Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coming attractions!!!!

Ray combs. Bill Cullen. Jack Narz. Bert Convy. They're all gone. And this week on GSN The Know, you can add one more to the list. Dick Clark. The man who for 2 decades, climbed the Pyramids of America into your home. We will post a few tribute clips as well as the latest news and ratings. It's a special GSN The Know you don't wanna miss. This Monday.

Monday, April 16, 2012

No Dancing? No Problem!
(theme fades out)

From the Video Arcade Lounge, it's GSN The Know. I'm Pierre Kelly, and this is my desk. These are the staff who worked hard for this blog, and these are the BBQ nachos Alabama Danielle gave to me, and of course, you, who reads a fictitious newscast that tells real stories about GSN. Nice to have you here, let's not rush it and get to the first quarter. Hilty is ready to wake up, so for the week of April 2nd-8th, here it is.

It seems that Family Feud was on everyone's mind this week, almost getting swept in the top 10, with Fifth Grader taking in a couple of spots. Now the trash pile:

Although Super Password and Password Plus came in with firecrackers from a fireworks store, it was in between Catch 21, Baggage, $25,000 Pyramid, some programming I don't know and DWTS. Sticking with dancing, with only 2 weeks to go, the highest came on at:

#104. The rest went downhill from here on out. That of course, is the Ratings Report. Hilty to get shut

And we continue with what would be the end of.....
Operation Sherriwed. Week 4 was rock week and this routine was set to Quiet Riot. Watch.

She scored 21, but then, the unthinkable happened........

She was gone. She joins Jerry Springer, Shandi Finnesey, Wendy Williams, John O' Hurley and Jerry Springer as the only GSN personalities to never win a mirrorball trophy. Who may be next? Bill Engvall? Richard Karn? Jeff Foxworthy? We may never know.

(music stops)

Now on to quarter 2 and yes, DWTS is history, but that's not the only change in the schedule. According to buzzerblog, these changes take effect. Look:

Starting on Monday, April 16th, we will be running the Steve Harvey Family Feuds on M-Sun at 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

Starting on Saturday, April 21st, we will be airing Chain Reaction Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30am.

Starting on Sunday, April 22nd, we will be airing Deal or No Deal (hours) on Sundays at 1:00pm & 2:00pm (note, this means we will now be airing the show on both Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm and 2:00pm).

Starting on Saturday, April 21st, we will air a 4-episode block of The Newlywed Game on Saturdays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. We will air an encore of this block later the same night, Saturdays from 11:00pm to 1:00am.

Starting on Saturday, April 21st, we will air a 10-episode stack of Karn and O’Hurley Family Feuds on Saturdays from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.

Starting on Saturday, April 21st, we will air a 4-episode block of Baggage on Saturdays from 1:00am to 3:00am.

Starting on Saturday, April 21st, we will air Catch 21 on Saturdays at 3:00am and 3:30am.

Starting on Sunday, April 22nd, we will air Family Feud (Karn) on Sundays at 3:00pm & 3:30pm.

Starting on Sunday, April 22nd, we will air Family Feud (O’Hurley) on Sundays at 4:00p, and 4:30pm.

So in other words, it's all Feud, all the time...well, most of it and Chain Reaction comes back with Catch 21 on early Sunday morning a few hours after SNL with late night Baggage kicking things off. Sherriwed will take your weekend over in 4 show blocks and DOND when you get home from church. Remember what I said about the "Dance of a lifetime" contest and my money was on Shandy Underwood? Well, we have a winner and it is.....

According to the website....SHANDY UNDERWOOD. Boy, I was right. Congrats girl. Her dancing body will get.....
A dance with Mario Lopez and have their video featured on GSN. They’ll get two round-trip airline tickets to Hollywood, ground transportation to a fabulous hotel for a three night, four day stay, get lunch at The Ivy, dinner at Mr. Chow, and receive a complete makeover with wardrobe provided by Randall Christensen – the Emmy ® award winning costume designer who worked on Dancing with the Stars for 11 seasons!

Way to go, Shandy. Sherri Shepard will be kicking herself and also, will be proud of you.
(cuts song off)

On to more news.

