, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's scariest contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello, court is now in session, the honorable Pierre Kelly presiding for Game Show Live!, as frightening as it gets, as squeamish as it happens and and as scared whenever you feel like it. 

Our program is presented by Party City.  Halloween is Next Tuesday, so stop staying at home and start trick or treating with Party City's costume selection. First case on the docket....

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

Buzzr has decided to make a few changes......kinda.

Louie Anderson's Family Feud gets a couple runs on Buzzr at 6:00 PM Eastern starting October 30.

This will mark the first time the diginet will air Louie's version. GSN did not touch it once they acquired virtually every version.....almost. Let's hope it's a touch and go for the diginet. Also, the Rafferty version of Card Sharks will be there on the channel. Let's see if it's last longer than the former.

It's the trick and treat of game shows each month. It's the Yay & Yawn of October.

The Yay: The Joker's Wild. Snoop revives it.....and in a big way.

The Yawn: Hellevator. MIA. GSN needs it for Halloween...........and badly.

(song stops)

Court is in recess. After this, we think about Buzzr's Game Changers. That's on the way, but first.....

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslither into this trailer.

(fade to break)

Welcome back to Game Show Live!  Later on, we look at torso tattoos. Should be fun.

(song fades out)

First and foremost, Buzzr released a documentary that is sure to win awards.

Game Changers. a documentary that showcases the legends of game shows. From Wink Martindale to now-deceased legends like Alan Thicke and Monty Hall all the way up to Howie Mandel, the program featured rare clips and so much more. So we decided to do a  4-word review to tell you what we thought of the show.


okay, done.

Even Casey Abell had a critique on the show itself:

So proud of our diginet doing a documentary on game show history. This is so fun!

Shea has a stadium....and GSN has a Shea as well.

Game Show Network has appointed Fran Shea as EVP programming and marketing for GSN TV, effective immediately.

Based out of GSN’s LA office and reporting to CEO Mark Feldman, Shea will oversee programming and marketing at GSN TV, leading in-house production, acquisitions, development and network branding and messaging. Shea is also set to work with the network’s advertising sales and distribution teams to promote GSN to clients.

“Fran has an impressive track record of creating phenomenally successful and culturally relevant content,” said Feldman, in a statement. “Her creative vision and leadership will be critical to GSN as we continue to enhance our programming choices, both original and acquired, to engage our core viewers.”

Before joining GSN, Shea ran her own industry consultancy firm, Fran Shea Consulting, which counted GSN, HBO and Cinemax among its clients.

Her previous ventures include founding HBOlab, a content-driven experiment with HBO that explored different digital content business models with the goal of expanding audiences. She has also served as president of E! Entertainment Television, and as producer and executive at HBO. During her tenure at HBO, Shea received an Emmy Award for her work.

As head of programming, Shea takes over the position recently held by Amy Introcaso-Davis, who left her role as EVP, programming and development at GSN in September to become EVP, development and production at E! Entertainment.

Drop this next story in the mailbox.....

Virgin Casino, already host to over a dozen exclusive titles, launched the GameSys-developed Million Dollar Money Drop slot this week. The game is based off of the American version of the popular UK game show The Million Pound Drop Live, which never quite caught on in the US, running for just one season.

Contestants on the real-life version of Million Dollar Money Drop were tasked with answering multiple-choice questions by setting cash on “drops,” each corresponding to one answer. Any money sitting on the drop of a wrong answer was then sucked down a chute below the stage and lost.

Bad ratings aside, the game serves as a nice complement to Virgin’s Deal or No Deal jackpot slot, another game show-inspired title.

SI gives us a sports trivia treatment.

If you're into sports trivia, game shows and people getting embarrassed live on camera, then Sports Illustrated has a new show for you. 

On Thursday, Oct. 26, Sports Illustrated will launch its brand new live trivia show, Next Question! The 15-minute show will air live on Facebook at 12:30 p.m. ET, every Thursday afternoon. Make sure you like SI's Facebook page to see all the action. (And check out a sneak peek in the video above.)

Written by Amy Parlapiano, hosted by Mitch Goldich and produced by David Seperson, Next Question! will be a four-round battle of sports knowledge between two SI staffers. The winner gets bragging rights and the opportunity to return the following week. The loser gets punished live on camera with a (benign!) punishment that's voted on by the Facebook viewers—there will be two options (for example: hit with a shaving cream pie or eat a really hot chili pepper) and viewers will click on either the laughing face or the heart during the video to vote for the one they'd prefer to see. 

"This is the realization of a life-long dream," Goldich says of his hosting gig. "I look forward to watching my coworkers struggle, while I stand there holding index cards that have all the answers."

Who? Who? Who thinks a lativian game show can challenge me?

Latvian public broadcaster LTV has picked up the format rights to gameshow format Who’s Who? from distributor Kabo International.

The local version of the show, which was originally created by Rose Bay Media UK and challenges contestants to guess the occupation or talent of six strangers, will air at the end of this month.

Now it's on to.....

Madi2theMax: Incoginto. 

When Madison Brunoehler is not doing impressions just for fun, she "allegedly" and I mean by that, sneak in as a contestant on TV game shows. So tell us, what game show did she sneak herself in?

Hint: Based in the Netherlands.

Ponder on that after a Google Play music interlude from.......Svengoolie.

Now let's reveal the answer and pull back the curtain.....

Image result for that's the question game show

That's the question. A show that's based in the Netherlands and Bob Goen hosted it for 2 seasons. The first only had 20 in the Nerthlands while the other was in los Angeles.

Tune in again soon to see if she goes incognito.

Let's celebrate....

Clarktoberfest. All of the moments of the show that made him best from the man that made him best.....DICK CLARK!!!!

That's it for this week. Today's Con-Scare-ation prize is a free month of Monster Seeking Monster. Find your date or else....stay scary!

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