Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!!

Ellie Goulding said this:

"You show the lights that stop me turn to stone You shine it when I'm alone."

Well, from the early light to when teh streetlights come on, GSN is there to light the way and on the next edition:

-Our Ratings report will make a Lite-Brite look silly
-Bible and Family Trade premiere dates? We'll shed light on it.
-Our forumers turn on the lights about Improv-A-Ganza gone
-And I'll use a night light on why reality shows on GSN don't mix

GSN The Know. Can't anybody use a flashlight for it?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Year Older, Another Year a Wisecrack
(theme fades out)

Can you guess who's here after 1 year? Right, It's Pierre Kelly doing GSN The Know. Can't believe I've done it in 1 year and we're still here. 2013 is going to be a great year for the network and whether you were sick or depressed, it's meant to treat your ills, so this house call's not going to be like any ordinary one. Hilty is here to take your thermometer for quarter one....

Family Feud took up the first 8 slots, but Baggage and Feud and a couple of Feud shows tied up for 9th place. Now the hangover Hungups.

An episode of I've got a Secret went up first and Card Sharks came with 2 doses of baggage. Jeopardy! was the meat in a Family Feud moldy sandwich and 100K Pyramid, Feud and 2 doses of P+ took the whole list. Next week, please.....

For the week of Christmas, All GSN wanted for was Feud instead of their 2 front teeth, knocking out all 10 spots. Now the lump of coals left in their stockings.

An episode from Match Game's 50 anniversary celebrated as if it was a dysfuctional family reunion. It kicked off the list first, but DED, P+ came in next, but the big sandwich was Baggage in between, Whammy!, MTWI, P+ and Feud, but Harvey's version got tired enough in one episode staying one position out of dead last going to MTWI. That's quarter one. Hilty has to go get another patient on the way.

Now to the second quarter. Improv-A-Ganza is Improv-a-...........Gone. Baggage will take the place on Fridays. After all, it has become a top 20 hit most recently. However, The Family Trade, a new show, will air early in the year. Skip that, and let's skip to this.....

Just to clarify, there's no such thing as a "Newlywed Game" killer, but there is....a Dating Game Killer. Rodney Acala gets 25 years in the clink for killing 4 women and one under 18 in California.

A shoutout goes to Password. That & Match Game turns 50 this year.

And Finally, Family Feud will have a big money Tournament for the first time since O'Hurley took over. Can't wait to see that. Let's forge into halftime. Alabama did become the first SEC team to make back-to-Back BCS titles. But don't feel sad for Notre Dame. There's always next year. Maybe this will cheer the Irish up:

And like Kevin O' Connell, we're ready to go for the 2nd half. GSNAngel had this note on the palace door....

"Traffic on the GSN message boards has steadily declined over the years, and we are trying to determine whether it makes sense to keep them going. Since you are the biggest users of the boards, we know this will affect you the most and we wanted to be sure we gave you a chance to weigh in."

Um...ok. So we asked the faithful to do taht, starting with.....

"I've noticed the decline in traffic myself, but I doubt it has anything to do with the board itself -- it's more like the natural evolution of the Internet itself. Long-form public message boards have given way to Facebook pages, personal blogs, and Twitter rants -- well, as much "ranting" as one can do in 140 characters or less, anyway. Which is all well and good as far as these things go, but sometimes you just need to have a place where you can have a much more in-depth discussion about things that concern you. Maybe I'm just hopelessly old-fashioned like that, but I find Facebook and its ilk a poor replacement for public discussion for a change."

Ok, but someone has an idea.

"If you guys really want to direct more traffic, here's what I'd suggest (and going with ------"s suggestion):

Places to put a link to the Message Board link:
  • Under the list of links (Home, Cash Games, All Games, etc.), You could put a link saying "Message Board" with some sort of symbol next to it to try to get people's attention.
  • In the MyGSN page where lots of people go to look for promotions, message friends, edit account, or add to their ever growing buddy list.

Those are 2 possibilities."

That might've worked. However, one wanted it to stay here.....

"Please don't take away our message board. This is the first place I come to when I need help, because most of the time someone else has had the same problem or is having the same problem, and we help each other out. I have learnt so much from the other gsn members. And we all look forward every weekend to the message board game."

Agree with that, however, someone isn't watching teh network that much.....

"Well, I don't watch a whole lot of GSN. Most of my time on the boards is in the Green Room - I frankly don't have the time or interest that I did to start community games or discuss Dick Clark's haircut on Pyramid from 1986. I don't think it's a genre faded as a network option in the mid-90s, and the bulk of the audience either 1.) remembers the old days and are the diehard obsessives/nostalgics, or 2.) likes the shows on GSN."

Looks like that poster's a forum rat. Now a lengthy one.....

"Now, nearly 8 years since I made my first post (under my former username), I seem to not be devoted to these forums as much anymore. Not sure if Facebook is becoming a #1 site for discussions, and that may be the reason why forums in general are falling in popularity. One forum - - had to shut down in recent months possibly for the same reason, and the site now has a Facebook page. I even read somewhere that traffic at is falling as well. But my main reason as to why I don't post as frequently anymore is because there are hardly any classic game shows airing anymore. My posting activity was quite abundant in 2008, but now, very much less. My TV watching is pretty much limited to one half hour daily (or close to it) as of lately. At the end of 2012, Press Your Luck will be reverting back to September 1983, and once 2013 comes, my interest in TV will be virtually nil. Unless the network expands the classics lineup, I probably won't be watching GSN or any TV as much for a while. Plus, my interest in the virtual world of Second Life is new to me since 2007 (my original avatar will be celebrating 5 years in Second Life just before Christmas, in fact)."

Okay then....let's just read a poem I wrote as we start the last quarter.

"2012 was a pretty good year,
to a network that gave us all plenty of good cheer.

The Bible Challenge broke records at the top,
Giving Beat The Chefs a cold hard stop.

The Pyramid returned to its natural form,
but its players & stars gave us all a yawn

PYL was back and so did Card Sharks,
to give the morning a brand new start.

MG broke the ice with shows through the years,
while Dick Clark and Rafferty left us all in tears.

It seems that it was a very good year,
and we know 2013 is here."

First one down, 11 more months to go. Thanks for making the blog your best blog.

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