Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coming attractions!!!!!

Hungry? Good. Because it ain't the Hunger Games, it's called GSN The Know and on the next edition...

-Our Game Show Breakfast Buffet of ratings
-All the news you need in a lunchbox
-What they thought about Chefs getting gone at the dinner table
-And I'll have a snack time interview with a website founder

GSN The Know. Eat it before your food gets cold.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salad Dressing for Success
(theme fades out)

Hey there all you gaming geeks, welcome to GSN The Know, a goulash of GSN in one big blog and boy, it's a good one today, do let's jump right into it and start the first quarter with Hilty operating the numbers.....

For the 4th time, The American Bible Challenge took the top spot, however, The Pyramid took the silver as does MITW for the bronze. With Feud finishing 4-6, MITW took 7th and the Pyramid took 8-9 respectively with Feud taking the 10th spot. Beat The Chefs on the other hand dropped out of the top 100. Now the trash bin of solace:

Woolery's Lingo was the bread of a moldy Whammy! sandwich with the latter being 2 more along with Beat The Chefs and Feud filling out the final spots. Time to wrap up the first quarter, Hilty will hit off and run off.

Time now for the second quarter.

And wouldn't you know it, this month marked Steve Harvey's 3rd Feud season. When you think of him, he is with Jeff as the twin towers of the network.

Sticking with Jeff....,0,2433975.story

The LA times have a story about him. And just so you know, there will be a second season. But what about Beat The Chefs? Maybe it won't get a second season and here's why I play Mr. Fix-It. J-Spizzle, can you play a little lounge music please?

Thank you. Beat The Chefs takes 2 teams and throws down to a $25,000 challenge. But what does it need to make it work? Here's what I would fix....

1. Make it a half hour show. One hour makes viewers turn away. Bible sticks with them from beginning to end. DOND stuck with it and do did DED.
2. Get a better host, like oh say, Giada De Laurentiis or Nadia G. (google that) and fire Matt Rogers immediately!
3. Stop trash talking. After all, Iron Chef and it's American counterpart does leave it to the play by play of Alton Brown.
4. Pair up with either The Pyramid or Sherriwed. You heard what I said.

So there you go. This'll end the first half and we march into halftime. Of all the dances done by us (e.g. The Macarena; Cupid Shuffle) I think one dance style became a phenomenon. It's........

Okay, that's enough. That is enough.....I said.....

Silence is golden. And starting next week.....

Starting on the week in which DWTS: All Stars Premieres, we want you to be a fan. How? By being the fan of the 4th quarter. That's right. For every wek until the season is over, we're taking fans and asking them 5 questions. I've asked a few of them and now it's your turn. It's never too late to get in. I'll be contacting interviews on Facebook, so keep an eye out for it, because you never know when I'll ask you stuff.

(song stops)

Time to talk about the recent schedule changes. Did they like it? Did they mostly hate it? We start with:

"I agree that the late night encores of the classics are not a huge loss, as long as they keep the shows in the morning. But two hours of Baggage seems even more unnecessary than two hours of Harvey Feud in late nights. Lingofan mentioned Newlywed Game - why not at least put that at 12:30 and/or 3:30? It's not currently anywhere on the weekday schedule. For that matter, I think it would be good to try at 4 PM instead of a second airing of Catch 21."

That would've worked out well. Next one.....

"Well, less pre-1990 material, the better off the network is. I enjoyed having Pyramid and Password in latenights, but this is for the better. The older shows are disappearing."

Right, here's hoping the network would completely get rid of classics if they don't perform well. Next....

"Baggage does great on Saturdays late night, along with midnight on weekdays... so I expect this will raise the ratings for late nights. Wouldn't mind seeing an episode of The Newlywed Game somewhere, though."

But one thinks it's a hate....

"I just wish Baggage would go away already. I'm not a big fan of the show."

Yeah, me too. Another one....

"I just wish they could stick to something for more than a week at a time. Seems like every other day there's a new schedule change.

And while I can tolerate Baggage, the choice could be better."

Yep. Sometimes if it doesn't work, the network may change to keep it string. Here's another one.....

More Family Feud...

I can see 2013 already...

8 am - 9 am = Baggage
9 am - 12 pm = Classics
1 pm - 6 pm = Harvey Feud
6 pm - Pyramid
6:30 pm - Newlywed Game
7 pm - 12 am = Harvey Feud
12 am - 1 am = Baggage
1 am - 3 am = Harvey Feud
3 am - 4 am = Baggage

And there you have it.

As it is right now, I only watch GSN in the mornings for classics, and then at 6 pm for The Pyramid.

I change to a different channel during all other times of the day, since there's nothing else on the schedule that interests me.

I think this could not work. How about....

"It wouldn't surprise me at some point if GSN came a 24-hour television network, with no infomercials, at least weekdays. At this point it is possible that GSN wants to push modern into mornings, which I heavily disagree with. But, with the recent 25K and 100K Pyramid leases, and the P+ and SP lease, it wouldn't surprise me if there was a situation where those shows get pushed back from mornings to 4-9am, while "Modern" takes over mornings. GSN spent the money on those recent leases, and wants to air them somewhere, but not in a place where (they think) modern can do better."

Well it used to back in the day and I wished it would come back. Last one.....

"I happen to of LOVED the old classic schedule as it was... I do not like Baggage at all and sooooo tired of Family Feud. It's all way too much. I really hope they do NOT get rid of the old classics as I will cancel this channel. Not a fan of the new shows. It ruined my day when they did this.."

I hope that may works. Now for the popular 4th quarter and sadly, the last one before the break....

Let's talk about popularity. Pyramid and Bible have done so well, Bible lost a few viewers, but still regains its crown. Pyramid is all of a sudden, a top 10 hit, but Chefs wanted it to be a hit, instead, it became unpopular. Look, the ratings of the first week can go down the next week or next show as a pattern. We know Improv had done it. When Charlie Sheen was the guest, it waned away. What takes away the popularity is the gameplay. Once the play becomes staler and stupid, then the viewership goes down. It's not our faults, it's the network programmers fault for God's sake. Once upon a time, GSN used to be popular in classics, but now it's stale with the leases of classics. However, on the bright side, Lingo was popular with Woolery, but with Engvall, it took a turn for the worst. Look, if Chefs doesn't get it's act together, it'll be a disaster like DWTS did earlier in the year, you hear me?

Time to go grab lunch and hit the streets. Thank you for reading this whole entire blog.

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