Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Overtime #20: What Game are we playing?

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Oh hey,it's Overtime. A challenge Charlie Charlie won't take. Today we have 4 shows...that don't involve gameplay.

1. Anything to Win

This one-season wonder featured people trying to cheat...or make them win via documentary. The 666 lottery show is my favorite.

2. GSN Video Games

It had actual video game tv programming every Friday hosted by....Carmen Nicole. She was very sexy. I wonder where she is now?

3. Vegas Weddings Unveiled

We look at what a wedding in Las Vegas looks like...and Best Funeral Ever on TLC was later on. It's future: Divorce Court

4. Dog Park Superstars

Yeah, I know, it didn't involve actual gameplay, but it did involve a competition.

If there is anything I left out, hit me up on my fan page.

That's gonna do it. See you next month for actual game show play. Play on, playas.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


(If you didn't notice, Disneyland celebrated it's diamond anniversary. So my recommendation to you is Skywalking Through Neverland. Hear the goings as teh celebration is underway at

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Don't try and be nosey as to why you wanted to know why Idiotest isn't doing well in the ratings....It can change timeslots someday, just make sense of why you watch GSN. Thanks for seeing what I'm typing faster as we hear you taste the wonder of the network. Let's make sense of it by going to...

The starting Line.

We've all seen 500 questions on ABC this past week and the reactions are more fail than pass. The way it goes is have one person bank money by answering 50 questions in a race to the magic number....which is tragic & hard for you guys, but answering all 50 isn't compared to a show aired previously on GSN and still does in syndication. Come on, you know what game it is.....

And like I said before, answering 50 questions BANKS money. Here on Jeopardy!, answering a single question banks money. That's just it. It takes 61 questions. To figure it all out, it takes 30 in the first, same in Double Jeopardy! and 1 more in Final Jeopardy! The only way you can take that money home is reveal what you wagered prior to the clue of the category given to you and 2 other opponents right after you written down your response in half of 60 seconds. After you win, you come back again to face 2 more opponents per day until someone takes your throne. It doesn't change. Even in Fleming's version as well. Only gimmick is the Daily Double in which you bet your score on one clue. Even the Clue Crew took J! to a Emmy win this year. Look at TPIR. They won Emmys in the past. Wheel added gimmicks, but still is at the top of the syndication ratings game. Family Feud had Bullseye, but was abandoned in favor of Dawson & Harvey respectively in their runs. The latter went on to turn it all around and still does to this day. But back to 500 questions, I know for sure the first night had 38. And as of Wednesday, there's no way it cannnot reach the goal. Guess what other show gets through the queries faster?

You were right. Chase doesn't need slow pacing or rules every 10 minutes. The Cash builder and the final chase can do it faster than a kid on a bike riding down a slanted street. The Beat The Beast round can eitehr give you money or get caught in steps the Beast asks Brooke to offer for money to get closer to safety. The more money offered, the farther back you get closer to home. That's just it. It's still a favorite. If you want trivia, stick with The Chase.

In closing, if you watched 500 Questions, the concept here is endurance. If the questions got through faster, it would be easier to end it early. That's why we don't need Richard Quest for it. We need Alex Trebek and Brooke Burns for the best quiz shows around and that's a guarantee.

With Memorial Day disposed of, the genius and amnesia kicks in as we hand out the & Yay & Yawn of May.

The Yay: Match game back at 7 am. There. You happy now?

The Yawn: ITAC and LD. Gone over May & June. sigh a reilef for you all, but Skin Wars is coming. Might be the yawn of next month.

I can smell the Stevi B's Pulled pork BBQ pizza, so I'll order it via delivery while you stay here for June changes and the 2005 class reunion.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

And we're back on this rock show we call GTK. Changing from Rock to classical, here comes some....

House cleaning for June.

June 8-14 notes:
*Match Game, Card Sharks and Press Your Luck all remain weekdays 8-10am; the daytime lineup goes untouched.
*The Chase remains in reruns (Tuesday 8pm and Friday 8pm) with Season 3 episodes (mid/late 2014).
*On Wednesday nights, Idiotest is new at 8pm, 8:30pm, 10pm and 10:30pm. Those same episodes will rerun at 11pm, 11:30pm, 1am, 1:30am. Skin Wars is new at 9pm and will rerun at 12am.
*Lie Detectors is gone from the schedule completely (replaced with Skin Wars on Wednesdays)
*Skin Wars rerun slots: late-night Wednesday 12am (replacing Family Feud); Friday 11pm (replacing Family Feud); late-night Friday 3am (replacing The Newlywed Game); late-night Saturday 1am (replacing Baggage); Sunday 1pm (replacing Karn/O'Hurley Family Feud); Sunday 8pm (replacing Family Feud).
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air Sundays at 2pm and 2:30pm; replacing the John O'Hurley version

So you get 2 hours of new Idiotest midweek next month. Skin Wars will be in between the sandwich. Plus, Harvey Feud will get an extra hour Sunday afternoons. In addition, it'll pair with Skin Wars the previous season for a marathon the week of June 1-7. To understand, Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 9am to 3pm, replacing Deal or No Deal, The Newlywed Game and Minute to Win It. Idiotest will air from 3-4pm. Skin Wars will air from 4pm to 12am. So have your summer this year with GSN.

(song stops)

Now we go to....

Carni-Poll. Where Brizzy Voices is doing a "Night of 500 Voices" show through August 13th free. Free League of Legends soundtrack to the first 100 people. First off.....

Will season two of 'Skin Wars' outperform season one in ratings?

37% say it'll be close to the last season. Okay then......

What will the ratings be for the second season premiere of 'Skin Wars'? (June 10th 9pm ET)?

51% say it'll be below the S1 premiere average. Fans should've thought flopped a long time ago.

Is it smart for GSN to air new episodes of 'Idiotest' as lead-in to 'Skin Wars'?

40% say its very smart. but what about the lead-out to it? Well, a 5% increase say it as well. Last up....

Will you watch Buzzr TV starting June 1st?

41% say they couldn't get the channel. Why? They prefer GSN, but when Buzzr is popular, more cities will be added, so keep an eye out. Oh, and some Nexstar stations may add it, so WATN in Memphis, TN., come see us! Really, come see us!

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Let's end the 2005 class reunion with this from Usher, Usher, Usher.....

Playing catch-up is the 3rd period.

Ever heard of "Word Slam?" No, it's not a competition for slam poets, but once you watch this, I'll return and give you my thoughts. Flourescent....LIGHTS!!!!!

(lights come back on)

Now then, what it was is a documentary liek those ESPN 30 for 30 docs you often see and game show playing. The objective was to have young people define words in the dictionary. That pretty much became the National Vocabulary championship the next year and it was all hosted by former American Idol alum and TV host Kimberley Locke. Yes, you heard that right. It defined as a way to get kids an education.....with words.

Time to rock out. Today's blog is presented by Pop Rocks. It's like having Rice Krispies in your mouth, except it's candy. Try it today at a store near you.

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