Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

It's a tradition unlike any other...but it's not.
(record scratching)
David Loggins, you're gone. Let me show you my tradition. Take it, Edd Kalehoff!

Now that's more like it. GSN The Know takes you up & down the fairway like a roller coaster at Six Flags.

-The Ratings Report will tell you who made the cut
-Don't read the green, read the stories all of GSN is talking about
-we'll hear the gallery on what you said...or ranted angry on.....
-A Double Eagle of halftime videos from UNC Acapella groups
-And my swing on the upfronts compared to past & present GSN shows

The Video Arcade Lounge is your 19th hole for all the GSN news, information and every show they play on some screens all afternoon. What are you waiting fore?! Get it? Fore?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Acapella Hangover
(theme fades out)

(Asleep and gets woken up by a spitball)

Oh, where am I?...oh yeah, welcome to GSN The Know, I'm Pierre Kelly, still recovering from Wrestlemania in which The Rock & Cena turned things out, Taker is 20-0, and the Bells Twins, yes, the Bella Twins were ring announcers for one match, but I had to wake up early to get ready for this blog, but instead partied too much and woke up at like 5:40 to go down to the Video Arcade Lounge to get myself coffee and pop-tarts to help me stay awake for this blog. And I'm glad you're awake too. Let's open our eyes first to the Ratings Report. Time to give Hilty a morning boost......

When it came to the week of St. Patrick's day, there was only one thing on GSN's mind....John O' Hurley. Instead of his marathon, we get DWTS, which I'll get to later, but his show " Family Feud" notched up the top 3 spots with Fifth Grader landing in 4th. In that double decker sandwich was also Sherriwed with 2 more filling the spots. Now we head to the trash bin.....

Match Game kicks it off first, with Jeopardy! 2nd and DWTS all over the place. The highest airing for the latter came in at....

#57, tied with the Feud and Woolery's Lingo. Everything else was unwatchable this week. That's the Ratings Report, time for Hilty to take a nap.

Let's continue the quarter with.....
Operation Sherriwed. It was week 2 and she channeled her inner Tina Turner with a jive routine. Roll the VTR tape player.

In that routine, she scored 23 giving her 46 and putting Martina Navratilova the heave-ho. This week will be "Personal Story Week." What personal fairy tale will Sherri have? Tune in tonight to find out.

(music stops)

Now the 2nd quarter. GSN Digital expands their services to the home of writer Baratunde and punk Rock legends Bad Brains....

Washington D.C. We know the Frud's on GSN....

And sources say another season is in WCW country, Atlanta, Ga. Is in the works.

"Win Ben Stein's money" was shown on GSN in which a contestant named Thomas Van Dyke wrote about something unconstitutional......

Broccoli. Moving on now, Howie Mandel of DOND chats on this site....

But says he's not a fan of game shows growing up. Well, he was on a few if them. And here's one from our proud ranter Casey Abell....

It stays on the game show Howie hosted. And finally....

Mr. Feud on the gospel side. Can I get an amen on that? Well, the first halt comes to an end and as promised, we kick off April Acapella Awareness Month with an all-ladies group hailing from the University of Southern California. They are the USC Sirens and they'll do a number entitled "Always Be My baby." Sing it, girls!!!!

Whew! Me Likey! Thanks, girls. TIme for the 2nd half to start and we know Password Plus and Super Password returns this week, so let's talk about it, starting with....

"Thank you GSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Password is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Of course. How about:

:"I won't be disappointed if Card Sharks is gone. I have optimism it will be back, but it will be up to GSN. Besides, I am not that big a fan of Jim Perry's version (see reason below), but I like Eubanks' version more.

I do enjoy Super Password of all the Passwords, because it's more modern. I personally don't care for Password Plus (and Perry's Card Sharks) because of video quality and mono sound associated with NBC game shows back then."

This was at a time when NBC didn't become stereo-filled until the 1980's came. On to this:

"Apparently it IS coming back. Episode #1 on Password Plus and November 1985 for Super Password. From what I've heard. I can't access them at the moment. I'm stoked. "
Radical. Now look at this....

They're telling Wiki that the Rafferty version of CArd Sharks and Love connection may come soon. But it's not what you think it's true. Have this poster for example:

"That's because that info (Password Plus, Bible Challenge) was backed up by something else. Rafferty's Sharks and Love Connection ain't returning. "

They must've been lying through their teeth, huh? How about this?

"How about Gene's Match Game and the 1990 version back to back? "

Yeah, that be nice. Have you seen the new Family Feud commercial? Here's their reatcion to it:

"It's nice to know that Steve Harvey's Family Feud is coming to GSN, but do we really need to be informed about this every time a show goes to a commercial? The commercial with this woman singing the song that starts "I'm feeling good because I'm watching the Feud" was nice to see the first time, but now it's super annoying. In fact, I can't believe I'm saying this, but it has become so annoying, that it makes the Dancing With The Stars commercials look like gold (and yes, I hate all DWTS commercials, as well as the show)."

And turning that gold GSN had can sometimes becomes yellow crayons. Here's more:
"I just saw a really good GSN commercial today that I've never seen before. It advertises the $100,000 Pyramid on Friday nights and it's the commercial that says at the beginning "How would you like $100,000?!"

This'll be 1/4th of that. Finally, Princess Vinnie gives props to this:

"Imagine my shock this morning when doing my morning routine I looked at my GSN schedule for Friday and saw in the 12:00 slot my beloved Whammy The All New Press Your Luck reruns was shown and it really made my day. I just want to say a big giant thank you to the GSN staff for putting Whammy The All New Press Your Luck back on Friday Mornings and this really makes me so happy,
Once again Thank You so very much for putting Whammy reruns back on Friday Mornings,
Vinnie "

COrrect me if I'm wrong. Whammmy! airs at noon to teh west coast. 3 pm in New York, 2 in Memphis and 1 in Denver. Time for the quarter and we take time out to a Feud host who won't be coming to your front door.

This past week marked teh debut of Harvey's Feud on GSN. It joins Dawson, Combs, Dawson again in 1994, Karn and O'Hurley as the hosts who have aired their own Feud on this network. Except for one man: Louie Anderson. Now we know there was Al Roker's celebrity edition that didn't last long, so it doesn't count. Ricki Lake did the Feud finale on Game Show Marathon, so it doesn't count as well, but Anderson's version had a modern-ish set, a point system for teh game in which the first 3 rounds are single and teh last round Triple, a $10,000 payoff and no returning champions. Louie would lose it a bit, but recover on some questions. PAX aired them, but GSN won't have them because...any unknown reasons you might think of. That shifted to Richard Karn being the new host in season 4, and he would later be a ratings destroyer for the network. The Anderson rules dropped a bit by the time he arrived, but kept the $20,000 top prize when teh 2nd season came in and is today, a ratings surefire hit. But when Anderson comes on GSN, don't ever hold your breath about it.

Well, look at teh clock, time to take a nap for reals this time and run away. But before we go, next week, we'll have not 1, but 2 videos by UNC acapella groups for halftime. Should be fun. And as always....

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