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-Is Alex Trebek done in 2020? 
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Livewire! 8/3

Madison Brunoehler: From Game Show Live!, this is.....................

Livewire! Your news.......with sass. Presented by cleaning fluid. Perfect for cleaning up floors, not for making mocha lattes.  

And now from our Game Show Live! Newsroom, here comes Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi2theMax, welcome to Livewire!  Hop aboard on a magic carepet ride through game show and reality TV news. Make sure you keep your Dramamine with you at all times. It's a whole new world, so don't you dare close your eyes.....and do get wired!

We start with this tweet:

But HQ will go on without Scott. You may see Sarah Pribis or the new host Matt Richards. That guy is funny!

Do The Splits!

Jenna Dewan Tatum is proud she has moved on from her split to Channing Tatum.

The 37-year-old actress and "World of Dance" host said in the September issue of Women's Health that she's been "a wave of growth" since her separation from Tatum after eight years of marriage.
"It's been a journey, and it's been a transformation of myself -- my needs and wants as a woman," Dewan told the magazine.
"I think everyone wants to hold on to what's in front of them, but when you open your mind, saying, 'I want what's best for myself and my daughter,' you have to be okay with however that looks," she said.
Dewan is parent to 5-year-old daughter Everly with Tatum, from whom she split in April. Dewan and her daughter are now adjusting to their "new normal."
"I feel I've been on a wave of growth," the star said. "It does look different; it's a new normal, and I really think we'll get used to that."
"It's always challenging to go through a big change and have the whole world have an opinion about it," she qualified.


Now we go on to....

You can't make this....


If you watch Double Dare, the 1976 version and not the one where Liza Koshy is hosting, He talks about why Alex Trebek had a fro. Yes, a fro. 

And now if you're in Vegas this weekend, go see this and like it:

State your Plate

General entertainment television network insp has set the premiere date for the third season of its popular original culinary-travel series State Plate. The new season will bow on Monday, September 24th in a new timeslot: 12:00PM ET. Hosted by former AMERICAN IDOL winner, musician, and restauranteur Taylor Hicks, State Plate takes viewers on a tour of the most iconic foods across the country. The announcement was made by Doug Butts, SVP of Programming for INSP.

"For three years Taylor has been on a mission to highlight the most iconic foods in all 50 states, and at the conclusion of season 3, he will have done exactly that," said Butts. "From the preparation of Cioppino fish stew on the California coast to the anticipation of a big lobster catch in Maine, Taylor has taken our viewers on a culinary journey of more than 250 foods. It has been both entertaining and informative."
"In addition," continued Butts, "while everyone revels in seeing their home state featured, it has been very gratifying to see how much viewers have also enjoyed discovering new dishes in other locales across the country. Moving the series to noon should expand the show's reach even more as midday prime is a popular daypart for our network."
In this season of State Plate, Taylor Hicks' adventures include sampling kalua pig, an ice cream potato and an elk filet, as he tastes his way through the following 14 states of his epic journey: Hawaii, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. It is a heaping helping of America's most beloved cuisine - rich in history, folklore and flavor.

Programming note:

TKO: TOTAL KNOCK OUT hosted by comedian Kevin Hart will move to Fridays 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT, beginning with its next episode on Friday, August 3, on the CBS Television Network. Also as of August 3, WHISTLEBLOWER will move to 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT.
Wednesdays, as of August 1
8:00-9:00 PM BIG BROTHER
9:00-10:00 PM SEAL TEAM (R)
10:00-11:00 PM CRIMINAL MINDS (R)
Fridays, as of August 3
10:00-11:00 PM BLUE BLOODS (R)


