Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Out of Time

(Welcome to the fall season. The sponsor for the month of September is Hulu. Nothing beats the GSN blues like watching your favorite shows on Hulu. All TV, all movies, all everything. On with the blog, everyone.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hello everyone. Same blog, brand new theme song and same floor we're on. Hope summer is offically over with and let's get to the first period. Hilty, dive in & splash.
Family Feud took up 1-8, but Fifth Grader took 9th and Feud went in 10th. Now the ones who hit their heads on a diving board.
Match Game was in between the Password twins and after $25K Pyramid, Whammy! came in and Family Feud was next. After which was a pattern of Bagggae and Match Game. That's the first quarter, Hilty, take the kiddie pool out.
After this timeout, 2 shows are gone, and later, what GSN has learned on their summer vacation. Hang tight.

(song fades out)

You're back everyone. As I said, 2 shows are gone and the first one is Fifth Grader. It'll be gone completely. It's not going away despite the fact it's a top 10 hit, but it'll be a temporary break from the network. Hurley Feud takes the noon CST hour. The Chase will only rerun at 9 and midnight eastern. Minute will take Sunday nights, Friday nights, and continue the new shows on Tuesdays as usual.

Sticking with minute, a source of the network tells us that the show is getting cancelled come October. Really? I may not be shocked, because they thought it would be a smash hit, but the ratings aren't doing too well. Why? Because of its host. As you know, the network doesn't cancell its shows until they tell you in secret, but hey, It was a pretty darn good logo to see and it was all because of that watered down look.

And also sticking with Minute, they want you to pick it as teh Summer game of the year. Not bad, huh? Now the 2nd intermission presented by Before Miley Cyrus twerked America, she did this....

Now the 3rd period. What did GSN learn on their summer vacation? That's what I want to know. To do that, we took ourselves to places and see many faces that relate to the network in some way. Globetrotters, assemble!

To get things going, we went to England first. Many UK game shows are better than us here and "The Chase" is one of them. Especially home to Mark Labett, The late great Richard Dawson and the birthplace of Jerry Springer.

Next, we headed to the home of Swatch Watches, Switzerland. The reason: Watching too much Minute To Win it.

Before we continued on, we got our Baggage Bags. More on that sponsor when the end theme plays. Too depressing for that song? Maybe this will change your mind....

Thank you, J-Spizzle. We head next to Germany, where the Von Trapp family lives. Good thing they got a verison of Family Feud. Even more good: It doesn't repeat the same show 106 times.

Next up, We headed to Russia and while we dined, we played Chain Reaction with pencils and paper while we talked about the hostory of the game show "Russian Roulette." Now there's a game show named after a country.

Moving up to The Netherelands and we toured the same exact studios where "That's The Question" and "Lingo's" first 2 seasons were.

By then, we jetted to Austraila where "Who Dares Wins" was headed to the network a decade or so ago.

After that, it was our neighbors to the north, Cananda where Bumper Stumpers and any other show seen on USA made was it was before GSN took them over.

And finally, we all got tired, went home and did endless reporting for GSN. That's what we do. We're going worldwide, son!

And this blog was brought to you by Baggage Bags. Open it up, write the secrets and let the fur fly!

BTW, the summer vacay was a piece of fiction and is not affilated with copmanies of shows seen on GSN, the network itself, GSN The Know industries, Marty Derosa Enterprises and Warner Communications, which is responsible for it's content.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know.... We Labor at the ratings..... We work over time for news stories.... And what GSN has learned on their summer vacation. Join us for GSN The Know. Because you deserve a paycheck.