Saturday, January 16, 2016

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-Why Buzzr did birthday marathons...
-Chain Reaction's highest scoring game in the Catherwood era...
-And the problems GSN faces in getting a 5th season of The Chase.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New and Yet to Improve

(My new Geek Fuel package will arrive sooner this week before you know it, but if you haven't, why haven't you? Because on Facebook, there may be a hint as to what the upcoming box might be when you search Geek Fuel on Facebook today.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hey there everyone. Like American Idol, GSN has star caliber power. And without judges or viewer votes, GSN turns an everyday open mic night into a showcase of immortals and some who want to feel what a game show host is like all on tape. And we're here every day to witness it all. Let's get it going with.....

The Starting Line.

2016 will be GSN's year. Let's see what happens soon in new new Year....

Divided: "Three absolute strangers must work together to build up a collective amount of cash by unanimously agreeing on the answers to a series of increasingly difficult trivia questions. At the end of the game can the contestants come to an agreement about how to divide the money before it all disappears? If they can't reach a consensus in time, they are walking away with nothing."

Divided is formally a U.K. game show that aired from 2009-10. But what does this remind you of?
Oh yeah. That one with future Fox News personality Kennedy. Let's hope it'll be better than the one shown earlier. Next.....
#Friendtrip: "Comedic social experiment that sends 2 comedians on the road to their next gig with no money or credit cards, forcing them to use only the social currency of their "friends", "fans" and "followers" to get by. The winner will be determined by who can leverage the most fans to appear at their show for the final challenge, and only that comedian will get to perform."

#Friendtrip is completely new to the game show universe (never seen before in the UK, Australia, etc.).
This could be something. I might see it if the comics do well. And finally.....
Window Warriors: From the producers of Skin Wars that involves artists to challenge themselves in the world of storefront window design. Window Warriors is a Skin Wars-type format with judges, contestant elimination each week and a winner in the grand finale.

Window Warriors is also still in development. Window Warriors is a Skin Wars spin-off which has had production issues over the past eleven months (first piloted February 2015). I'm hoping it'll get the greenlight when this happens.
So they might join the fray along with the newbie Winsanity Let's make 2016 GSN's year.
Just ahead, we open the  Buzzr Twitterheads club..........................................................................After the Break.
(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
Welcome back everyone. We just got Starbucks and didn't get our ID stolen in the place next to the building.

The GSNN BlogSpot page has a bracket of classics. We reveal the Egghead 8. They are:

Shop 'Til You Drop
Sale of the Century

Super Password

Password Plus
The $100,000 Pyramid

Family Feud (Dawson) 
Family Feud (Combs)
You have until 1/25 to vote. We'll reveal the Frantic 4 in a future episode.
Also: The Twitter and Facebook GSN pages have removed Hellevator and switched it to Skin Wars, one of their biggest hits to come this year. Glad they're tired of the horror stuff.  However, in a coincidence....
The page for Hellevator is still active. Look at this:
It's been quiet since October of last year for obvious reasons, but not to worry, that & Hellevator are on Hulu. So if you missed out on both, now's your chance to see it all over again.
The 2012 version of Pyramid may have crashed & burned after 38 out of 40 shows, but Michael Strahan decided to replace Mike Richards and move the show back to where it all started: New York. This'll mark the 2nd time Pyramid is taped in NYC. The last time that happened: 1981. It was under the $50,000 Pyramid. ABC will air it as the $100,000 Pyramid like it's 80's & 90's syndicated counterpart. Look for it soon.
Last week, we went to GSN's Facebook page. They express their hatred for Feud obviously and want to demand for more classics. Buzzr, however is the exact opposite. So going to the @buzzrplay twitter handle, I want to do a new segment. It's called.....
The Buzzr Twitterers Club. I now call this meeting to order. I will now add the growing # of members to the list. I will now take to the floor by retweet by beginning with this......
@PerryJuDo4ever Jan 10
This is my favorite hour of TV here: Sale Of The Century with the most beautiful/talented Jim Perry. Doesn't get any better.
Of course. From Kari Brockmeyer....
@KariBeckmeyer Jan 6
I happened upon and it is my new favorite thing. Old game show sets sure used a lot of carpet.
It sure was before floors were lit-up. From Manic Shades:
@ManicShades Jan 4
is the ultimate trip to my childhood.
No Doubt about that. Let's end it with Marc Moose Mader.
Dear thanks for making Match Game '78 Betty White Christmas Marathon a thing.
You're welcome. I now call this meeting adjourned.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by I have a Periscope friend by the name of Dina Layzis. By day, this Jersey native is a pharmacist, but by night, she transforms her recording room into a cabaret social hangout for Periscopers on her user account. Glasses or not, she's pretty and here's one of her songs.

And now.....the 3rd period.
Once upon a time, well make that a few weeks ago before 2016 came in, GSN did some marathons of other shows like Idiotest and Hellevator prior to December. What did the network do for Christmas? Show a Match Game marathon? No. Have Feus instead? yes. Classic? Well, if they did then that would click with viewers, but the network doesn't give a You-Know-What about either Combs or Dawson. Instead......they went with Harvey. Yes, Harvey. In an attempt to act lazier, they aired a Harvey marathon. Why? Because everyone makes him a ratings smasher. To make matters worse, they did one on New Year's Eve as well. So why did they do them both? Well, if on NYE they did classic Pyramid, it'd be a whole new ballgame, but no, they decided to air Feud as if USA does L&O almost every day. The problem with cable is this: One show to marathon on a network each week leaves you lazier. Get my drift? So with GSN rerunning Feud every day, there's no stopping the amount of Harvey Feud one viewer can give.

And with that, the force awakened me to go home. Our blog today is presented by the new Star Wars Monopoly game. Now with the new Rey action figurine. That'll make Hasbro happy, won't it?

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