Thursday, May 9, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!!

I don't know why Fanatasia sang "Lose To Win," but GSN The Know never loses.

-We win over hearts in the ratings report
-We win over stories to keep you from losing
-We win the fans admiration of MTWI's memorial day marathon
-And we pick another winner in the class of 2003 reunion.

GSN The Know. We're not just losers anymore.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Unfriendly Neighbors
(theme fades out)

Hey there everyone. Time for GSN The Know, your stress relief from finals tests in about 1 week's time. We got 4 quarters to make you circle the answers to life's boring questions. So let's not waste any time and have Hilty be your proctor to the first quarter.\
Family Feud took away the crown back from Bible, and Fifth Grader kept it from that as well as Jeff's Thursday show went to 3rd place for the first time today. Feud eventually filled out teh rest of the list, but we check teh list failers. You know how they are.

Whammy! kicked it off, but here's something weird, a Harvey Feud was next on the list and PYL came next along with Baggage, Match Game and Harvey Feud. Guess they got tired of watching it for something else, huh? Contuining on, a double dose of Match Game, P+, DED and Baggage rounded out the list. That ends the first quarter, please put down your pencils while I shut Hilty off.

Now the second quarter and there was something wrong with our sponsor.....

Last week, had all been removed temporarily or permanately. The reason: Few viewers think it's a direct competition at my blog since it's only weekly. But mine is a one-man operation and the other is 2. Here, let me give you proof.....

Something may have been wrong. I used to go there to see the stories before I blogged away. Now it's all a disappearing act. What in the name of....any classic from GSN's past did they do this? Well, until they get get it back.....hopefully, we'll let you know. In the meantime, We have a new sponsor for the quarter and it is.......Menchie's. Have SMileage at Menchie's. Customize your fro-yo and pay less than what the others have, then with your card, receive Smileage for bigger rewards, all at Menchie's. Good sponsor, isn't it? Moivng on....

Mike Richards may have had the shortest tenture for being a host of a storied classic franchise, but he decided to join a new hobby....

Podcasting. The TPIR show taker along with Beth Triffon talk anything and everything in pop culture. And if you got an Ipod or iPad or iPhone.....consider this....

While you download, I got a story on the Wagner Warriors and the Tulsa newspaper and their Bible Challnge run. ANd finally.....,0,7834064.story

Mr. Catch 21 gets another baby on the way. That's about.....2 kings I believe. We go to halftime and we start the class of 2003 reunion with what would be the future Shawn Carter and the future Brooklyn Nets owner with.....

ANd we'll stop to get gas to ride shotgun more while I tell you about this site.....

You do games, You take surveys, you watch videos and do more for all the rewards. What else can you do? Fight Adultitis? I don't think so unless you're Kim & Jason Kotecki, but that's a different website, what I'm talking about is Go there now!

Now let's fight more crime and get to quarter 3. We have a poster here to talk about Credit crunces, so CardSharks8689, please explain to the group.

I am wondering why GSN cuts off the end credits and the fee plugs in favor of a promo of a GSN original or acquired show? I personally don't care if GSN cuts off the end credits on its classics, as I believe there is a reason for it.

Three factors that may warrant such splitscreens:
  • Production Company. Most of the classics GSN airs were either produced by Mark Goodson Productions or whatever company produced Dick Clark's Pyramids or anything currently owned by Sony or Fremantle. Mark Goodson Productions no longer exists, and airing such insignia at the end in this day of age would be deemed redundant, since they're crediting a company that is no longer around. 21st Century Feud does show credits, even if they are crunched, and they even show the FremantleMedia logo in the very end.
  • Sponsor Plugs. Some of the sponsor plugs are for products that no longer exist, either the company went bankrupt, or the product went off the market. Or, such plugs could be used as free advertising for products that still exist today.
  • Timing. Sometimes, if the gameplay or contestant interaction does take too long, such events could be cut off. It turns out that GSN has to reserve 30 seconds at the end of a broadcast to promote a show that currently airs on GSN.

Oh.....kay. Mystic, give them a reason why.

It's pretty much a fact of life now and just about any channel you watch. So there's no point in fighting the norm.

Some Classic TV networks still air the complete credit roll in Canada, such as Teletoon Retro, Comedy Gold and GameTV. The other channels only crunch their credits during Primetime, except when the program doesn't have closing credits, then they air the crunch. (Some shows don't bother any longer).

They used to edit out the fee plugs to show the credits crunched on Classics, but now the don't edit the shows, since they know they're going to crunch them anyhow. That would be redundant if they did.
I guess GSN doesn't have to since their credits for new ones that are originals air them. What about another network? This poster says:

TV Land doesn't air the actual credits on their shows. They have a little credit thing in blue at the bottom of the screen that's very tiny. Lots of networks do it, I've seen FX do it, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, now I'm naming Viacom channels, excluding FX. Must be a Viacom thing overall though, but there are Non-Viacom owned networks that do it to, I'm sure.

Viacom staggers their programs on TV Land, (Example: 1:00pm - 2:12) and all their channels it seems. That is definitely a Viacom thing, because that's just unheard of.

Don't beat a dead horse.
See? No we split to the 4th quarter.

Friend or Foe will always be remembered for it's prisoners' dilemma policy which I'll get to later, but picking your parter is like kickball or dodgeball. The latter being a GSN Hit, but maybe in the next class reunion. All you did was answer trivia questions for cash. But taking it home is up to you. All that trusting you get may end up in a lie and vice versa. It could either be splitting the cash, taking the whole thing by yourself or your partner....or just going home broke. All in the immortal name of a trust box. Add in former MTV Vj Kennedy and you've got yourself a show.

Time to get it, got it and Go home. Thanks for singing the ditty I planned for you.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it, email either or, tweet me @Johnny_Arcade, and on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.