Saturday, August 16, 2014

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On The Next GSN The Know...

-How did the new show Idiotest do?
-Skin Wars adjust its reruns accordingly.....
-And why Idiotest is compared to another GSN online game.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This is my paintbursh, this is my paint gun, this is for painting, and for messy fun

(Movies aren't as somehwat boring as they used to be back then and they still do. Save a lot of cash by going to and pick you flick. Once you do that, it's off to the flickhouse. Don't forget to turn off your phone when the movie's on. )

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Time to put away your remote & soda, down by the wayside, because we're not studying biology anymore....for real. Time to study your GSN-ology and Professor Kelly is here to give you this week's lesson. Let's start with an open book test I call.....

The Starting Line.

Skin Wars & Idiotest come in this month and the time is right for me to give you 2 haikus. One tha premiered last week and the other this week. So, here's goes nothing.

(song stops)

First, Skin Wars.


and Idiotest.....


Thanks for the write-up.

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After this quickie, My recap of Skin Wars done fairy-tale style, and we say adios to 3 legends. Plus, why the latter had so many eyeballs. Hang on to your Etch-A-Sketches, because we'll be right back!

(Quick fade out)
Timeout's over, but we start with 3 legends gone.
(shore sfx)
Robin Williams was the biggest story that shocked the GSN community. He died of an apparent suicide at 63 years of age. He's been in many different roles, including Hook, Toys, Patch Adams, Popeye and a whole lot more. He even appeared on the Beregeron version of Hollywood Squares in the show's first season. May he RIP.
Another legend gone was Lauren Bacall. One half of the most famous couples in all of Hollywood, she appeared in the 60's on "Password" and "What's My Line?" She was 89.
Finally, Ed Nelson. He starred in one of the first nighttime soap operas on television and switched to daytime doing "Captitol." That led him to appearances on "Body Language" and "The $25,000 Pyramid." He was 85.
(silence) I get to recap an episode of Skin Wars in a style of a fairy tale. So let me get my big book of fairy it up and when I give the signal to Ms. Eckert to play some music while I read, we'll get started.
Once upon a time.....somewhere in Los Angeles......
There lived 10 body painters who signed up for a competition that let them learn about their dreams. One day, Rebecca Romijn asked the bodypainters to have a challenge. So, they decided to create from teh waist-up, paintings inpisred by the city of Hollywood, California. After a look at what was painted by the judges themselves, Dutch was the victor and was rewarded with a half-hour advantage to paint some more. The next day, the painters rested up for the next challenge, and it happened to be paintings that inspired their hometowns. Gear boxx chose the glitzy glamour of Las Vegas while Angela painted the city that recovered faithfully, New Orleans, Louisiana. felle painted the city of Motown, while Sean did the Green Mountain State, where the motto is "Freedom & Unity." Alan did Birmingham, a city known for civil rights, but Mythica went with the mile high city and Natalie went with the Lone Star State. Mythica cried out...."Why Am I not happy with why I entered this challenge?"  To which Rebecca replied, "Don't worry dear. There's a lot of competition out there. So hang on." As the challenge got closer, Nicole did the Sunshine State, Shannon did the city of Disney World and Dutch did an entire montage to The Pacific Northwest. The victors went to Shannon, Dutch & Felle, but with Mythica & Sean in danger......Alan was sent home first. Poor Alan.
...and the rest lived happily ever after.....until the next episode.
(song stops)
Kinda interesting recap, isn't it?
We hope you saw Idiotest last night and one person who went to the taping thought it focused too much on humor. What did you mean there was too much humor? Mind of/A Man had that. Let's hope it won't have a 40-eps.-repeat hangover to the ground gone burnt.
Now we check teh complaint Dept. The Chase has complaints the viewers see. Among them are:
"The Chase" round on The Chase consumes about 21 minutes of the 42 minute airtime.

The on-screen text has also been found more difficult to read than questions and answers on Family Feud on GSN and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? elsewhere.

It has also been reported by the public that the closed captioning overlaps the multiple choice questions during The Chase.
If you see any of them, the details will be after the 3rd period. In the meantime, let's end it with......
We're letting the fans paint a picture, one confession at a time.
(song stops)
ANd it's the 2nd intermission presented by Lindsay Ell is a young girl from Calgary who new smash hit song "Shut Me Up" is on Itunes and pretty soon, Google Play. But we decided to have her acoustic skills on it too since it's Acoustic August. For Instance.......this one.
And it's the 3rd period.
I have Whale Mail. Casey Abell gave me a bit of a report to tell you.....
"I agree with you but a lot of people watched the premiere. 697K viewers, which is big for GSN."
697K viewers? I thought it was going to flop hard. Nearly 700K viewers watching a bodypainting show. What difference does it make? If DWTS had stayed on GSN 2 years ago and viewers were raised, that would spell doom for GSN. Glad it got out of here. But why Skin Wars? Bravo had Top Chef. Syfy has Face/off. WHy this GSN show? I'm guessing it was taken to the imagination by viewers who want to see naked bodies getting painted for a shot at $100,000. Did the folks at GSN get some HDTVs from pawn shops and thrift stores and have a viewing party in their offices and see the whole thing? Was it the people who work at a tattoo shop ask them to change the channel and watch it? Or did college students see it as an escape from watching........whatever else on TV? I don't know. This week will be a new one, so my guess will be...................100K viewers. So take that and like it.
It's the end and today's blog is presented by crayola crayons. Draw your imaginations. Not on naked people.
Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with more Lindsay Ell. Play on, playas!