Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Leap year is coming!!! So spring into action with GSN The Know....

-The Ratings Report will tell you who touched the sky and who ended up in the dumpster
-All the news that never needs a pole vault
-Jump-in with your ratings
-My bounce on a GSN show from last year

It's all coming at you February 28th, so get on your pogostick and hop to the only blog worthy of a Space Walk rental: GSN The Know

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Welcome everyone to GSN The Know where the common cure for #linsanity is pure GSN #insanity. We're glad to be blogging with you not only on this day of Mardi Gras, but the first week of Lenten season as well. And because I'll lay off the burgers and drink water until Easter, I'll still give you the numbers in our Ratings Report, so Malcontent with the Saints jersey and the beads, hit it!!!!!

Family Feud creeps back into the top slot the week before Valentine's Day and scatters the board with just one other show: Fifth Grader. Here's the bottom:

The Tuesday morning airing of Match Game kicks off the countdown and Jeopardy! and Match Game, but on the bottom of the barrel: The $100,000 Pyramid. Time to check the DWTS ratings sheet:

The highest airing crept back at #46, 4 spots higher than last week, with the rest of them down the pipe at the 50-bottom of the barrel range.

Quarter one complete, Malcontent must

(Malcontent leaves)

On to the 2nd quarter. As stated in my heads up before the coming attractions, both of which I posted, this past Friday would've been the anticipated return of Flashback Friday.
Instead, DWTS showed up slimmer in the schedule with Feud to become late night fodder. It may be a case of "fool us once, shame on yourselves twice," but the Pyramid seems to have popped up on late night TV thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

The SNL alum plays with another alum Maya Rudolph to play the game like Queen sang it but in a different war. The FB version would've been better.

Now according to, yes,, Chuck Woolery dishes on racial relations and why they don't go together. Read for yourself.

And finally, Lingo's own Bill Engvall on the origin of his catchphrase, "Here's Your Sign." And I've run out of ink, so I'll get more virtual pens while you watch a video, okay?

Ah, got my virtual pens ready for quarter 3 and earlier I told you about the Friday schedule switch like this.....

"Well, i have words. And, I will probably be banned from saying more. I have not and will not watch DWTS. It may be competitive....but so is basketball. Neither are game shows. I am paying for game shows....and between that and the trash on Newlywed Game......I am watching more and more NON gsn. I could care less about what goes on in their his wife likes her legs.....etc....etc..... I wonder if Sherry allows her 5 y/o son to watch this trash. Wonder if GSN will ever hire some decent and respectable management....???????"

Well, if you see a 5-year old watch trashy stuff, go watch Phineas & Ferb. Next......

"Even with the 16 programs GSN has to air now they could have more variety. GSN schedule making has been poor lately."

Yeah, all they got is Feud and DWTS to cover the blame for all this. Next....

"I'm thinking about all the shows that I miss seeing from that schedule...B&W, of course, but also NYSI, Blockbusters, the Passwords, and even newish (by comparison) shows like O'Hurley TTTT and Gray Weakest Link."

Yeah, me too. We want them back. Now how about the new commercial for the same show. Your reactions starting with....

"Have any of you guys seen the newest commercial for Dancing with the Stars on GSN? It starts off with clips of the program being shown, along with added dinging and buzzing noises. And then the announcer in the commercial says, "It's a great game show, even without all the bells and whistles." Unbelievable, isn't it? Just yet another attempt by the GSN executives to make everyone believe that DWTS is a game show, even though we all know that it is not a game show. Last-ditch effort at getting people to watch the program?"

Perhaps because of the rising ratings and the reaction in short......

"Wow. The horror. Having the audacity to pull out all the stops to advertise a show they paid to air. How dare them stoop so low as to do that. :"

And it does really hurt to watch. More reactions:

I find the DWTS promo pretty funny. Someone at the network must be reading these boards. Every message posted here about DWTS is about how it is NOT a Game, and it doesn't belong on here, and the new promo says: THIS IS A GAME and WELCOME TO GSN and how much it belongs on the network."

Right and the.GSN commercial at the end of every show doesn't make sense at all. 3 down, 1 to go. And we're in Sex & Romance month as I pay homage to Baggage.

Baggage on GSN has secrets hid in briefcases somewhat similar to it's overkill machine, Deal or No Deal. It didn't contain any money unfortunately, but a date awaited 3 single bachelors and 1 dater. Keeping things in check was Jerry Springer, whose talk show became successful for the past 2 decades thanks to it's trash TV ability. His humor made sure it was a sure fire hit. Secrets ranged from the extreme to the "Are you Serious?" and everything in between. Plus, a red carry-on was for the dater to tell us the big secret in order to win the date for the bachelor. With the show being the 2nd GSN original since Hollywood Showdown, it'll be the biggest secret yet.

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