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Friday, July 14, 2017

Livewire! 7/14

Madison Brunoehler: From Game Show Live!, this is.....................

Livewire! Yesterday's headlines today. Brought to you by....

Sammy Sosa in the new movie "The Pink Panther Returns." Rated PG-13 in theaters way sooner. 

And now from our Game Show Live! Newsroom, here comes Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi2theMax, welcome to Livewire!  Oh and sticking with madi....Flasher......

Our Match Game Mistress of Impressionism is going to be on Polaris Primetime this weekend. Look for her if you will. But you know what......we decided at the last minute to do another edition of....

(switches song)

So Impressed! with Madi2TheMax. Focusing on Teen Titans impressions is....who else? 
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Thanks Madi. And now we focus on the news.............with sass.

Voice alum Cassadee Pope calls off the engagement with Rian Dawson.

The 27-year-old singer and 29-year-old All Time Low drummer recently split after getting engaged in February, People confirmed Wednesday.
"They have amicably ended their relationship, but remain friends, supportive of each other's careers, and maintain the utmost respect for each other," a rep told NashvilleGab.
The third-season "The Voice" winner and Dawson announced their engagement Feb. 10 after seven years of dating.
The singer later told People Dawson surprised her by proposing in their living room with their dog Cuppy present.


Abby Lee Miller may be a dance mom....but she's off to the clink. She got busted for a Bankruptcy fraud crime and prior to that, she tweeted this.......

Here's another crime story.....

Haley Reinhart of PMJ and AI fame was at a bar last Saturday knocking an employee outta here in the head. Yeouch! The 26 -year old had a weekend in the joint and is to appear in court on August 2nd.

But oh, it Gets worse.....

oby Willis, father of the "Willis Clan" and former TLC reality star, pleaded guilty this morning to four counts of child rape. 
Cheatham County Circuit Court Clerk Julie Hibbs confirmed that Willis received two 25-year sentences on two counts and two 40-year sentences on the other two. Those sentences will be concurrent, and served at 100 percent, giving Willis a total of 40 years in prison. 
Willis was arrested and charged last September with the rape of a young girl following a TBI investigation involving the rape of a 9- to 12-year old girl about 12 years ago. He was arrested in Greenville, Kentucky, after hitchhiking there to evade arrest, according to a TBI news release. 
Willis has been in the Cheatham County Jail since September.

Enough of the crime stuff, let's get to a 30-second song break with Lilbumblebear which begins whenever I get to say......

Back to the news.

Beg, Borrow and.....Make a comeback!

LL Cool J wants to help his former co-star, Maia Campbell, after a video of her begging for drug money at a gas station in Atlanta surfaced on the internet.

"If anyone has a contact on Maia pls let me know," he wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of the former actress.
On Twitter, Cool J also criticized the person who took the video.
"Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who's obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word?" he said.
But hours later, he tweeted: "You can't help someone who doesn't want your help."
In the video, Campbell is wearing just a bra and panties as she pumps a man's gas for a few dollars. At one point, he encourages her to jump up and down.
Campbell, 40, starred in the TV series, "In the House" with LL Cool J between 1995 and 1998


I once helped Sir Mix A Lot by giving him a $10 once.....but let's move on.....

What does this remind you of?

Julianne Hough recently got hitched to Brooks Laich who is a hockey player, but does that remind you of something back then?

Yes. Carrie Underwood is also married to a hockey player who the latter of which led the Nashville Predators to a Stanley Cup final appearance. See? Jessica Simpson's relationship to Tony Romo isn't good.

Back to the drawing board!

Lauren Bushnell is back on the dating scene again.....

Lauren is pursuing a relationship with a man named Devin Antin two months after announcing her breakup from Ben, E! News reported. 

An insider says Lauren and Devin were strictly friends before she filmed Season 20 of The Bachelor and their relationship has recently taken a romantic turn. 

"They are dating exclusively," the insider told E! News of the new couple. "It happened fast." 

When Lauren moved from her home with Ben in Denver, CO, back to Los Angeles, CA -- where her family and friends reside -- the aspiring model and former flight attendant reportedly began hanging out with Devin as friends until their dynamic grew into something more. 

