Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Skin Tight

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.
Me: Well how do you do? Pierre here, getting ready to talk GSN. No monkey business, it's time to get serious. Hilty is here for the first period. Let's see how well he plays zookeeper.
Family Feud took in 1-4, but "The Chase" locked in at 5th. After Feud taking in 6-8, Fifth Grader had 9th with Feud in 10th. Now the extinct section.
Match Game kicked it off with $100K Pyramid and P+. After a trio of Baggage shows, Ohno's Minute was sandwiched between P+ and Baggage. Are they so tired of the show? Well anyways, that's the first. Hilty must now clean up the mess.

Time to feed the animals, but when we return, A new show is causing controversy into the minds of GSN fans. We'll tell you what it is and later, an annoying commerical no longer seen on TV and how it applied to the schedule. I'll rant about it after we take a pause.
So glad to be back for the 2nd period presented by A new show has ordered for 8 shows and it's about to make a promise. The proof:

Why is society falling apart? Scriptor will tell us, Scriptor?


Advertisers, photographers, event promoters and magazine editors have all discovered the power of the sexy art of body painting. It takes patience, talent and artistic flair to deal with the unique challenges of painting a three-dimensional body. SKIN WARS puts these incredible artists to the test in a series of unbelievable and visual challenges. One week the camouflage challenge may have them blending their models into an existing environment, the next they may be turning people into animals. Each week, incredible artistic ability is on display and in the end America’s best body painter will be crowned.
Um........what? Maybe we should check.....

The Facebook Files.
We checked the GSN official page and when the network asked if we were ready or not, we reacted to it. Robert Siedelman of Game Show Garbage chimed in with:

"It will bomb like the rest of the reality stuff. Besides, reality doesn't sell anymore and those that do sell are already taken by better shows on bigger networks."

I agree, but Michael Yearsley put it in short.

"Uh... no."

Jeffrey Alan Streger came up with the answer:

"No, I am not. This is yet another dumb attempt to combine "reality TV" with game shows. It sounds like a ridiculous train wreck that will not be warmly embraced. I'm not sure what this idea means for GSN as a whole but I will not be watching."

Maybe Crystal Parker has this....

"Let's see- GSN is supposed to be for game shows correct? Therefore, how exactly is this a game show? (and reality shows do not = game shows)"

Well to sum it all up...

(song stops)

On a more positive note, "The Chase" gets mentioned in the NY times as the 5 best & worst TV shows to watch. It joins "The Bridge" on FX, Siberia on NBC and a couple of shows on BBC America.

And finally, if you're a game innovator, GSN digital will award a $2500 scholarship to those to got game.

Time for the 2nd intermission presented by Here's a little Ronnie Milsap for you guys.....

And time now for the 3rd period.

Yes that ad was banging their heads against the wall and reaching for the mute buttons and whatnot, but it's not playing anymore. Look at this if you will...

4:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces Karn Feud)
4:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces Karn Feud)
5:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces O'Hurley Feud)
5:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replaces O'Hurley Feud)
More Harvey Feud to the schedule. What makes that ad prior to it get more eyeballs? Well, because of the rise in the ratings for the syndicated version of Feud and since the acquisition of his version to the network. It makes you wonder, why did they cut down on O' Hurley and Karn? Because of the way Harvey makes ratings and why the ratings have dominated the network. Take a look at the reports. Almost all of the weeks in 2012 and 2013 has Feud in first place. Why? Because they added in a new season from Atlanta to go with the first in Orlando. Where is Dawson? We know it would go away for a while, but it hasn't been ever since. Combs? It's been since 2009 when the last episode of his run aired and it's collecting dust on the shelf. What makes the network think he's a star? Well, because of the excess in reurns. The next time you watch Nickelodeon, Spongebob Squarepants is playing all the time......well, not all of it, somehow. GSN does it to air over 100 times, mostly Steve. Why do they do it? To keep classics into the vault even though they're still inside. Look, the problem is they want Harvey to make GSN a network all its own. So if you want to see Harvey dominate ratings, I suggest you watch it.

Time to leave the building and walk out. Our blog is brought to you by body paint. You'll still feel naked even if it isn't.

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