Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, and GSN is about to spray bullets.

-Our Ratings report will be sung a choir....who's actually a robot.
-Our news truck is on its way with lots of articles on its sleigh
-Our forumers spy to see how well the ratings did last month
-And the skinny on musical guessing games

And so we're offering a phrase: Play on, playas. It's been said one way and that's my way on GSN The Know. COme join us Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

18 & Life
(theme fades out)

Welcome to GSN The Know. Everything you always wanted to know about GSN in short order. Not only am I turning 30 this week, but GSN turned 18 this past weekend. Even though it's old enough to vote, it's got a candidacy all its own with Goldfish running the show. But we got 4 quarters to kill and a running mate named Hilty has some numbers for you.....

Family Feud blanked out the entire top 10 from top to bottom, but let's see what teh blank starers have to say about this....

It was nothing to be thankful for as Whammy! kicked it off first, but a double dose of Beat The Chefs came on, however, Millionaire kept people out of Black Friday shopping and a double whacking of Feud with Password Plus came along with it. Baggage was the meat in the moldy sandwich, but Beat The Chefs gave people a chance to have a turkey coma. That ends the first quarter, Hilty, run!

Here we go with the second quarter. It seems that Sony has been with GSN since the beginning before Liberty Media took over for a while in 2001. However, if you got Directv, You're in luck.
They're having a 18% stake in the network. What does that mean? We get to make the Barry & Enright library cheaper and the Bob Stewart collection teh same as well. As for everything else the rest of the day? Eh, not so much. Now, the ex-hosts in the news....
We start with the host of 1 vs. 100 penning a book in 2014. It'll be about his racy comic act while cleaning up in prime time television.
Just 11 years before he became the host of Family Feud and Bingo America later on, he was forever known as casting Tim Taylor's partner on his show "Home Improvement." Now they're reunited on "Last Man Standing." Hope that does TRIPLE THE FUN! Finally, Marc Summers talks about the car crash in video form.....
If you ever live in Chicago, Match Game is coming back! Expect no 1990 stuff. And finally....
Don't tell me I did not see this. NASCAR is doing Fifth Grader. Minute To WIn It should've done better. That takes us to halftime. WIth the recent spring-like temps where you live these days, doesn't this remind you of a song by the Puppini Sisters to find out why it's Hawaii and not Minnesota?
Alright, enough scatting and three-part harmony. Let's skip to the second half. You know the ceremonies are here a week before Christmas, and the group you just heard earlier will be here along with Lindsey Stirling, The Screen Team, Olga Kay in her singing debut, Ijustine herself Justine Ezarik, Kristin Perez with her ravergirl look and Kidd Russell paying homage to my favorite wrestler. Please be invited to this once in a lifetime, or should we say, once annually event the week before Christmas for a year-end jamboree. ANd the third quarter starts with the GSNers talking about this month's maarthons. Last week, we went to Buzzerblog and this week, we have the forum palace on blast starting with.....
"I think these are great choices for marathons. I do think we will see Christmas themed episodes of Card Sharks, Family Feud, Password Plus, Super Password, Pyramid, and others during the regular schedule as well.

A+ job for GSN!"
Oh......kay. What about this?
"This is great. We haven't had a New Years Eve/Day marathon in a long time if I recall. Very pleased to see a Match Game marathon on Christmas Day, and a Dick Clark Pyramid marathon on New Years Eve, just like in the old days.

And The American Bible Challenge one is great as well. Not too wild about the other ones considering we have seen enough of those, IMHO. But, I'll take them over anything else."
Nice. Here's this....
"The Martha Smith/David Graf episodes are holiday-themed eps from the last week of 1986. I have seen clips of wins from that week of shows, and the set is decorated for Christmas; the Susan Ruttan/Christopher Lemmon week that aired prior to that week was also Christmas themed, and perhaps GSN will air these the week of Christmas.

As far as the eps. with Jenny O'Hara and Clifton Davis, they are from early April 1987, and I think ep. 1184 is where GSN left off when they took $25K Pyramid off Friday nights a couple months back. I'm not sure why they're skipping ahead to where they left off, but regardless this may allow us to know very soon the extent of this current lease of shows. These have got to be toward the end assuming they picked up 200 shows again."
Oh, so that's where we'll be watching for the holidays. Anotehr one has this....
"Regarding the Match Game marathon airing on Christmas Day: I wonder if the marathon is possibly one big attempt to pick up more ratings, and if the ratings are good, GSN may possibly lease different episodes when the current run of 1974 and partial 1975 expires?"

That may work because the PM and the syndie episodes might be the best way to get them. However, he coninues on the possibility of Feud in a holiday marathon.

"I can see why Dawson's Feud is not getting a marathon this holiday season - the ratings are not-so great when they air on weekday mornings. I can safely bet that GSN likely won't renew Dawson's Feud when the lease expires, and Dawson's Feud will be off the air as a result. I can see GSN picking up something different, or even bringing back Password Plus to weekday mornings when the rights to Dawson's Feud expires."

Yikes. Combs' version would've worked out that way. But we end with this.....

"Expires.....Groundhog Day never ends .....if GSN does the marathon, should contact Bill Murray. Or Chris Elliot. "

Seriously? That's not right. Anyways, let's talk remakes.

It seems that remakes of old GSN favorites don't work out that way, but some do. When Lingo came on the set in 2002, everything else was working out right, but by it's 2011 revival, it went down the tubes. Whammy! in the same year focused solely on the big board from the PYL days, but a few free spins to By the time 2006 rolled around, Chain Reaction looked like a word link game & all, but players were acting like they stopped in front of a store for black Friday. Fast forward to this year and The Pyramid wanted to be like the olden days, but it's stricter rules and esclatating jackpot made it feel right. What went wrong? Illegal play. Is this football or hockey? ANyways, the UK counterpart Challenge did it right with a newer version of Blockbusters, which proves once again that trying to teach an old dog new tricks doesn't work that way....most of the time.

And with that, time's up. Hope the rest of December flies by liek a kite. Bceause Santa's sliegh is coming soon before you know it. Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.