"They have been dating for a while now," a source told Us Weekly of Lauren and Devin, adding that the blonde beauty has already met members of her new beau's family. "She was at a Golden State game with his sisters." 

Lauren and Ben called off their year-long engagement in May and have seemingly been on friendly terms ever since. Shortly after the split, Lauren talked to Us about the idea of finding love again. 

"I'm not looking to force anything... I'm going to take it day by day. If something happens, great. If not, then that is how it's supposed to be. I'm just trying to focus on myself and my blog, focus on my projects and friendships and family. If something comes from that, great. I'll be so happy," Lauren explained. 

'Memba This?

Way back in 2006, Pat Kiernan was the moderator for the World Series of Pop Culture, it was like a 3-on-3 hoops affair, but this time with pop smarts. Today, Pat occasionally does trivia nights in Brooklyn. But he also did Studio 7 and read the questions for Grand Slam on GSN. 

And now a Game Show Live! PSA.

If you want to make a reboot....please remember to watch a lot of Youtube for a set that you think the people who remember it should made it a bit less modernized....and see if you could make the grade for primetime, because daytime can't cut and it's because there's today, a lot of local news stuff, talk shows, recent sitcoms....and that's it. So good luck rebooting an old show you liked.

This has been a Game Show Live! PSA.

(song stops)

And the countdown to "Slow The Devil" continues. This time, our Game Show Live! gypsy queen gave us a trailer for the upcoming video.

But there's more, the video will week! YES! That of course, would be July 18th. This'll be exciting and Game Show Live! will give you the world premiere Next Wednesday. But in the meantime......we get another cover.

That's all for now, but remember one thing: If you're Sammy Sosa and you're wearing pink, chances are you'll be the new spokesperson for Pepto-Bismol. 

So until next time and all the on playas. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crsuhing it to death!

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello and nobody files a restraining order to other game show news blogs better than  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

Today's program is presented this month by iHeartRadio. They have a podcast section for you to enjoy if today's music isn't your thing. They got subjects from romance to finace. Find it on your Iheartradio app somewhere. Now let's not restrain ourselves to.....

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

Drew Carey's new girlfriend is a sex therapist who moonlighted as a model on "The Price Is Right" ... the live touring show, though -- not Drew's TV show.
Sources tell us Carey met Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick just over a month ago at a house party. They started dating soon after and are now official -- they went to a soccer game in Portland, and goofed around on the field. Drew's a huge soccer fan and the good doc seemed impressed with his seats.

On June 27th, an instagram video went like this.....


The 36-year-old therapist is also the author of the book, "The New Sex Bible for Women."
Carey was previously engaged to Nicole Jaracz, but they split up in 2012 before making it to the altar.  Let's hope it'll work this time around....Oh, yeah, he's a year away from 60. Let's hope it'll work.

This Friday on Livewire!,  One AI alum is arrested for battery. Set your batteries in this Friday on Livewire! Catch it here!

Don't do what the parole officer told us to do. After this, Candy Crush went interactive, but how?   That's on the way, but first....
Get up and dance to this, yo!
(fade to break)

Welcome back to Game Show Live!  A litter later on, we examine who mental health affects trolls on the internet.

(song fades out)

Candy Crush on CBS is where we go to first. The Game was told to give you interactive challenges on the app and of course, on Facebook for a chance at free boosters. Isn't that something? But.....

It seems that a review according to seems to be misunderstood to the game itself. Hmmm....was it like Double Dare or Fun House? I'll never know. Despite that negativity on Facebook and social media elsewhere, it got a 2nd place finish for the timeslot. The CW should've had it at first.....but nope.

And now for this cheerful story.....

Gather THE FAMILY together on Monday, July 10 and celebrate Christmas in July with Let's Make a Deal! Families play together for their chance at some early Christmas presents from Wayne, Tiffany, and Jonathan.
Even though the weather may be hot outside, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the Let's Make A Deal set.

You'll forget the beach and get in the holiday spirit as families compete to win fabulous cars, trips and other prizes, while competing in games such as a fruitcake pass.
Don't miss the show's first "musical makeover" where Wayne will have an impromptu makeup refresh by a young contestant.

Here's something talented.