Over to the alphabet network.....
New Series 'The Alec Baldwin Show,' 'The Conners,' 'Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,' 'The Kids Are Alright,' 'A Million Little Things,' 'The Rookie' and 'Single Parents' Join Returning Hit Shows as Debuts Begin Monday, Sept. 24
'Fresh Off the Boat,' 'Speechless' and 'Child Support' Relaunch Iconic TGIF Brand
'Shark Tank' Season 10 Kicks Off With 200th Episode
Two-Hour Premiere Set for 'Grey's Anatomy,' ABC's Longest-Running Prime-time Drama Series
The ABC Television Network will launch an exciting 2018-19 season with a slate of returning hit shows and several new series, beginning with the premiere of the 27th installment of "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday, Sept. 24, immediately followed by the highly anticipated season premiere of last year's No. 1 new drama, "The Good Doctor."
This fall's new dramas "A Million Little Things," which is about a group of friends coping with an unexpected loss, premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26; and "The Rookie," starring Nathan Fillion as one of the newest - and oldest - police trainees in Los Angeles, premieres Tuesday, Oct. 16. That same night, ABC will launch two new comedies - "The Conners," a spinoff of the groundbreaking show "Roseanne," and "The Kids Are Alright," inspired by creator Tim Doyle's Irish-Catholic upbringing in the turbulent '70s. "Single Parents," which is about a group of adults who lean on each other to raise their children while trying to hold on to their personal lives, rounds out the new comedy slate, and premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26.
"Dancing with the Stars: Juniors," which will pair celebrity kids with professional junior ballroom dancers, launches with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, Oct. 7. Rounding out the roster of new fall titles is "The Alec Baldwin Show," featuring in-depth conversations with some of today's most intriguing personalities. Starring the three-time Emmy(R) winner, the hour-long show, which first aired as a sneak preview last March, will premiere Sunday, Oct. 14.
Friday nights herald the return of TGIF on ABC, which first launched the iconic programming block nearly 30 years ago. The new TGIF premieres Oct. 5 and will feature "Fresh Off the Boat" and "Speechless" on their new night, followed by "Child Support" with Ricky Gervais and Fred Savage, at its new time.
"Shark Tank" celebrates its 200th episode and 10th season premiere on Sunday, Oct. 7 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), before moving to its regular timeslot the following Sunday, Oct. 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT).
ABC's longest-running prime-time drama series, "Grey's Anatomy," kicks off its record-breaking 15th season with a two-hour premiere on Thursday, Sept. 27, followed by the fifth season premiere of "How to Get Away with Murder." "Station 19" returns to the TGIT lineup the following Thursday, Oct. 4.
"American Housewife" returns Wednesday, Sept. 26, at a new time (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT). Fan favorites "America's Funniest Home Videos," "black-ish," "The Goldbergs," "Modern Family" and "Splitting Up Together" complete the fall lineup.
Premiere dates are listed below. All times listed are EDT, and new shows are listed in bold.
8:00-10:01 p.m. "Dancing with the Stars" (Season 27 premiere)
10:01-11:00 p.m. "The Good Doctor" (Season 2 premiere)
8:00-8:30 p.m. "The Goldbergs" (Season 6 premiere)
8:30-9:00 p.m. "American Housewife" (Season 3 premiere; new time)
9:00-9:31 p.m. "Modern Family" (Season 10 premiere)
9:31-10:00 p.m. "Single Parents" (Series premiere)
10:00-11:00 p.m. "A Million Little Things" (Series premiere)
8:00-10:00 p.m. "Grey's Anatomy" (Season 15 premiere; two hours)
10:00-11:00 p.m. "How to Get Away with Murder" (Season 5 premiere)
7:00-8:00 p.m. "America's Funniest Home Videos" (Season 29 premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m. "Station 19" (Season 2 premiere)
8:00-8:30 p.m. "Fresh Off the Boat" (Season 5 premiere; new day and time)
8:30-9:00 p.m. "Speechless" (Season 3 premiere; new day)
9:00-10:00 p.m. "Child Support" (Season 2 premiere; new time)
8:00-10:00 p.m. "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors" (Series premiere; two hours)
10:00-11:00 p.m. "Shark Tank" (Season 10 premiere)
10:00-11:00 p.m. "The Alec Baldwin Show" (Series premiere)
8:00-8:30 p.m. "The Conners" (Series premiere)
8:30-9:00 p.m. "The Kids Are Alright" (Series premiere)
9:00-9:30 p.m. "black-ish" (Season 5 premiere)
9:30-10:00 p.m. "Splitting Up Together" (Season 2 premiere)
10:00-11:00 p.m. "The Rookie" (Series premiere)



Ready for a new segment? Take 2 different backgrounds, blend them together and bring you the daring duo of........Slice & Rice!

