Saturday, August 3, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!


On The next GSN The Know....

-You'll be nerdy about ratings

-Get Geeky on News stories

-And not be a spaz on Why GSN is actually doing well with Chain Reaction.

Join us for GSN The Know. Nerds.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ID, please!

(Can this be teh last day in July? Well, yes it is as of this writing, so we say adios to They got many ways to save, so why not do it? Hit up for more. And now.....this.)

VO: Why hello. You're just in time.....or perhaps a few minutes late for.....Ratings.....News.....and a rant to end it. Because from the Wilton-North building where I forgot to check my watch. It's.....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.

Me: ANd it's time to blog you in on the stories we care about. Hi everyone, PK here and this program is bound for glory. First quarter underway, Hilty, Please......

Family Feud took up 10 of 13 slots, but the trash bin has to say something.......say something, trash bin.

Sherriwed kicked it off first, but in that big Whammy! moldy sadwich was Super Password, DED, a trio of Match Game and Love TRiangle entering the countdown. Password Plus sank to the bottom of the kiddie pool. That's the first. Hilty must leave the party.

Let's end July with a little Yay & Yawn for you.

The Yay: The schedule change in the middle of the month. Rerun abuse got skidded thanks to classics moving up in their new homes. Another yay: Chain Reaction On Fridays. Are people really digging that show?

The Yawn: Love triangle. Think "Family Trade" was bad? Think again. A bottom 10 show mentioned earlier, It's not a game show with actually gameplay, so get over yourselves.

After a little pause, Bible is on a new network. WHere is it? Stick around and find out.

(song fades out)

(song fades out)
And we're dead. No, no, we're back. Bible went first on BounceTV earlier in the month, but.....

The UP Network, not UPN, but UP gets 2 seasons of the show. What should've been on it in the first place, finally gets it. This will make you wish a 3rd season should've been on this network.

Ever seen the movie "The Seven-Year Itch" with Marilyn Monroe? Well, this flyer you're staring at had a team when you watched Minute last night. It's called "Five-Year Itch." Better than teens having boyfriends or girlfriends, I guess....oh wait, they still do it.

And sticking with Minute, Apolo Anton ohno, the host, will retire to join the broadcast team. He'll join Al Michaels of Sunday Night Football to be with NBC's Winter Olympic coverage next year.

ANd condolances go out to Mark Corwin. The man who directed Wheel of Fortune for so many years. May he rest in peace. Okay, let's get to the 2nd intermission and Taryn Southern has this Christina Perri classic.

ANd the 3rd period starts.

WHen GSN first got started, it was all ages and everybody watched it. Nowadays, it's PG-13 and the classics may be to some older viewers. As for moderns, well, it attracts the 18-34 year old people and some shows make them hits, but others don't. The only family freindly show these days: Well, make taht 2. Minute To Win it and BIble, but Modern Feud has a few sex questions thrown in, so the kids aren't watching that. Even Baggage isn't for kids anymore. The reason: What's inside the bags. Or better yet: WHatever's on in the afternoon. Oh wait, does that count? Anyways, to sun it all up, GSN isn't for kids anymore, except Minute & Bible.

TIme to hit it & quit it. Today's blog was brought to you by the letters P & G and by the number 13.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

On The Next GSN The Know....

-We'll cool off with the ratings....
-We'll cool down with news stories
-ANd we'll try not to lose our cool on GSN and ages who watch it.

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