“America’s Got Talent” has a new claim to fame: the NBC summer series just broke the record for delayed viewing growth among broadcast reality shows.
“AGT’s” most recent edition, originally airing Tuesday, June 27, grew from 12.363 million “live” viewers to 15.929 million after a week of catch-up watching was counted. That’s a big difference of 3.566 million total viewers, a new high-water mark for such an increase.
Guess what series held the record previously? Yup, also “AGT.”

Now let's let our geek talents shine in.....

The Get-up. Everything geeky....with a Game Show Live! touch. Now from the old Wilton-North building in Grimsborough, here is our chief geek correspondent, Chris Killian.

   Thank you Chris, now on with more news.

TrivWorks™, a corporate event entertainment & team building company specializing in trivia events, has teamed up with veteran corporate entertainer and trivia master Gene Jones to offer an unrivaled new trivia entertainment format.
Dubbed “America’s Trivia Guy” by the media, Gene Jones is the nation’s go-to trivia expert for live event entertainment. Armed with a unique encyclopedic knowledge of every conceivable category, Gene has been wowing audiences large and small for over 30 years with his unique GIMME A HINT! Trivia Game Show, spontaneously asking attendees questions about any topic of their choosing. Through this special collaboration with TrivWorks™, Gene will now bring his decades of emcee and trivia hosting skills to corporate audiences nationwide seeking customized trivia entertainment, with a unique twist unlike anything else.

Available for both “roving” interactive entertainment or to emcee formal team trivia contests, Gene arrives prepared with a combination of carefully customized trivia questions tailored to the specific audience in attendance, as well as a staggering amount of memorized trivia at his fingertips. Engaging individuals, small groups or the entire room with his fast-paced style and charming sense of humor, the mix of Gene’s spontaneous trivia with TrivWorks™’ customized material and event production guarantees a supremely dynamic competitive experience guaranteed to delight everyone in attendance.

“The best way to engage a group of any size is to make the content fun and relevant to the specific audience,” says TrivWorks™ founder & CEO David Jacobson, an expert in corporate trivia production with over 15 years’ experience in event entertainment. “What Gene Jones delivers that is so unique is not only extreme professionalism and decades of experience hosting trivia, but the ability to spontaneously engage audience members with material that’s perfectly suited for them.”

Established in 2009 in New York City, TrivWorks™ is the industry leader in producing trivia events for professional audiences nationwide. Renown for utilizing professional corporate event emcees, fully-customized questions, and unparalleled expertise engaging corporate audiences with live trivia, TrivWorks™ offers diverse trivia-based experiences and formats suitable for a range of event formats and needs. Servicing small businesses to Fortune 500 clients nationwide, TrivWorks™ has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Successful Meetings, BizBash and other media outlets. In 2016, TrivWorks™ expanded by opening Long Beach, CA office, to better service clients from coast to coast.

Gene Jones is a veteran corporate event entertainer, game show creator and host. A former Associate Editor of the Guinness Book of World Records, he has spent decades perfecting a unique blend of comedic improvisational skills with immense trivia knowledge, truly making him “America’s Trivia Guy.” Highly engaging and with an affable personality, Gene has made regular TV appearances over the past 30 years, including The Martha Stewart Show, 20/20 and Nightline. As part of his long and illustrious career in trivia and event entertainment, Gene is looking forward to taking on this new corporate entertainment collaboration.
“I am thrilled to be a part of the TrivWorks™ team, which shares my vision that in addition to being a great source of entertainment, trivia is important because it stimulates the mind. Blending my style of presenting trivia with the TrivWorks™ formula makes both styles more exciting and powerful. ”

Sign here, please....

VH1 today announced that the new music competition show "SIGNED" will premiere on Wednesday, July 26th at 9PM ET/PT. The eight, hour-long episodes follow three moguls - rapper, entrepreneur and hip-hop artist Rick Ross, recording artist and Grammy award-winning songwriter The-Dream and Roc Nation's SVP of A&R / Artist Management Lenny S - as they work to develop unsigned hip-hop and R&B artists in Atlanta.
"SIGNED" features aspiring musicians who will undergo auditions and workshops to hone their craft and determine if they really have what it takes to get signed to a deal. Through personal sessions with the music moguls and surprise visits from superstars like DJ Khaled, Meek Mill and Bangladesh, these young artists will face challenges and eliminations as they work their way toward a finale performance showcase. The artists who most impress the moguls have an opportunity to be signed to Maybach Music, Radio Killa Records or Roc Nation.

