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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Unmask me before you ask me

This week...Is the Masked Singer a hit?

New trivia apps you should enjoy.....

And a reverse. And this and......

Will Fousey ever come back to Youtube?


Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Madi2TheMax and this of course is  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.  

Part Masquerade Party, Part American Idol, The Masked Singer is quickly becoming a hit.

OX (6.675 million viewers, #1; adults 18-49: 2.1, #1) got a big boost on Wednesday thanks to the return of "Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back" (4.139 million viewers, #7; adults 18-49: 1.2, #2) and the launch of "The Masked Singer" (9.212 million viewers, #1; adults 18-49: 2.9, #1).
CBS (5.890 million viewers, #2; adults 18-49: 0.8, #2) then claimed the silver with repeats of "The Big Bang Theory" (6.905 million viewers, #2; adults 18-49: 1.0, #3) and "Young Sheldon" (6.247 million viewers, #3; adults 18-49: 0.9, #T4) followed by new episodes of "SEAL Team" (6.215 million viewers, #4; adults 18-49: 0.9, #T4) and "Criminal Minds" (4.880 million viewers, #5; adults 18-49: 0.7, #7).
Next up was NBC (3.873 million viewers, #3; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T3) and its repeat lineup of "Chicago Med" (4.216 million viewers, #6; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T8), "Chicago Fire" (3.749 million viewers, #8; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T8) and "Chicago PD" (3.654 million viewers, #9; adults 18-49: 0.5, #T12).
Meanwhile, ABC (2.489 million viewers, #4; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T3) likewise opted for second runs of "The Goldbergs" (3.569 million viewers, #10; adults 18-49: 0.8, #6), "American Housewife" (2.594 million viewers, #11; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T8), "Modern Family" (2.577 million viewers, #12; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T8), "Single Parents" (1.890 million viewers, #14; adults 18-49: 0.4, #14) and "Match Game" (2.151 million viewers, #13; adults 18-49: 0.5, #T12).
And finally, rebroadcasts of "All American" (0.624 million viewers, #15; adults 18-49: 0.2, #15) and another "All American" (0.404 million viewers, #16; adults 18-49: 0.1, #16) rounded out the night on The CW (0.514 million viewers, #5; adults 18-49: 0.2, #5).

On cable Monday...
- Guy's Grocery Games (Food): 929k
- Project Runway All-Stars (SP/Lifetime): 803k
- Deal or No Deal - 9p (CNBC): 771k
- Deal or No Deal - 10p (CNBC): 766k
- America Says (GSN): 437k 

After this commercial word, Got trivia? Wanna win some money? I've  got newer stuff to make you rich.

That's.......when Game Show Live returns. 

(fade to break)

Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive...

Last year's Jackbox Party Pack. Go on a safari as you "Survive The Internet," beautify the city in "Civic Doodle," whittle down the field in "Bracketeering," date a werewolf or a vampire in "Monster Seeking Monster," and 2 editions of FIbbage which i'm sure you'll love. Now back to our fibbing flounder, Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back.  Later, we tour Tana Mongeau's new mansion. 

(song stops)

With HQ and The q not stopping, a few new knockoffs, er, apps are looking to end the misery of King Rogowsky and his merry band of destruction. Let's look at some. 

First, if you don't know who is hosting today, why have both? And also, picking a side seems fair. Right? So....

TriviaMob, a live game show app, allows players to face off in two separate “mobs,” where they answer questions about art, science, entertainment, and more to win prizes. 
The platform was created by Cedric Rogers and Shawn Newsum, the co-founders of Culture Genesis, the company behind the trivia game. 
“The live stream kicks off every Sunday at 9 p.m. (EST) and 6 p.m. (PST) with two hosts leading separate mobs and asking the same trivia questions at the same time,” said Rogers.
“The mob that gets a higher percentage of correct questions gets to select the category for the next question. Audiences will be answering questions about art, history, entertainment, science, and other topics. Players who answer all 10 questions correctly split a cash prize, while the winning mob receives mob points they can redeem for sponsored prizes.”
TriviaMob was inspired by now defunct, BET’s “106 & Park.” The co-founders loved the dynamic energy and cultural relevance of the show and felt like it would be a good fit for an online gaming platform.
We have great hosts lined up who align well with our vision for the game. Melvin Gregg, who is known for his role on the Netflix show “American Vandal,” is our co-host and creative director,” continued Rogers. “He will be joined by Brittany Lucio, who is an actress and former Miss USA contestant; DJ Damage, co-host of “REVOLT Live” on Sean P. Diddy Combs’ REVOLT TV network; Jessica Flores, social media personality; and Dariany Santana, who is a TV host and actress.”
The launch of TriviaMob sits at the intersection of two trends across culture and tech:  73% ofAfrican Americans and 72% of U.S. Latinos aged 13 and older identify as gamers, compared to 66% of the total population, according to Nielsen. Additionally, African Americans and Latinos both view their mobile phone as a primary source of entertainment.  
TriviaMob is currently available on the Apple store and will be released for Android in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in partaking in the festivities, click here and sign up for the next go-round. 

Next is Trivia Crack. Although it's fun and addictive to play, they added something to make it more lively. 

