Friday, December 30, 2016

What's Up ahead....

On the series premiere of Game Show Live!

-We find out what exactly is Game Show Live!
-Our take on NBC's "The Wall"
-And 3 things why you should skip "Save To Win."

It's all the way live on Game Show Live! Lock it in, maaaaaan!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The 5th Annual GTK Know-It-all AWards

VO: Live from the Top Rope Entertainment Complex, it's

The 5th and Final GSN THE KNOW KNOW-IT-ALL AWARDS!!!!!!

A celebration and a look back at the year GSN made history. With appearances yet to be seen by....







and RuPAUL

With performances by.....







This program is presented by.....
Image result for cici's pizza
Image result for roku
Image result for fandango
And by....
Image result for ibotta
(song ends)

(Current TPIR Plinko cue)
And the guy that makes it all happen, the referee of the Hollywood Showdown, the man in the front of The Line, the person who holds the key to the GSN vault,  the man about many many games, Pierre........Jason........................KELLY!!!!!!
(cheers and applause, ovation from the crowd)

Me: Hey everyone!  How's it going?.....thank you.
(runs to get the air horn but the audience sits down and the music stops)
Glad I didn't want to stop abruptly, but welcome to the big finale of GSN The Know.

(audience groans)
Yeah, I know, but it's the first step away towards our Game Show Live! renovation in January.

(audience applauds)

I know they're excited for it. Another thing I need for you to clap your hands for........Robyn Cage and her big band of Cage Masters!

(applause: cut to band)

They look snazzy, don't you all?

(light applause)

I'm proud to be hosting my first award ceremony form the Top Rope Entertainment Complex.
 As you enter, It's more than just a bowling alley, it's the largest indie wrestling complex. 6 arenas in every room. Also good for receptions and parties and funerals....yes, funerals and graduation. As if that wasn't enough, we got classic arcade games from the 80's and 90's. Plus, Laser Tag Rumble. 6 on 6 team battle. Every 30 seconds, A new teammate steps in. 15-20 minutes does not start until all 12 people have entered. Plus, A Top Rope gravity course that's lots of fun. Then, unwind and enjoy the WWE network or relive USWA, CWA, World Class, Calgary Stampede, Lucha Libre Underground, G.L.O.W. and others for you to watch while you drink over 100 different beers and wines, or like me, go soft drink drunk. We got Pepsi & Coke and Root Beer, plus drink flavors. There's even some food. Enjoy the Memphis Rasslin' BBQ Pizza or the Turnbuckle Tenders. There's even the Suplex Salads. There's even a Summer Slam Smoothie Selection and even a menu for the Little Slammers. There's also DDT desserts, but there's also....get this, Body Slam Burgers. You can order the Championship Wrestling Cheeseburger, the Bam Bam Bigelow Bacon Cheeseburger and my personal favorite, the Superstar Sloppy Joe with fries as a tag team side order. There's even Crash Cards to play redemption games or arcade games in which you can redeem for wrestling gear like tables, ladders and chairs and replica belts, or tickets to WWE live events or something from the WWE SHop or the Impact Wrestling store and more, but....

(song stops)

I tried to bore you about it a bit. Let's wake up and get on with the ceremony. It all starts with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.....but GSN wants to be your partner and here are the nominees.

(cut to Ingress gameplay; captures an old house portal; "Best Classic" appears inside a yellow box on the bottom of the screen)

Press Your Luck (Carruthers Company/Fremantle Media North America)
The $25,000 Pyramid (Bob Stewart Productions/Sony Pictures Television)
Whammy! (Fremantle Media Productions)
Card Sharks (Mark goodson Productions/Fremantle Media)

(Cut back to Ingress gameplay; captures an old office building; "Best Classic" appears in a yellow box in the center of the screen; fade to host)

And the Best classic is.....

(opens Geek Fuel box with a box of antiques and gets the card with the winner)
The $25,000 Pyramid!!!!!!

VO: Accepting the award, the host of the $100,000 Pyramid, Michael Strahan.

(song stops)

Michael: Thank You. Can't believe the show I worked on got an award. That is great, but next year, I demand a primetime Emmy for that, So I want to thank the creator of it and Dick Clark. May they both rest in peace. Thank you very much.