"Three of the biggest bosses in music coupled with the raw talent of the contestants makes for a fresh new take on a competition series" says Nina L. Diaz, EVP, Head of Unscripted, MTV, VH1 and Logo. "We're thrilled to partner with MGM, Mark Burnett, Rick Ross, The-Dream and Lenny S and can't wait for fans to experience this authentic and compelling journey."

"What an incredible opportunity it has been to bring together these cutting edge, one of a kind music moguls who are at the top their games. Watching them discover and mentor the next greatest talents in hip hop and R&B is a new type of gritty music competition," said executive producer Mark Burnett, President, MGM Television Group and Digital. "Summertime on VH1 is perfect for this show."

"For 'SIGNED' we didn't build a shiny floor set in Hollywood, instead we took our cameras to the real, raw streets and recording studios of Atlanta. It is gritty, intense and life changing for the aspiring artists who ultimately get signed. They are given the once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate with the biggest moguls in music today," said Barry Poznick, President, Unscripted Television, MGM.

For more information be sure to 'LIKE' "Signed" on Facebook and follow @VH1 on Twitter and Instagram. Use #Signed to join the conversation.
"SIGNED" is executive produced by Mark Burnett, Jason Sands and Barry Poznick for MGM Television. Tiffany Lea Williams and Dan Caster are executive producing for VH1. The series is produced by MGM Television and distributed by MGM.

Reggie Yates ain't nothing but a hound dog.

Release the Hounds Returns to ITV2 with a brand new host
The award-winning unique, horror game show from Primal Media returns for a brand new series, with Matt Edmondson taking over the reins as host.

Release the Hounds: Famous & Freaked, which will air on ITV2 later this year, is filmed in a remote forest from dusk through to the dead of night. Each episode sees a team of three celebrities experience some of the scariest challenges ever on TV. As the darkness falls, they must face horror themed mental and physical challenges aimed to truly push them to their limits and culminates in the participants being chased by dogs in the hope of winning a large cash prize. If they manage to escape the hounds, the money belongs to them.

Matt Edmondson (Radio 1, The Xtra Factor) will join the celebrated show, now in its fourth series, taking over from Reggie Yates. Matt will be the master of ceremonies from the ‘control centre’, and guide contestants along in the terrifying challenges that aim to push them to the very edge.

Matt Edmondson said: “Having spent much of last year in the presence of Simon Cowell, I’m used to finding myself in terrifying situations, so I feel fully prepared to be taking on the challenge of hosting Release The Hounds. I love the show, and have enjoyed watching it both on and behind my sofa in the last few years. I can’t wait to scare the living quinoa out of a load of celebrities, and I’m currently in the process of trying to convince the producers to cast my West Highland Terrier, Oscar, as one of the ‘Hounds’.”

Asif Zubairy, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Comedy and Entertainment said: "I'm delighted to say that the scariest gameshow on television is back where none of the contestants in the forest are safe. Hooray."
Release the Hounds: Famous and Freaked, commissioned for a 5 x 60 minute series and a 1 x 120 minute Halloween Special, has been commissioned by Asif Zubairy, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Comedy and Entertainment. The Executive Producers are Mat Steiner and Adam Wood; the series producer is Ben Wilson.

Box is locked. lights are on....It's robot Fighting Time again!

Let the robot shrapnel fly. Science Channel has licensed the off-network cable rights to air 16 episodes of ABC's epic robot-fighting series BATTLEBOTS. BATTLEBOTS features the biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots as they duke it out to become champions of an intense, fast-paced single elimination tournament. BATTLEBOTS premieres Wednesday, July 12 at 10pm ET/PT on Science Channel.
Each robot rumble match consists of two robots competing in a single three-minute bout in which the goal is to destroy or disable their opponent. If there is no knockout during the three-minute battle, the panel of judges will declare a victor to move on in the tournament.

