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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How old is too young?

(It's #TRYDRY month. We start off with a thing I use. It's Dove Men & Care dry spray. Use it when your body odor isn't feeling it. Try it at CVS today.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to the trail ride. But it isn't zydeco. It's a thrill ride. it's a board game night with 90's pop and some indie rock. This party zips like a roller coaster from Bryn Mawr, Pa and ending up in Twips, Washington. So put on your retainer, and your pancho and umbrella should it be rained out. Forget what Accuweather says on your phone and focus on GSN, oh and bring your lunch too. The big dip of the ride starts with....

 The Starting Line.

Here's a question most people want to hide: How old are you? Well, GSN has 5 shows based on their median age according to GSNN's BlogSpot page and let's look at these shows.

Through Twitter: 25% under 18; 57% 18 to 39; 13% 40 to 55; 5% older than 55. Average age: 30.5
Through this site: First: 50 to 65; Second: 18 to 29; Third: 30 to 39

Skin Wars
Through Twitter: 35% under 18; 35% 18 to 39; 24% 40 to 55; 6% older than 55. Average age: 31.3
Through this site: First: 18 to 29; Second: Under 18; Third: 30 to 39.

Through Twitter: 18% under 18; 71% 18 to 39; 7% 40 to 55; 4% over 55. Average age: 30.1
Through this site: First: 18 to 29; Second: Under 18; Third: 30 to 39 and 50 to 65

Chain Reaction 
Through Twitter: 23% under 18; 53% 18 to 39; 17% 40 to 55; 7% older than 55. Average age: 32
Through this site: First: 18 to 29; Second: 50 to 65; Third: Under 18 and 30 to 39

The Chase
Through Twitter: 24% under 18; 42% 18 to 39; 30% 40 to 55; 4% Over 55. Average age: 33.2
Through this site: First: 30 to 39; Second: 18 to 29; Third: 50 to 65.
So if you pay close attention, Skin Wars is the clear winner with 35% under 18 years old. However, Idiotest wins with 18 to 39, The Chase in a close one with 40 to 55 and over 55 goes to Chain reaction. The latter of the 2 got canned recently. Through the site alone, Idiotest gets 50 to 65, Skin wars gets 18 to 29 as does Chain Reaction and Hellevator BTW wins with 18 to 39 and joins the 2 and The Chase clearly has the 30s. And in a close race again, Hellevator gets the youngest with 30.1 while The Chase becomes oldest with 33.2. It's clear as to why Hellevator is the youngest and GSN is in between millennial and senior. Twtter polls show Hellevator comes in first place with the most '18 to 39' viewers. Meanwhile, Skin Wars has a strong 'under 18' and '18 to 39 presence'. Skin Wars had a much stronger '40 to 55' and 'over 55' presence than Hellevator. The Chase, out of all five, had the highest '40 to 55' vote.  Their BlogSpot polls show Skin Wars, Hellevator and Chain Reaction were all the youngest-skewing with their first place result at '18 to 29'. Skin Wars did not have a second or third place result above the '30 to 39' category. Skin Wars is likely the most young-skewing out of all according to our polls. Idiotest, surprisingly, had the most voters say '50 to 65', but in real life skews younger than The Chase and Chain Reaction. I guess GSN is all ages after all.
Looks like we're slowing down on a pit stop. After this break, GSN schedule shakeups. Don't lose your lunch just yet, this thrill ride is about to go warp speed after the break. Keep your seatbelts on, folks.
(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Now that everybody had a chance to go to the bathroom and assign where their seats where prior to the pit stop, it's time to take this thrill ride to go like NASCAR.

Time to send in the cleaning fairies for some....

House Cleaning.

Changes (for April 11-17):
*New episodes of Idiotest will premiere Tuesday at 10pm and 10:30pm; replacing Family Feud.
*Same night reruns of Idiotest will air Tuesday latenight at 1am and 1:30am; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*Idiotest will air Saturday at 12-2pm; replacing The Newlywed Game
*Family Feud (Harvey) will air Saturday 2-4pm; replacing The Chase and Chain Reaction. This means ten straight hours of Harvey Feud from 2pm-12am, but the 10pm-12am block is only temporary.
*There will be a Season 2 Skin Wars marathon Sunday from 10am-8pm, consisting of all ten episodes.
*Family Feud will air Sunday 11pm-1am; replacing Baggage, but again, this is only temporary.
Like tattoos you'd find at a Walmart somewhere, the 10-noon eastern block on weekends will be temporary. To put it this way, 10 straight hours of Feud will be on Saturday. Yawn. Elsewhere.....
April 18-24:
*Skin Wars airs Wednesday at 10pm; replacing Family Feud
*Skin Wars will encore Wednesday latenight at 1am; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*Skin Wars will also encore Friday at 11pm (replacing Chain Reaction), Saturday 3pm (replacing Chain Reaction), Saturday latenight 12am (replacing Chain Reaction) and Sunday 4pm (replacing Idiotest).
*Political Idiotest will air Wednesday at 11pm for one week only. Political Idiotest will encore at 2am for one week only.
*A new episode of Idiotest will follow Political Idiotest at 11:30pm and will rerun at 2:30am.
*For this week only, Political Idiotest will encore Thursday at 10:30pm (replacing Family Feud), Thursday latenight 1:30am (replacing The Newlywed Game), Friday latenight 12am (replacing Family Feud), Friday latenight 3am (replacing The Newlywed Game), Saturday 10:30pm (Idiotest was already there).
*Recent, Season 3 Idiotest reruns (from 4/19/16) will lead into the Season 3 Skin Wars premiere for one week only at 9pm and 9:30pm; replacing Family Feud. Minute to Win It still airs at 8pm.
*A 90-minute Deal or No Deal episode will air Thursday from 4-5:30pm. Mike Catherwood-hosted Chain Reaction will air Thursday at 5:30pm. This is a one day only change.
*Family Feud will air at Fridays 10pm and 10:30pm; permanently replacing The Chase.
*The Newlywed Game will permanently return to Saturdays from 12-2pm and The Chase will permanently return at 2pm. The prior week, Idiotest and Family Feud filled this Saturday block.
*Idiotest permanently returns to Saturday nights at 10pm-12am.