Me: Mr. Michael Strahan, Boys & girls. Pokemon Go was the answer to Ingress for Pokemon fans and our first act must've been in on the phenomenon. By the names of Bonnie Gordon and Xander Janneret, they are known as the Library....Bards.



Let's get the year going with January....

GSN The Know was in it's 4th and Final Year and Steve Harvey was known for his Miss Universe gaffe mistake. Not only that, we introduced you to the developmental slate. On to February....

We had fun with Valentine' Day Cards and The Chase had a tragic end. By March....

It was a salute to Door 3, plus we introduced you all to the new batch of Skin Wars 3 contestants.

(song stops)

Sometimes, A cable network works this way. Other times......not so much and GSN did it worse. ANd boy, it was worse. Here, Have a look.

(cut to Ingress Gameplay; captures an enemy portal; gets hit)

ADA: You've been hit, 97% drained.

(screen goes fuzzy; "Best WTH? Moment" appears on the red box on the bottom of teh screen






(Cut back to Ingress Gameplay; uses a L8 Power Cube; knocks out an entire enemy portal with one shot)

ADA: Resonator destroyed. Good work.

("Best WTH? Moment" in the red box in the center of the screen; cut to host)

And that moment goes to......

(opens an empty Geek fuel Box to get the winner)

Well, by popular vote......It's Friday Night Frights!!!!

(short fanfare; no applause; crickets)

Okay then...............................let's just go on. On to April.

Idiotest gets welcomed on April Fools Day and Political Idiotest came...and went on this month. But by May....

Buzzr gets flipped around and upside down on the 22nd and Woolery Lingo replaced Whammy! temporarily.

(song stops)

The Broadway play Hamilton was the hottest this year and has won 11 out of a record-setting 16 Tony nominations. Our next act may have yet to see it, but has heard the soundtrack and has decided to use her God-Given talent to pay homage to the founding father. Here is the impressionist who oozes love & light is Madison Brunoehler, otherwise known as Madi2TheMax.



Madi2TheMax everyone, go catch her almost every single Tuesday on her channel and almost every Wednesday on's Agents of Marvel show. It'll be a good time. Alright, on to the next one. If Buzz Berry ever retires from Sqrambled Scuares, will the show go on with a new host?.......No. Because the show isn't the same without him, but for the nominees.......I dunno.

(cut to Ingress gameplay; finds an empty portal; hits the "Deploy Resonator" button)

ADA: Resnoator deployed, portal online. Excellent work.

("Best New Host" appears in the blue box on the bottom of the screen)



RUPAUL (Skin Wars: Fresh Paint)

(Cut back to ingress gameplay; fills all 8 resonators; "Best New Host" in the blue box appears on the center of the screen; cut to host)

And the new host goes to.....

(opens Geek Fuel box with fake easter grass and gets the winner)

Get Excited, it's Donald Faison!


VO: This is DOnald Faison's 1st Know-It-All AWard out of 2 nominations.

Donald: Wow, can't believe my show WInsanity is show interactive, but this one is helping my career a bit, SO I would like to thank God, my Family, everyone here at Winsanity and to all of you. Thank you so much.


And now, Please welcome a Chi-Town born, Oregon-raised, geeky little soul. Her name is.........Tessa Violet!



Our next award has people finding themselves wondering...."How did this get back on the air?" Here are the nominees.

(Cut to Ingress gameplay; Finds a portal and clicks on Link; shows a linkable portal and hits "confirm")

ADA: Establishing portal link......portal link established. Excellent work.

("Best New Acquistion" in the green box appears on the bottom of the screen)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Sony Pictures Television)

CHAIN REACTION (Sony Pictures Television)

WHAMMY! THE ALL-NEW PRESS YOUR LUCK (Fremantle Media North America)

SCARE TACTICS (NBCUniversal Television)

(cut back to Ingress Gameplay; shows another linkable portal and clicks on "Confirm.)

ADA: Establishing portal link.....portal link established....field established. Excellent work.

("Best New Acquisition in the green box appears in teh center of the screen; cut to host)'s......................

(opens Geek Fuel Box to get the winner)

Audience, it's..........

Audience: Wheel.....of.....Fortune!!!!!


VO: This is Wheel's first award. Wheel hasn't been on the airwaves in 6 years.