Even though your beloved Card Sharks 1986 edition is no longer on GSN, Bob Eubanks will do some public speaking April 19th.

Our proud ranter talks about the style of Harvey's Feud compared to a "prostitution," yes "prostitution" episode GSN wants to ban on the Dawson version. And finally, I would like to give a shout out to Whammy!, who turns 10 years old this month. The show was a remake of the old show Press Your Luck with a few newer surprises into the mix for 2 seasons. How do we celebrate that anniversary? With a 21-pack of double whammies!

And with that, it's halftime, your performer for April Acapella awareness month, the Yale Whiffenpoofs. Enjoy.

And now, reactions of DWTS gone as we start the second half. The buzzerblog audience is where I go to first....

"Let’s put it this way: I LOVE “Dancing.” I’m watching the current season right now! With the exception of super unique episodes that I HAD to watch again, even I had no interest in watching the show again. It’s a show that just isn’t too good in reruns. It’s GREAT fresh. It MIGHT be good to air immediately after it airs (like if this current new season aired on GSN in June right after the May finale), but watching an episode from 4 or 5 years ago of a reality show that you know the results to just isn’t appealing."

Right, and knowing those results from 5 seasons ago may lose viewers like it did when it first went on the air. Here's another one:

"Props to GSN for realizing that DWTS has failed miserably in the ratings and that they’d better cut their losses, rather than continuing airing it, and also airing commercials trying to convince everyone that DWTS is a game show."

Of course. How about this one.....

"Acquiring DWTS ate up all the money that could have been used for more new episodes of Lingo and other originals, or to acquire more classics."

Yeah, and if they didn't want to air DWTS, they would've saved money for new episodes of Lingo. Next one...

GOOD RIDDANCE! DWTS is not on GSN anymore! Lets have more CLASSICS such as…

The Barry/Enright Library
The Jay Wolpert Shows
Cash Cab
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?
1 vs. 100
The Reg Grundy Library
1998-2002 Episodes of Wheel of Fortune
Season 1 of Wayne Brady’s Let’s Make A Deal

Correct me if I'm wrong. GSN can't get LMAD because of the way Les Moonves is doing on CBS. The whole Reg Grundy library is too expensive to use classics and Cash Cab is still on Discovery. Fifth Grader and 1 vs. 190 are still there and I would agree with the late 90's Wheel. For the first 2, those would be a hard sell, but the B&E library is the best bet yet. On to the GSN Forum Palace, starting with:

"Yup, lots more Feud, but better than Dancing. These changes are pretty good. Gee, I never expected this show to leave this quick. Wow. Well, I guess expect the unexpected."

DWTS would've been gone had it perform badly. Next....

"DWTS disappearing is all well and good, but I'm not sure about the two straight hours of Feud on weekday afternoons. I think they should have put the Harvey hour at 7 PM daily instead - that slot needs more help than 5 PM, plus we already have enough extended blocks of shows from 7 PM to midnight and don't need another one in the afternoon."

Yes, Harvey should've been put on once a night at 6 or 6:30. Next up....

"Even though they don't plan on airing DWTS anymore soon, they still hold the rights to the show?

Time for them to make that trade with ABC Family. AFV for DWTS."

I say no to AFV on GSN, because that'll turn away more viewers. And yes, they still have rights to the show. That will end the 3rd and we head into the 4th with this.....

When you think of game shows you want to have the classics, but some of them won't be on the network soon. For instance, NYSI 1989. Futuristic. Promising. And it goes to the hands of LA News legend Chuck Henry per request who won't show it to the network. Same goes with Anderson Feud. Was it because he was boring? Or a scandal in Vegas? Actually, PAX has them and GSN don't. Whew! Jay Wolpert's creation. Guess who owns it? Burt Sugarman. What about every version of Concentration? All the versions of the puzzler. Your basic Downs, Clayton, Narz and Trebek. NBC Universal is gathering them and won't show it for the GSN audience. All of this because of their own ownership not including TPIR already shown at the network, but won't allow it because of what CBS and Les Moonves is protecting from, but when all come into the network for the first time, who knows?

And with that, the blog is now history. We'll return next week with news, ratings and Sonos wrapping up April Acapella awareness month. In the meantime.....

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