Summary of Wednesday, April 20th schedule:
8:00pm: Minute to Win It (permanent)
9:00pm: Idiotest (rerun-one week only)
9:30pm: Idiotest (rerun-one week only)
10:00pm: Skin Wars (new-premiere)
11:00pm: Political Idiotest (special-one week only)
11:30pm: Idiotest (new-one week only)
12:00am: Family Feud (permanent)
12:30am: Family Feud (permanent)
1:00am: Skin Wars (encore)
2:00am: Political Idiotest (encore)
2:30am: Idiotest (encore)
Look for changes to appear late night once Political Idiotest arrives.  And Skin Wars will continue it's winning ways too.
(song stops)
And congratulations to Gene Rayburn for winning the Buzzr Bracket. Dr. Buzzr, the doctor who was once named The Doctor had Tom Kennedy as his pick. He was knocked out of the first round. Rayburn won over Dawson. The other 2 in the final 4 were Monty Hall and Bert Convy. Congrats Gene!
Now it's time to reveal your feelings. We all have a bracket that's not perfect, but inside, our bandwagon grows. That's why we must....

Say what you want to say.  Our wheel watcher Jonathan Lahti kicks it off with....
"Tonight on Wheel of Fortune one of the categories was Before & After and the puzzle solution was DOUGHNUT SHOP TILL YOU DROP. That reminds me of the show Shop Til You Drop. I want to see good game shows on GSN. Please get rid of Deal Or No Deal, Baggage, and cut down on Steve Harvey Family Feud."

Why not? Here's Mike Lawson.

"We have been dvr'ing Match Game for the last 18 months, but deleted it today as we're tired of it rotating between the part of MG 78-79 into the beginning of the syndicated Match Game. Is it that hard to start at the beginning of 1973 and go all the way through or just somewhere that hasn't been shown just last year?"

Try Buzzr. It might help. Here's Trudy Snyder with......

"Does GSN show anything other than Family Feud? Geeeesh. I get so excited when I see something, ANY THING other than freaking Family Feud on this channel. Playing it 12 to 16 times a day is stupid. It's over kill and I stop watching your channel when I see it's coming on. What about old Wheel of Fortune when they used to pick prizes from a turn table? Got any of those? ANY THING BUT FAMILY FEUD. PLEASE."

Yes they do. Check the schedule at Next is Cal Stringfellow.

"Do celebrities on the 25000 pyramid have to pass a test to get on? Watching the Turturros and it bears asking."

My answer is....

No. Linda Parsell thinks GSN is a favorite, but she says this....

"GSN is my go-to channel. BUT I just don't get the marathons on the weekends. A million Deal or No Deal shows followed by a million Idiotest shows. Too much!!!"

Because after all too much is too much. Last comment of the day goes to Lauren Finucane.

"Omg. Another 10 hour family feud marathon. Please play different shows. "

Another GSN fan gone.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by We kick off April Acapella Awareness Month with Pentatonix. It's amazing what this 5-piece group accomplished because they won a Grammy. They're the Rockapella of the new millennium if you will and this video shows you why if you want to get in acapella as a collegiate extra curricular activity, you must listen to them first! Here's why....

But we say Yes yes Yes to the 3rd period.

Last Friday was April Fools day and Buzzerblog ran a gag about ABC raising the new Pyramid's top prize that is so large......Mike Richards can't contain himself. Not even the Tuturros.  The article says:

"In order to win the top prize, a contestant in one hour will have to score a perfect 21 points in combined time of less than 45 seconds. If they do that, their first trip to the Winner’s Circle will be for a prize of $1,000,000 and a half a car key. They will then have to repeat the feat in the second half of the show, and then win their second Winner’s Circle trip in less than 30 seconds. If they do so, they will win $2,500,000 and the second half of the car key. They will then be presented with five cars, only one of which the key opens. If the player opens the car with their whole key, they will then win the car and drive it to the Ultimate Winner’s Circle.
In the Ultimate Winner’s Circle, the player will have 30 seconds to complete 10 different categories, but with 10 different celebrities, all of whom have sworn via affidavit that they have never seen (or in some cases) ever heard of the game show Pyramid. If the player can get through each celebrity’s category in 30 seconds, they will earn a token and will return for the next show. If the player can do that for 5 straight episodes, they will win the show’s top prize of one billion dollars."

One billion dollars? Dick Clark would've freaked out had he not suffer a stroke or croak in his grave and even so, Bob Stewart would've written a letter to ABC for that story and we would've seen Million Dollar Jackpot!, which is that riddle game in which you should win a million dollars by staying King Of The Hill or solving a $100,000 chain on Chain Reaction in 5 moves, was just an April Fools Joke. There. You happy now?

I hate to say this kids, but we've reached the end of the thrill ride. Hope everybody got barf bags, Dramamine, Bonine, Kaeopectate, a waiver form to sign and referrals to your hospital and clinics on the way out. Today's blog is presented by trail rides. Come for the horseback riding, stay for the zydeco music & dancing. Because you want to zydeco all night and ride Silver, Mr. Ed, Secretariat or American Pharaoh everyday.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as  MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. Let's cure this dizziness and nausea as our GSN The Know gypsy queen Robyn Cage takes her shot acapella. Play on, playas.

(song fades out)