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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Link To the Past

(Vidcon is this week and wearing makes you feel like a viral star. Go there now!)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: No need to knock knock like "Knock Knock Live," because I'm there for you. Come on in, sit on the Game Seat and be prepared for the blog. It'll make you scream, twist & Shout and tell your mama & daddy, siblings, step-parents and step-siblings, cousins, friends & neighbors what it's all about. And to figure that out, we start with....

The Starting Line.

Chain Reaction's new version started last week. But why were the 2 versions compared to the past versions? Well, to start, let's begin with the first revived incarnation.

By 2006, Chain Reaction played like the 1980 Cullen version. Although the latter was paired with 2 stars and 1 civilian, the first GSN version had only 3 civilians playing against another 3 of teh opposite sex.

When the 2015 Catherwood version arrived, it only had 2 people, just like it did in the Emmons/Edwards version, save for the $40K version which only had 1.

So if you're thinking deja vu to what GSN did to a Bob Stewart classic, then you might be right with it.

After a wee little timeout, what we thought of the new CR. Don't leave the Game Seat just yet.

(Quick fade out)

Back to do some business and when people started watching Chain Reaction, one reviewer put it in a haiku......and that's ME! So here you go.


(song stops)

Now let's see if the link keeps going in....

The review.....revue. Buzzerblog says this....

Luckily the new crew of Chain Reaction, many of whom are actual genre fans, understand the issues of the past and went out of their way to fix it. Gone is the dark Millionaire-lite set. In is a new, bright, vibrant set. The show looks and feels as it should: a quick light word game. Contestants actually look like their having fun and the show actually looks fun which makes me, as a viewer, have fun.

Casey Abell of Game Show Follies says:

 The new version has kept everything that made the old show a success, and tinkered away all of the previous version's defects. It's a winner-takes-all.

Even Scott Rahner of Game Show Network News has this:

 A little cheap but the show should have a good run and perform well in reruns for years to come.

(song stops)

Now it's Skin Wars Story Time, boys & girls. Gather around, but please don't look at the bodypainters while you're at it.

And it's appropriate for this week's story, anyways....

It was a dark & stormy....well, beautiful day in Los Angeles as these remaining 8 tried to make RuPaul bodypainting. In the end, Rio got the joke from RuPaul, but the real challenge had to be in the form of a scary painting. The Core Lords and Nightmares on Hill Street faced off when the Core Lords won the challenge and Kyle mastered it doing See No Evil while Sammie gets sent through a trapdoor. And teh nightmare, er, story continues.

(cue evil laugh; thunder & lightning)

Oh, where were we, yes....

(song stops)

Sticking with Skin Wars, a 2-minute preview of Steampunk'd will delay the rest of the programming. Here's how it'll go.

9:00pm ET: Skin Wars (new)
10:02pm: Idiotest (new)
10:32pm: Idiotest (new)
11:02pm: Family Feud
12:02am: Skin Wars
1:02am: Idiotest
1:32am: Idiotest
2:02am: Baggage
2:31am: Baggage

However, it'll be at Turner Time alias 5 after to most cable & satellite networks. Plan Accordingly or else!

And one more thing....

And it's all according to Buzzr TV's facebook page. So why the decision? For more on that, we turn to my genius down 7 floors from us......Dr. Buzzr.
VO: Dr. Buzzr is a graduate of Maple Heights Community College with a degree in game show classics. He is a lecturer in and around the Grimsborough area and contributed to many in the field of self-help for and He's been interviewed on many podcasts and has yet to appear in TV talk shows and daytime network morning shows. Dr. Buzzr is not an actual doctor, nor a Ph.D., in fact, he doesn't play one on TV. He's simply a game show fanatic who is a member of the Stephanie Thorpe foundation for New Media Excellence, the national Game & Reality foundation and the Stan Lee writers club. And now, coming from his office on the 6th floor of the Wilton-North building....Dr. Buzzr.
(song fades out)
Dr. Buzzr: Thank you Pierre Kelly. Cablevision recently announced that Buzzr will be here before you know it. Comcast will soon have it as does Wide Open West. Yet to appear will be Cox & Time Warner. But Buzzr is a subchannel to OTA stations and yet it'll add more the rest of the year.
(phone buzzes)
Oop, time to pick my sons up from baseball my pimped out Uber. This has been Dr. Buzzr and I'm.....Dr. Buzzr.
VO: For a written transcript, please send $6.95 to:
(song stops)
Me: Thank you Dr. Buzzr for your insight. Now the 2nd intermission presented by Remember Living Colour? They were a colored rock band whose hit "Cult Of Personality" was the theme most recently to former WWE star CM Punk. But they also had another this one.
And now, the 3rd period.
3 months have passed. Lie Detectors is already off the air. Forever. For good at the very least. But your old friend Pierre Jason Kelly would like to know what should've happened had it been a certified hit. Well, All 3 players who answered a qualifying question in teh fastest time got to play with 3 comiedians. Same rules apply, but start out with $1000 and bet up to $250 on each comic who told the truth. Last question would have 1 person bet up to $750 or all if teh person is less than that. Winner gets an extra $5000 in addition to the money earned in the game. Runners-up keep the money and have at least 1 give out a gag prize like LD did. See, IMO, it would've worked it all.
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