And why don't we end with Alyse Black doing this......

That's all for now, but remember one thing: Why can't Total Knock Out stay on Wednesdays in the first place?

So until next time and all the on playas. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Trouble with Big Brother

This week.....The head honcho of CBS in hot water?......

Ultimate Beastmaster returns........

And we get a second opinion of Bullseye. All this and.....Oh look, it's Becky with the good hair!


Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Madi2TheMax and this of course is  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.   

The husband to the host of "The Talk" and Big Brother since 2000 is in big trouble.....literally.

New details have emerged about CBS Corporation president Leslie Moonves' alleged sexual misconduct, after six women spoke out against him in a New Yorker expose published Friday.
Reported by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow, the investigation details incidents of unwanted kissing and touching by Moonves, as well as intimidation, across multiple decades. An excerpt from the article reads:

"Six women who had professional dealings with him told me that, between the nineteen-eighties and the late aughts, Moonves sexually harassed them. Four described forcible touching or kissing during business meetings, in what they said appeared to be a practiced routine. Two told me that Moonves physically intimidated them or threatened to derail their careers. All said that he became cold or hostile after they rejected his advances, and that they believed their careers suffered as a result." 

Four women — Illeana Douglas, Janet Jones, Christine Peters and Dinah Kirgo — spoke on the record with Farrow. Moonves responded to their allegations with the following statement, in which he admits he "may have made some women uncomfortable" throughout his career, but "never misused [his] position" to stop any woman's career in its tracks:

"Throughout my time at CBS, we have promoted a culture of respect and opportunity for all employees, and have consistently found success elevating women to top executive positions across our company. I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely. But I always understood and respected — and abided by the principle — that 'no' means 'no,' and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone's career. This is a time when we all are appropriately focused on how we help improve our society, and we at CBS are committed to being part of the solution."
Big Brother host/The Talk panelist Julie Chen, who has been married to Moonves since 2004, issued a statement of her own on Friday, saying, "Leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband and inspiring corporate leader… I fully support my husband and stand behind him and his statement."

Farrow's investigation into CBS and Moonves had been rumored for several months. Ahead of the article's publication, it was reported Friday morning that the expose would include allegations against Moonves, which prompted the Independent Directors of CBS' Board to issue the following statement:

All allegations of personal misconduct are to be taken seriously. The Independent Directors of CBS have committed to investigating claims that violate the Company's clear policies in that regard. Upon the conclusion of that investigation, which involved recently reported allegations that go back several decades, the Board will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action. 

Moonves, who also serves as CBS Corporation's CEO and Chairman of the Board, is not the first CBS staple to be accused of sexual harassment. In November 2017, journalist Charlie Rose was accused by multiple women of making inappropriate phone calls, exposing himself and groping them without their consent over a 20-year period. Both CBS and PBS quickly severed ties with him.

We'll give you posted when the developments are available. 

After this commercial word, an ultimate return. That's.....when Game Show Live! returns.

(fade to break)

Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive....

Pizza Delivery from Uber Eats. If ordering Papa John's or Domino's on the phone is complicated, try ordering from local pizza places from Uber Eats and you'll have it where you are. Now back to our patron of Paula's Place which still shows GSN in each TV except for the Miss America paegant, WWE Wrestlemania, The World Series, The NBA Finals, The Stanley Cup finals, or the Super Bowl, Pierre kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back. Later, Why the Hot Water challenge is too stupid for your own good.