(song stops)

Pat: Wow, I couldn't believe I finally won an award. Thank you to Harry Freidman for being on the staff for more than 20 years and to everyone who is a Wheel Watcher, thank you for being a Wheel Watcher. Say goodbye, Vanna.

Vanna: Bye-Bye.

(laughter and applause)

And would you please welcome a group of people who worked hard to be in this ceremony. They are the Warp Zone Acapella Choir!



So good. On to June.

Winsanity hits teh airwaves and the New To Tell The Truth came too. But the ABC Sunday Night lineup came in thereafter. On to July.....

Family Feud hist the big 4-0 and Mind Of a Man returned with a social media kickstart on Twitter. But then by August.....

Hellevator announces a 4-week engagement in October and Idiotest is off to a 3-month whimper.

(song stops)

If Sarah Snitch were to take singing lessons from our next act, that's because she's a singer and a bookworm. It's her real life sister.........................Rae Sterling!!!!!


Hold your horses, we got some more. Earlier at the Fast Money Mart, we handed out more hardware than a fix-it guy.

The Award for...."Pass the remote, shorty!" goes to Friday Night Frights. It was indeed frightening.

The Award for...."Switching to Price" went to Wheel of Fortune. Thankfully it was more Wheel, but it was very recent Wheel. Guess they didn't want the classsic one, eh?

The award for...."Save it for CNN or Fox News" goes to Politicial Idiotest. Guess politics and Idiotest don't mix, eh?

The Award for...."Let's Celebrate by doing nothing!" went to Family Feud. GSN and Buzzr tried to do it, but didn't.

The AWard for "Now you see it....Now you Don't" went to Man Vs. Fly. Boring Contest....turns into an instant disappearing trick.

The Award for "Still classic Cool" went to Buzzr. Even during the changes, we can all sit down to watch old game shows.

And the final award for "Get GSN On the phone, now!" went to Sqrambled Scuares. An easy little puzzle game on Youtube where 2 combatants solve easier puzzles for some gift certificates, cash and the like. Come on GSN, make it a hit!

And now, please welcome the only East coaster who may be no blond ambition....alright fine, she is a blond ambition, it's the one & only soon to be Bonus Round Blonde Bombshell, Christa..............Nannos!


And we move on to Best Host. Yes, Best Host. is a best one. Here are the nominees.

(Cut to Ingress gameplay; hacks a portal)


("Best Host" appears in the video and rolls a reel of hosts)

BEN GLEIB (Idiotest)




MIKE CATHERWOOD (Chain Reaction)

("Best Host" in the white box appears on the center of the screen; cut to host)

Me: And the best host of 2016 is..............

(Opens Geek Fuel gold box to get the winner)

It is..........Ben Gleib!

(applause; Idiotest theme plays)

VO: This is Ben's 2nd award. Ben won "Best New Host" in 2014.

Ben: Man oh man. This is why my career is getting mroe better and better. All thanks to my podcast, the people behind my host, my comedy special and more Thank you very much.


Well then, it's almost over. Beofre we continue, the nominees for best new show was Winsanity, Window Warriors and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. The winner went to.......................

Winsanity by a landslide!


On to Fall.

We looked inside Hellevator season 2, and leaked an episode before the premiere, And O "Hurley's Feud turned 10. By October....

1. vs. 100 hit 10 years old, Wheel came back to GSN and Winsanity decided to take a rest. Easily. By November....

Donald Trump became the new president of the United States and Wheel gets expanded to 4 airings and Mike Richards returns to GSN to become the host of Divided. Not only that, we are changing the name to Game Show Live! next month. Keep your eyes peeled on that.

(song stops)

Now we must say adios to the people who made 2016 the year of the Grim Reaper.







(song stops)

Thank you. Please greet now 4 wonderful Aussie girls who couldn't play an instrument, but make the mouth their instrument. It's.....................Ginger & Tonic.



And now....the final award. The last piece of pizza in the box. The nail in the coffin. And the nominees..........are.

