Thursday, May 2, 2013

COming Attractions!!!!!

Calvin Harris needed love, but we need more classic game shows like GSN does. On the next blog.....

-We'll need a math teacher for ratings....
-We'll need a typewriter for news stories....
-We'll need friends for what credit crunches are for....
-And we'll need Kennedy for the start of the 2003 Class reunion.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

But it was all a publicity stunt!
(theme fades out)

Hello all you gamesters out there, Pierre kelly looking forward to put GSN in your brain for the next 4 quarters or so. As we approach May, let's hope there's no more winter storms to be had. Hilty is here for the first and we turn on the ratings machine right about.....NOW!\
TABC took it back to #1 and Feud filled out the rest of the list from 2-13. Now we hit teh landfill.

Sale went in first, folloed by Family Trade, then Whammy! came in, with a double dose of PYL, P+ and FT soon came after, and MG was the sandwich for it. Sale and FT rounded out the list. We end the first. Hilty is off to Oblivion.....but just for a week or two.

Now teh difference between a Thunderstorm and a drizzle of snow. It's our Yay & yawn for April.

The Yay: TABC. It may have slipped to #2, but regained it's composure back on top making sure a top 10 hit can make you an audience.

The Yawn: Family Trade. The ratings I told you about have brought this show to a screeching halt making it's disappeaance recently. What else can you say about a show on Saturday mornings twice while you were actually watching cartoons? What else? First quarter is done.

Second quarter is about to begin and sponsors it. Bible may have been on top, but let's find out....What else was on?

(changes channels)

There was the NFL Draft.....

(changes channel)

The NBA Playoffs....

(changes channel)

The Big Bang Theory.....

(changes channel)

And community.

(changes back to me)

meanwhile, Brooke Burns mentioned a new GSN show from the 2013 upfronts in a Tulsa newspaper, but.....

Apolo Anton Ohno stopped by GMA to plug away his new GSN program.

BTW, Sherriwed WILL and by that word alone WILL not return for another season. It ties the record for most seasons a single GSN show has aired. Lingo was the other show. 6 seasons is a lot to live for with a show based on a classic.

Meanwhile, Jezebel gets a quick update on that new "It Takes A Church" show. It may go in the way of TABC. Otherwise, it'll be like "War Of The Rose Sisters." Explain in 20 words why the latter one didn't sell.

While you write them down, we have a new segemnt called.....

It came.....from teh trash bin. We look at shows that never saw the light of day......until now. Today's piece of garbage.....


Here's how it went:

Potential host: Meredith Viera

Taping location: New York City

Premiere Date: Summer 2013

Top prize: $250,000

Gameplay: There are ten questions. Two from each grade level (1st-5th Grade). The first grade questions are worth $500 each. The second grade questions are worth $1,000 each. The third grade questions are worth $1,500 each. The fourth grade questions are worth $2,000 each. The fifth grade questions are worth $2,500 each. This totals $15,000 for the main game questions.

The Helps: "Copy" and "Save", both carried over from FOX. "Switch", new one, which would allow the contestant to switch the question, but would get a new one from the same grade level/subject.

ALSO: For the questions, contestants are only allowed to see the grade level, then the category (Math, Animal Science, etc.) would be seen before the question is given.

Final: After getting ten correct answers and the $15,000, the contestant has three choices. Choose the "Hard" question, where if the contestant is correct, he/she wins $50,000. If wrong, contestant goes down to $10,000.  The "Challenge" question, where if the contestant is correct, he/she wins $100,000. If wrong, contestant goes down to $5,000. The "Expert" question, where if the contestant is correct, he/she wins $250,000. If wrong, contestant walks away with $0.

Looking at it, It would've been a lot like Millionaire, but syndie Fifth Grader proved why it was a decent hit for 2 seasons. I guess they passed on what they brought to the table. Nonetheless, we switch to halftime. Earlier in the year, I saw Pitch Perfect. When you think of the movie, you think of Rebel Wilson and this mash-up. Take it, girls!

With that video, it closes out April Acapella Awareness Month. Next month, we'll have the class of 2003, we'll reminisce on shows that went back 10 years ago and play songs from that year. Meanwhile, stare at this.....

Sure, you can take surveys and play games with it, but did you know you can actually earn more offline? It's true. If you get enough bucks, you could get something nicer and go for maybe more. It's

I wanted to do something different for the 3rd quarter. When Bible slipped to #2, it was despite the fact the stunt format caused all this. Even the City Takers blanking in the final round didn't blank anybody. It came back to where it was. So here are 5 reasons why you should watch Bible in......the checklist. And here to bring in the list is our tap-dancer server Colbie.

(song stops)

Alright, that's enough. Now 5 reasons why you should watch Bible.

1: Does well on Thursdays, but doesn't any other day. 

The reason why it's a top 10 hit is because most people who watch Feud come in at 8pm. In the first season, it was an hour early. 

2: Jeff Foxworthy.

Jeff's commitment to christianity in video form prior to the first season helped Bible stay on top. His humor and demeanor made him score ratings along with Steve Harvey.

3: It's 95% Bible and 5% pop culture.

Why would you do a show on dictionaries, theasaurus books and children's fairytales? GSN don't have that on the sheet. Many people have read the Bible for years. In the game show world, there used to be shows based on the crossword puzzle, but shows that center on the Bible prior to TABC were on religious network until GSN found a home for itself and still does to this day.

4: It's a competition if you're in music or something else.

In both seasons alone, it had wrestlers, nuns, musicians and rodeo cowboys. Heck, any positive story can make you a team.

And 5: Watching can actually sell you stuff.

Recently, there is a Bible with the show logo, and prior to this, stickers.....yes, stickers, gave the nation a glimpse of what's to come. Heck, 2 downloadable songs came in the first season. This indeed proves that Bible can sell a crowd. So that's the checklist. Colbie, tap out.

(Colbie trips into the strorage closet)

Sorry. On to the 4th.

Stunt shows got its start on TV when "Beat The Clock" first hit the screens in the fifties. Many of them up to today have taken it outside or inside. But when DED first came to the network, nobody wanted to suffer rerun abuse.........until now. MTWI came in next and was a top 10 hit to make before it became weekdays. Now both make teh schedule every week. But what's wrong with the 2? Well, it's a case of "Seen that before" syndrome, and audience bore themselves by seeing the same stunt you saw on TV. Whatever the case is, it moves away to bottom of the barrel ratings, but not quite where the bottom is. With the new MTWI coming in, it'll revitalize the whole stunt format and bring it back to true form. As for's just another story.

And with that, the clock hits zero. Time to clock out and leave the hexagon. Thanks for making us feel at home.

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