The stakes are raised in the third season as over 100 competitors from nine countries compete for more than just a title...
For each localized version in the U.S., Italy, France, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, as well as new U.K., Australia and Germany territories, local celebrity hosts and popular athletes will provide commentary throughout the competition.
The hosts for each country include the following: Hosts:
- U.S.: Tiki Barber (Former NFL Player and Sports Commentator) and CM Punk (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and WWE Champion)
- U.K.: Stu Bennett (Professional Wrestler and Actor) and Kate Abdo (Sports Journalist)
- Australia: Dannii Minogue (Singer, Actress & TV Personality) and Nick Cummins (Former Rugby International now Media Personality)
- Brazil: Anderson Silva (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) and Rafinha Bastos (Comedian) Germany: Micky Beisenherz (Radio and Television Host) and Jeannine Michaelsen (Actress)
- France: Gilles Marini (Actor) and Sandy Heribert (Sports Journalist)
- Italy: Francesco Facchinetti aka DJ Francesco (Italian DJ, Producer, Singer and TV Presenter) and Bianca Balti (Supermodel)
- Mexico: Inés Sainz (Sports Journalist) and Luis Ernesto Franco (Actor)
- South Korea: Kyung Suk Su (Actor, Comedian and TV host) and Katy Park (Kyeong Rim Park) (Actress, Comedian and TV host).

Here's a genius story:

SUSAN Carland has landed her own TV show.
The academic, who is married to The Project's Waleed Aly, was yesterday announced as the host of an SBS quiz show called Child Genius which will air later in the year.
"Presided over by quizmaster, Dr Susan Carland, this brand new six-part series to find Australia's brightest child in a unique competition documentary format, follows the lives of some of Australia's brightest children and their families," an SBS statement said. "These gifted children all have very high IQs and showcase phenomenal cognitive abilities in maths, general knowledge, memory and language.
"Presented in association with Australian Mensa, the series features participants and their families from all over Australia, and provides unique insight into the joys — and challenges — of parenting a gifted child."

Some more child news now:

Gold Medal Winning Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez will co-host AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR Junior with Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila on Universal Kids, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment's network for kids 2-12.
This next generation of AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR marks the first time some of the show's biggest fans can become part of this five-time Emmy nominated worldwide phenomenon. AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR Junior will premiere on October 13 at 7:00pm.
American Ninja Warrior Junior celebrates real kids taking on the iconic course with dedication and skill. Nearly 200 boy and girl Junior Ninjas from across the U.S. will face off on the same Head to Head courses in three age brackets: 9 & 10, 11 & 12, and 13 & 14 year olds. The courses will feature iconic Ninja Warrior obstacles, including Sonic Swing, Tic Toc, Spin Cycle, and the Warped Wall. Each age bracket will be mentored by All Star Ninja Mentors - Kevin Bull, Drew Drechsel, Natalie Duran, Meagan Martin, Najee Richardson, and Barclay Stockett. Three final winners (one per age bracket) will be crowned the first ever AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR Junior Champions.
"At Universal Kids, we see kids as they see themselves and want to share their stories," said Deirdre Brennan, General Manager Universal Kids. "American Ninja Warrior Junior celebrates a kid-centric movement that everyone can be a part of and enjoy together. It will encourage and inspire all kids to push their limits and not shy away from challenges."
"Over the last number of years, we have received an outpouring of letters and videos asking when is there going to be a Ninja show for kids? Well, the time is now! People are going to be amazed at how talented and dedicated these young ninjas are," said Arthur Smith, CEO of A. Smith & Co. Productions and Executive Producer of the 'American Ninja Warrior' franchise. "They're remarkable, and to know that they've been inspired by our show is immensely gratifying." 