Popular mobile game “Trivia Crack” is launching a new game mode for players in the United States this week known as “Trivia Live.”
The mobile trivia title is looking to compete with the recent trend of live trivia games by bringing real-time quizzes to players. Those who answer the most questions correctly in 10 seconds will be given cash prizes. There are 12 questions for each round, and 10 seconds are allotted for each question.
Winners will split a $500 prize pot to win. If you answer correctly and under the time limit, you’ll go on to the next question. If you fail, you’ll be eliminated from the competition. You can still watch until the end, however, as a spectator. Those who answer the 12 questions correctly will share the winnings from the $500 pot.

Last one. What Scrabble did for TV in the 1980s is what Words With Friends is doing right now on your phone.

So, iHeartRadio is teaming up with Words with Friends 2 on Words With Friends LIVE, a one-of-a-kind word themed trivia mini game available to all Words With Friends 2 players. 
Each night at 6pm PT/9pm ET players will face off against each other, daily, on their wordy-knowledge with 12 word-themed trivia questions, ranging from easy to difficult. At the end, the reward is split between the winners.

ven better, even if you miss a question and answer incorrectly, fans can still participate and answer the iHeartRadio question until the final round in spectator mode. Ready to flex those language muscles? Download the Words With Friends 2 for free app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices, if you haven’t already and play Words With Friends LIVE today!
What, you want more news about it? Well then good. It's time for.....

The real live online quiz truth in real live online quiz news, suckers!
David Letterman can do top 10 lists, but does that, too. They've partnered with the Q to schedule 7:30 central games all January to give away a prize of............$1000. 
And who better to deliver it to you than the “WatchMojo Lady” herself, Rebecca Brayton? She’s the voice behind thousands of WatchMojo videos and will be your host throughout this series, which will include a $1,000 prize for each game. She’s absolutely thrilled to take on this role, having the following to say on the subject: “Trivia has always been a part of WatchMojo’s DNA, and I’m personally a huge trivia junkie. [WatchMojo has] created a few different trivia shows and games, but never anything as immediate and interactive as The Q. We’re really excited to bring our audience a fun new trivia experience!”
Be sure to join Rebecca on The Q as she guides us through some Top 10 trivia at 8:30 PM EST on the following dates:
  • January 10th
  • January 17th
  • January 24th
  • January 31st
And don’t forget to follow WatchMojo @WatchMojo and The Q — Live Game Network @TheQTrivia on all social media.

Trivia Mob may have to wait on Android since it's already out on Apple, but you don't have to. Their instagram page is handing out $50 to 3 people. Here's why. As soon as question appears,
 - Like this post
- DM the correct answer
- Comment “Done” on this post
will win $50! 

Over to That's Right! and look who's new to the scene.....

Yep, she's ready for her 8:15 debut tonight. Will you come?

Also on Swag IQ, each time you invite somebody you never played before, 100 SB will hit your Swagbucks Balance. Watch the app to find out why.

Finally, Reward the Fan is looking for a Superfan to take home all $2500 and a bonus life to everyone else if you play 25 games just by bypassing 10 questions. Oh, and anyone who refers can play too.

And what's new at Hangime, you ask?

What’s new:
• Remote Control: Control the vibe of your Private Hang by changing the channel whenever you want
• Channel Guide: See what’s playing and know when to tune in
• Digital Living Room: Easier navigation and new look to make hanging with your friends even better
• Performance improvements and bug fixes

And that sadly was the real live online quiz truth in real live online quiz news, suckers!!!!!

(song stops)

Before we get into a Game break, let's pay tribute to last year's trivia apps who sizzled.....yet fizzled and died in a scrap heap next to recycled phones at a Best buy somewhere.

Beat the Q 
Cash Show
Halftime Live
Trivia Streak
What’s in the Box?
YAS Trivia

(song fades out)

Now we move on to a Gamestop Game break. I don't know about you, but I've been single ever since the day I was born and i'm not ready for dating. So be that. But we at Game Show Live! found some unique dating profiles and I want you to identify them as if they were classified in the newspapers. Here goes.

SBF, 20-30s, New York City, likes to hang out with Luke Cage, Once a cop, can kick your rear end with martial arts skills, isn't scared of anybody, is a hero for hire.

That's kinda interesting, whose profile am I reading? See why after a Google Play music interlude because we have a superhero band, yes a superhero band and they are from CA..........The Aquabats!

Alright, time to check the answer..........It's Misty Knight!

Misty Knight was first mentioned in Marvel Premiere #20 (January 1975) and was created by writer Tony Isabella with artist Arvell Jones. A later retcon in Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #64 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne would reveal she had previously appeared as an unnamed character in Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #1 (March 1972), written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Ross Andru. Comics in which Knight and Colleen Wing have starred include a storyline first printed in Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #32–33 (January — February 1977) and Bizarre Adventures #25 (March 1981) by writer Chris Claremont and penciller Marshall Rogers. The original depictions of Knight, a bionically enhanced black female detective with martial arts skills, were strongly influenced by the blaxploitation and Kung Fu crazes of the 1970s.[citation needed] Misty Knight and Iron Fist had the first interracial kiss between super heroes in mainstream comics in 1977.

$2 could be the difference between getting both showcases and going overboard. But for a TPIR contestant named Kelsey. This proved to be close. See why in today's.......

Starbucks Via Instant Classic.


That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is  a drawing of Shane Dawson that I did before the blog started. Anybody want one?

Don't forget to email me at, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.