(cut to Ingress Gameplay; walk around and see a smattering of resistance portals; "Best Show" in the gold box appears on the bottom of the screen)

IDIOTEST (Little Wooden Boat Productions/H2R Productions)

WINSANITY (Electus Productions)

HELLEVATOR (BlumHouse/Matador)

CHAIN REACTION (Sony Pictures Television)


(Cut back to Ingress gameplay; screen scrolls back to many portals; "Best Show" in the gold box appears in the center of the screen; cut to host)

(Opens the Geek Fuel box to get the winner and runs out for a bit....but runs back in 20 seconds)

Ladies & Gentlemen.....the show of 2016........................................Chain Reaction!

VO: Accepting the award, Mike Catherwood.

(Song stops)

Can't Believe it. Even after it's cancelled, you guys thought Winsanity and Idiotest would win, but you guys like the show so much, I hope you watch it in reruns. Thank you very much.


Me: You know what? We've had a nice award ceremony, but I want to ask Robyn Cage if she could to perform for us?

(audience gievs them encouragement)

(Robyn agrees to perform)

She says Yes! Ladies & Gentlemen, Robyn Cage!


It's the end of the show....and an era. I want to thank God, of course, my parents, Laura Bailey for voicing ADA, the fans of GSN who stuck with me the past 4 years, everybody who hated GSN right now, the hosts, the people who work on game shows, the pets and everybody else who made GSN The Know a uplifting experience. But it's not over yet. January 4th, the renovation begins. Will you be there? Until that date......I always on,playas.

(Hits a confetti app; but backs away for a but before finally pressing it to reveal a confetti overload)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

One last Wednesday before the renovation....

It's the final GTK Know It All Awards....

With Performances from The Library Bards, Madi2TheMax, Tessa Violet and more.....

The last fling before the renovation.....this Wednesday.

You better be there!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Last Gasp....Before the First Breath

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And it's the series finale. Let's go out with a bang and a boom. Starting with...

 The Starting Line.

Our dear friends and fellow game show fans, it's been a long 4-year journey. But it's not goodbye. It's a beginning. When we first started it in 2012, no one knew that GSN fans would be in for the ride of a lifetime. We knew a lot through ratings, news and information, plus stuff from the past fans already seen. We've seen the best & worst GSN has in it's 4-year existence, and GSN continues to be better. Now with Game Show Live! coming up in January, What seems to be a beginning, just seems to be a growing experience. We've had good shows, had bad shows, classics returning, classics going and everything else in between. Now a temporary goodbye won't be as permanent. Come January, things will change. But for now, it's goodbye to an all-knowing GSN blog.

On the way next, a look back at the blog. Please do not leave us.

(Song fades out)

We are back and.....

Singing Instagram. I'll get the door.

Aww, thank you Stephanie. Please see her in Dweeb Darlings' new project Stalking Levar. All 2 seasons on the Dweeb Darlings Youtube channel. Now where was I?

(heads back to the desk)

Oh yes, a look back at the blog.

It all started in 2012 when it was the first of many GSN-exclusive blogs to the world. We started with ratings on the top and bottom 10 shows, news from the world of the network, musical acts, fan interaction and editorials to end it. Since then, we started growing due to the poplularity of social media and started a fan page. Pretty soon, we knew everything from Bible to Chase. We later became a 3-period blog and added classic and new commercials to the mix. Each year, we held an awards show at a soft drink brewery and gave out awards to people in front of famous people. When GSN hit 20, we counted down the 20 GSN shows of all-time. We had people like Christa Nannos, Jamie Petitto, Svengoolie, Lindsey Stirling and others become regulars on the blog. We got news ripped off of the GSNN BlogSpot page until it disappeared recently this year. We were what you call it the place to know GSN and only GSN. And now, one last time, we must say goodbye to it, but it'll only be a brief rest before we renovate for January.

And we continue with......

Oh great. I'll get the door again.

A video posted by Christa Nannos (@cnannos) on

Would you believe it's Everyone's favorite soda girl and my good friend, Christa Nannos helping me turn 34 today. That is sweet. I was going to shut the door, but she is staying here to bring me cupcakes and a milkshake. While I'm chowing down, enjoy this holiday classic as we get into the 2nd intermission presented by

And now the final 3rd period.