Staying with the topic:

Dancing With the Stars has found its judges for this fall's Juniors edition — and they're no strangers to the ABC ballroom.
Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, Emmy-winning choreographer Mandy Moore and longtime DWTS pro Val Chmerkovskiy will be sitting at the judges' dais this October. The announcement was made on Monday's Good Morning America broadcast.
Rippon, who won a bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, is also the reigning DWTS champ after he and pro Jenna Johnson triumphed in last May's abbreviated all-athletes edition.
Moore, who famously choreographed the Oscar-winning 2016 film La La Land, has also produced dozens of routines for both DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance. She has multiple Emmy nominations under her belt and, in 2017, snagged the Outstanding Choreography trophy for a pair of DWTS Season 23 numbers.

Chmerkovskiy, of course, has served as a professional partner on 13 seasons of DWTS. He has won the Mirrorball trophy twice thus far: in Season 20 with actress Rumer Willis, and in Season 23 with Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez.
Contestants for Dancing With the Stars: Juniors have yet to be announced. The series debuts with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, Oct. 7, at 8/7c on ABC.

Usually you have to wait until winter to find out whether or not you've been good enough to deserve holiday presents. This year, however, we found out early, and apparently, we've been really good. Today, Netflix announced that Nailed It! will return for a seven-episode special this December. We're not sure what we did to deserve so much of this hilarious baking competition show full of seriously epic fails in a single year, but we'll gladly accept the gift.
According to Netflix's announcement, Nailed It! Holiday is similar to the past two seasons of Nailed It! except for one key difference. This time around, all the challenges will be a holiday-themed. Last season, Nailed It! gave us a taste of that with one holiday baking episode — remember the one with the ginger bread houses and the revelation that French people dip their shortbread cookies in red wine? — but in this special, there will be even more of those festive tests.

Now we go on to.....since we're in August.....

Buzz-GSN where we ask you guys on the GSN facebook page everything and anything.

And we start with Casey Abell of Game Show Follies making his facebook appearance with this:

"According to the GSN online schedule, America Says gets another rerun slot at 5:30 PM starting August 6. The show has performed well, so it's no surprise that it now gets three runs (one new, two rerun) each weekday. And the legion of Harvey-haters on this site can rejoice. The despised Steve has now lost three half-hour slots on weekdays. Why, that should make your (week)day."

That'll give GSN some room. On to bernadatte Bevan.

"I like game shows. I have many times asked for a little variety in the shows especially Family Feud. I’m tired of Steve Harvey and Richard Dawson. Let me ask you this did Steve Harvey buy the network. I like Richard Dawson, I’m just a little tired of kissy, kissy, I also like Steve Harvey , however he thinks the show is a comedy and he has to check The cameras a doz. times to see if the suit fits. I know I have asked for Richard Karn and John O’Hurley. Richard Karn was on about one day. My husband and I were so happy. 
How about that, bring them back. Why not!"

I think they should. We go to Mary Ann Witttoske.

"Who makes the programing choices on GSN? Bring Back Match Game on 7 am. to 8 am, Caroline and Friends is too stupid! It's a lame "America's Funniest Video" (Another stupid show in my opinion) knock off. Give us Match Game in the morning!!!!!"

I think it was the exces who done did it. Now we go to Kay Bagett.

"Wanna make a huge complaint!!! I like to watch Match Game when I am getting ready for work in the mornings. Came on 8:00 AM and again at 8:30 AM. I turn to GSN yesterday morning and this morning at 8:00 AM and Caroline & Friends is on!!!! Carolina & Friends may be fine but I WANT my Match Game at 8:00 and 8:30 AM. Do you plan to keep this schedule or is this just a short term thing??????"

I think it's short term. If it's permanent, then I'm switching over to the Today show. Keeping things rolling is Jim Weeks.

"Caroline and Friends?! Are you kidding?! Talk about Me-too TV! Gee, same videos we have all seen ten times on other shows, with annoying laughter. Bring back Match Game for that half hour. And....Show the newer version of card sharks, not the lame original version."

And to keep things going, Mary Foster.