Each episode of BATTLEBOTS highlights the design and build of each robot, bot builder backstories, and their pursuit of the BattleBot championship. With only one weight class, homemade robots of many varieties with a huge variety of DEADLY WEAPONS go head-to-head, all captured by state-of-the-art onboard technology and cameras to enhance viewing and provide combat analytics.
BattleBots is hosted by ESPN'S Samantha Ponder. She is joined for the play-by-play by Chris Rose of MLB Network and NFL Network, color-commentary is provided by ex-MMA fighter Kenny Florian, Alison Haislip (G4's Attack of the Show) is the sideline reporter and Faruq Tauheed is ring announcer. Judging the battles are former BATTLEBOTS competitor and special effects artist Fon Davis, the face of "Nerdist" Jessica Chobot and a special guest judge for each round of the competition.

Now we get to the Dramatic Questioners.

Start sipping your tea, because it's.....

Buzz-GSN where we ask you guys on the GSN facebook page everything and anything.

Benjamin Irwin gets things going with....

"Please show more classic game shows. If you want all of these game shows that are pathetic and some of the dumbest game shows, please put them on another channel. Please show more Match Games from 1973-1976. The episodes from 1977 have been shown too much. Please bring back To Tell the Truth, classic Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right, Tattle Tales, Classic Password, Classic Family Feud with Richard Dawson, keep Family Feud with Steve Harvey, What's My Line, Let's Make a Deal, the classic Newleywed Game, and the Dating Game."

I agree. James Hedrick says....

"We need the old show Shop 'Til You Drop back on GSN after the kids going back to school on the afternoon lineup schedule!"

I wished it did. Megan Genevieve says....

"Hey you guys ought to create a game show that isn't filmed in front of a live audience for those of us with social disorders and stage fright. PANDER TO MY SPECIFIC NEEDS, GSN"

Most studio shows have done it before. Why not? Maggie Roso has this....

"I'm sorry to say this but I am not a big fan of your original programming. To me I think they are stupid. To me GSN should show classic game shows like Price Is Right, Family Feud, Wheel Of Fortune, Match Game, Tic Tac Dough, Press Your Luck, and etc. Let other stations put on Winsanity, Divided, Emogenius, Idoitest. The classic game shows is why I wanted GSN on my cable system. Now I'm ready to ask to have it removed. Thank you for reading my post. Have a good day."

Guess it'll be Buzzr somewhere. Good luck finding it.  Dancez Whitpiez goes with....

"wish gsn would air different seasons of the pyramid. love dick clark but come on the same episodes over and over. there were so so so many seasons."

I wished GSN would do it. Someone gets the ;last comment and it's this....

"Why is your channel having too much Family Feud knowing you're gonna lose your viewers? Why can't you bring Debt from season 1 and 2 even though it didn't last long? Too much Debt would be so much better than the boring Family Feud so can't you limit Family Feud and bring Debt and other game shows to your line up? Enough with Feud already."

Maybe we should move on to a question we should ask: Can you....Sqramble This?

Hint: They can sometimes be awkward.

Think for a second after a Google Play Music Interlude from.....The Keepers of the GSN Vault.....The Library Bards! Here they are with this:

Let's cross the bridge to the answer:

Hope you had one from the Sears store at a local mall.

We have a new feature on Game Show Live. It's......

List-Icles. According to our Game Show Live! writing staff, there are 7 rejected rules a high school quiz show can't do.

1. Request a song as if you were on the radio.

This isn't the time to ask for Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, this is the time to let the moderator ask questions in a varsity sport.

2. Perform a stunt

I mean seriously, this isn't the time to act as if it was Family Double Dare.

3.  Ask the host to look up answers on your phone or tablet

Come on, cheating on a high school TV quiz is stupid. Very stupid.

4. Ask a pop cuture related question in the lightning round.

Come on guys, the Ultimate Fan League was cancelled a long time ago.

5. Ask the host for money.

For what? Food? An Uber? Clothes?

6. Stop giving stupid answers.

Only Jeopardy! has that Stupid Answers category.

And finally: Don't doze off or take a nap.

The cameras are rolling, because they don't want to embarass you dozing off on the air.

Have fun!

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a bottle of might poison you while livestreaming......kinda. 

Don't forget to email me at, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.