When Game Show Live! comes in January, don't expect the same mish-mash GSN The Know comes to expect. Expect a different look. The starting line is now the Opening Toss-up Story. The 2nd Intermission is now the Google Play Music Interlude and the sponsor of the blog at the end is the consolation prize. At the top of every blog, I used to start out with a sponsor like a top-rated podcast, but now I let my new announcer Stephanie Panisello intro me and I will give you the sponsor like a live commercial just like live TV used to back then. The old ratings report is now the Syndicated Scoreboard. Say what you Want to Say is now Buzz-GSN. That MAdi2Themax impression segment stays here. The music will be different, the tone will be different and it'll be more lively. Plus, we'll have a quick screenshot game each week or so. It'll be the great experience any game show fan would live. Game show Live! is all about fans first. Get Lit!

So there you have it. The casket is closed, but the resurrection will live in January. Better get ready!

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. And you know what, Kaitlyn Pendleton aka iiamagineblank has a message for GSN and me. So until January and also the GTK Know-It-All Awards next week, play on playas!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

Next's the GTK series finale before the renovation.

-The eulogy abut the blog....
-A look back at the memories of the blog....
-And what to expect in January when it becomes Game Show Live!

See what the nation's talking about one last time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Split Infinites

(The holiday season is here and you need to get down to Hobby Lobby today....before the elves take it away for good.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And this is the Penultimate blog of GSN The Know. Our prep for Game Show Live! is mere weeks away. I was interviewed by every news outlet, share to everyone on social media and put up flyers all over Grimsborough. America, January 4th will be the date we will party! But let's get back to the action as we start with....

 The Starting Line.

America saw the preview of Divided, but who was the host?

Well,  here it is.

Yes, Mike Richards. He wanted back in the GSN frame after trying hard with Pyramid in 2012 before Michael Strahan taught the EP of Price and LMAD a lesson in how it's done this year on ABC. Now he's back to gain his revenge on a short-lived UK show. In Fact, GSN did a sneak peek before the actual January premiere. I'll give you the link to click for yourself.....

There. The preview shows 4 instead of 3 and there is big money ahead, up to $100,000 for them to split......or nada if you decide way too long. Will this work in 2017? You'll soon find out.

One segment that won't go away come the renovation in January is our Yay & Yawn of November.

The Yay: Divided Sneak Peek. I wish it would've been a yawn had it been for the bickering.

The yawn: GSNN BlogSpot. Scott Rahner decides to close up shop. For good.

What are the 5 worst things to a GSN fan? I'll tell you about about a moment.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

As we promised you the 5 worst things a GSN fan can experience and here it is.

Ever wonder what it's like to turn on GSN and think to yourself: Huh? Well, here are the 5 things you experience the network in a worst way.

1. Too Much Feud

You see it every day. Karn in the noonday, Harvey at night, Dawson anc Combs keep rolling over in their graves and it's 100 times per week. Why is GSN making money off of it? Well....they like Harvey. Because.....they make big ratings.

2. Not enough variety to go around.

It used to be all classics and a little modern stuff back then, but now it's all modern and not enough classics. So why can't you add in classics on evenings? It'll make a dead graveyard of all sorts.

3. They want younger viewers

They want people thinking tey want to see classics for older viewers, but younger people want to see stuff past 2001 and beyond. Look at how the cable landscape is changing. They want to tweak the way we watch on TV.

4. Marathons that'll make you yawn.

GSN used to air a Feast of old school classics back then, but not anymore. All they air is whatever is on the schedule. It's like wet paper towels thrown up at the celiing.....or spitwads if you can call it that.

5. Switch to Buzzr

Yes, Buzzr. All the classics thrown in a 24-7-365 loop. As long as they get new episodes. Good luck with it.

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Another person that will not go away is Christa Nannos as she closes out Nan-November.


And let's turn on the 3rd period.

I wanted to do something fun. I asked everyone to finish this sentence.....

GSN Isn't GSN without.....what?

Ben Masters fires with Tic Tac Dough. That, I agree with along with Joker's Wild.

David Downs, my frenemy says Steve Harvey & reality shows. Really? REALLY??!!!!

Ben fires back With Card Sharks. Of course.

Jimmy Souders goes with Press Your Luck. Why not?

James Bamberg and Tood Wacha says real classic game shows. Yes, real classic game shows, not the phony "Sob story, wait until after the commercial for the result" game shows, the vintage ones.

Even Tommie Jessie agrees too.

Randy Hansen gets the Joker's Wild, of course.

Ryan Eaton and James Jagiello gets TPIR. We all miss the older ones.