"Caroline and Friends: Shows like this encourage people to do cruel things to their pets so they can catch it on video. Saw the episode today where the dog jumps off of the boat into the water with the dolphins. Not funny. What happened to the dog later? How were they able to go back to such a small dog and control the boat getting to him without hitting him with the boat or the blades? Did they finally drag an exhausted dog up into the boat by his collar? Didn't they have the suspicion that the dog would jump? Sure they did. Nothing but bad things can happen when a dog jumps from a motorized boat going at such a speed into open water with other marine life."

AFV was funny IMO and still is. Let's go now to Jennifer Linebach Lakin.

"Very disappointed that you replaced one of my morning Match Game episodes with that dumb home video show. Really ruins my morning ‘70s vibe."

In fact, we were disappointed when we woke up. What about Scott Guy?

"I am posting this because I don't know where else I can honestly. How dare you replace Match Game with that new "game" show Caroline & Friends!! First of all, Match Game is a CLASSIC!! It is what a GAME SHOW is all about! Whoever came up with that thing you call a "game show" has no idea what a game show really is! Put the whole hour of Match Game back on IMMEDIATELY!!"

Agreed. Lastly, Jennifer Michael.

"Can y'all quit showing Family Feud all day every day? I love the show, but y'all have worn it out. There are other game shows. Those seem to come on after midnight though when I can't watch. But I do get see Family Feud anytime from 6am to 12 midnight. 🙄 Get it together. Get a new programmer. This use to be a favorite channel. Not anyone. Get it together people!"

I think GSN should Get it together. Don't you agree?

Time for a Gamestop Game Break. Here's a Quizzo screengrab and look at this question with 3 possible answers. Only one of which is correct. 

We'll give you time to think after this Google Play music Interlude from Alyse Black. She's here every August but I heard a rumor.....

That's she's having another child. I checked her page and it's darn true. In the meantime, let's have her croon something.

Byron Allen, acquire this if you will.  Now we go to the answer. 

At the time, some of the Beatles defended the use of the butcher photograph. Lennon said that it was "as relevant as Vietnam" and McCartney said that their critics were "soft".[19] However, this opinion was not shared by all band members. George Harrison said in The Beatles Anthology that he thought the whole idea "was gross, and I also thought it was stupid. Sometimes we all did stupid things thinking it was cool and hip when it was naïve and dumb; and that was one of them."[27] In 2007 George Martin, the Beatles' producer, recalled that the cover had been the cause of his first strong disagreement with the band. He added: "I thought it was disgusting and in poor taste … It suggested that they were madmen. Which they were, but not in that way."

In the beginning, there was the Nostalgia Critic.........

Followed by the Angry Video Game Nerd.......

and later, Wrestling With Wregret. Now we present Game Show Live's silent's.....................................Tellymime!

Finally, please look at this review for what Game Show Garbage did for Bullseye.

But sometimes, you need a second opinon. Here's my opinion.

When Bullseye replaced Play the Percentages in 1980, the viewpoint from the ideal standard looked pretty good, but the phase of it was in the same vein as many Barry & Enright programs. Contracts in this game slowed the game down a ton, but viewers kept track as to how many questions the contract was left of. The Bullseye feature in the main game was a contract from 1-forever it takes a whole week to run the table until somebody went over $1000 and later $2000. This later became the Fast Forward category. I hate it when people blow chunks on subjects that aren't suited for them, then have easier stuff to keep the game faster. Leaving one to bank money and letting someone else run the gaunlet to end it is useless. And don't get me started on Celebrity Bullseye. It slowed the game down and jumped the shark from here on out. As far as the bonus round went, it had the same theory of B&E bonus games. If the theory had a villain, then the lightning bolt is just a symbol. I think Bullseye is a cult favorite among game show fanatics despite its short shelf life and having a celebrity edition that ended it all.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a tape of that Logan Paul interview from BBC....unless we figure out what was left from it.

Don't forget to email me at, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.