Mark Stowers goes with The Whammy from Press your Luck, better than any other game show villain.

Finally, Christian Dixie goes with Classic Wheel, the way we grew up as kids.

Thanks guys for all your help.


Time to go everyone, the final blog before the awards show and the renovation will be next week. No need to get your Kleenex tissues for it.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. Let's have Anthony Hardy of Captain's World get into the holiday spirit. Play on, playas.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the penultimate edition of GSN The Know....

-The host for Divided is....
-5 worst things if you're a GSN fan....
-And a sentence for you all to finish.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A host Divided

(Thanksgiving may be on the horizon, but Hobby Lobby gives you all the decorations for Christmas....god luck surviving Black Friday.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hey kids and kidettes, we're getting so close to Game Show Live! in January. Our studio will be a cross between Sqrambled Scuares and the long-running SNL skit Weekend Update. Prepare yourselves for that. In the meantime, let's talk GSN starting with....

 The Starting Line.

 It's time for another installment of....

Let's ask the Know-It-all. Someone here who is a landlord for over 25 years at Bud Adams Apartments wants to know who should host Divided?

Well, landlord who keeps everyone's rent paid, so that the rats would keep us out of here, I would say Mike Catherwood. Why? He did what Dylan Lane didn't and that is keep the spirit of Chain Reaction alive. He needs to host this one over Mike Richards who changed Price and Deal. Why not him?

(song stops)

Stay right where you are. We got the nominees for the Know-It-All Awards, and I can't tell you until after this break. Why? Because I want to and it's my blog, so talk amongst yourselves while you watch this.

(Quick fade out)

Oh hi, We were just preparing for the nominees....that'll be momentarily, but first.................

House Cleaning.

Wheel of Fortune expands to four airings 11:00 AM-1:00 PM. The Chase takes over the 4:00 PM slot. Whammy pops up at 10:00 AM, between Press Your Luck and 25K Pyramid.

You know why? Because you get 2 hours of spinning and winning. The Beast will get its own weekday slot in afternoons and Whammy will be in between 2 classics at 9 CST. Also....

Catherwood Chain Reaction will get the 3:30 PM slot on weekdays, as GSN's Pyramid drops off the schedule.

So adios, 2012 Pyramid, it was nice to know you.

(song stops)

If you're wondering why Window Warriors has premiered, let me give you a review Haiku for you....


(song stops)

One bit of news for you: Monday through Friday December 19-30, GSN will run What's My Line and I've Got a Secret in the 3:00 AM hour. It's the dreaded holiday B&W overnight stunt. Stay up....and stay nostalgic baby!

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Christa Nannos, our resident soda girl had a hard life the week after the election. She voted for Hillary, but Donald Trump got the presidency. So she sang this song to remind us of the tough times ahead.

Guess what that theme means? It's time for the nominees for the GTK Know-It-ALL Awards. The very last one before we transition to Game Show Live! First off....

BEST Classic
Press Your Luck
The $25,000 Pyramid
Card Sharks

Hmmm......I'd go with Press Your Luck.

Friday Night Frights (Hellevator S2/Scare Tactics)
Wheel and New Feud crash hard
Man Vs. Fly disappear
Political Idiotest

Without a doubt, Friday Night Frights.

Wheel of Fortune (2014-15 season)
Scare Tactics
Chain Reaction (Catherwood)

Going with WHeel on this one.

Donald Faison
Garcelle Beauvais
RuPaul Charles

Have to go with Donald on this one.

Ben Gleib
Garcelle Beauvais
Brooke Burns
Mike Catherwood
Donald Faison
The Soska Sisters

Gotta go with Donald again.

Window Warriors
Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

Have to go with WInsanity

And the cream of the crop.....
Window Warriors
Chain Reaction
Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

I hate to say this, but Winsanity will win it.

In addition, The Library Bards, Kristin & Danny, whom you'll meet pretty soon, Tessa Violet and more will perfom on this stage December 14, 2016. We'll be at the Top Rope Entertainment Complex. See you there Cyber Monday for voting.

(song stops)


And with that, we gots to go. Today's program is presented by the mannequin Challenge. Freeze, let the camera guy move around you and your friends and let the challenge begin.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. Now to end it for Thanksgiving, here's Kristin & Danny rapping about it. Play on, playas.