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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bodypainting for Idiots

(If you missed what Wendy Darling did last week, you oughta check it out via Youtube after reading this blog. It's "The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy." Hit up if you can.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And you're here on the only blog about a network that spans 2 decades of game shows. From surveys to body painting, we're covered like me going to bed to watch my dear Ally do ASMR by the time the Late Late Show with James Corden goes off the air. Now that you're up, we must get up & go with....

The Starting Line.

Last week was a day of all days. It was  the first and only time Idiotest had 4 new episodes in teh same night. In between all this was the start of Skin Wars 2. SO how did it fare? To start, The Star Wars/Star Trek rivalry show was beginning.

8:00pm Idiotest (New): 414,000 total viewers; 130K 18-49 viewers
8:30pm Idiotest (New): 327,000 total viewers; 87K 18-49 viewers (-21% from lead-in in total viewers; -33% from lead-in in 18-49 viewers)
Kind of a big ouch for the 8:30 showing. We'll get to Skin Wars later, but the new ones at 10 went like this:
The 10pm episode of Idiotest fell 27% in total viewers from Skin Wars and also fell 42% in 18-49 viewers from Skin Wars. The 10:30pm Idiotest fell 1% in total viewers but rose 28% in 18-49 viewers from the 10pm episode of Idiotest.
This time, the 10:30 one got the upper hand. Now we move on to Skin Wars. How did it do?
9:00pm Skin Wars (Season premiere): 540,000 total viewers; 166K 18-49 viewers (+65% from lead-in in total viewers; +91% from lead-in in 18-49 viewers)
Guess what there kiddies, Skin Wars beat the big idiot Ben Gleib owns. But with the new time change, there's lots of time left for it.
Which talk show host was chosen to do a show about steampunk? I'll have the answer in a minute. Whatever you do, don't click that little red X on your internet browser. You'll miss it!
(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
And so you're back. With Skin Wars 2 underway, we decided to recap it in the form of a fairy tale like we did last year. With Ms. Eckert back in tow, GTK is here to give you every episode as it happened. Let's begin.

Once upon a time....well make that earlier this year, there lived an actress named Rebecca ROmijn, whose subjects of RuPaul and judges ordered a new batch of bodypainters this year. Among them were:
Sammie (Herber City, UT)
Cheryl Ann (Winston-Salem)
Dawn Marie (Madison)
Kyle (ORL)
Lana (S.D.)
Rio (ATL)
Marcio (MIA)
Aryn (Newport, KY)
Fernello (Queens)
Avi (Ft. Lauderdale)
Rachel (Maui)

This included Rudy, a Houston native who proclaimed himself "The Mayor of Makeup." Rebecca brought out a wheel to include 6 subjects and one at a time, had to come up with something the subject said. The first one was "Biggest Passion." Fernello of course, chose art while Cheryl Ann rode horses. "Favorite Songs" was the subject. Lana did "Let It Go" form the flim "Frozen," while Rachel did "Super Freak" by Rick James and "Masquerade" went to Rudy. Avi had a "Favorite Childhood Memory:" His father. Lastly, Making up a Haunted Horse was Kyle's "Greatest Achievement." The rest uncovered: Love of Your Life and Most Memorable Adventure. Fernello got the win in this challenge, but the big one was.....on a chess board. From here, all 12 fought to the death like a game of Connect Four. But Lana and Marcio had a death match going on, and in the end, Lana got Checkmate on him. ANd they all lived.....until the next show.
(song stops)
Pretty quirky. Baggage on The Road had ran out of gas and now.....the tank runneth empty. After 3 months of reruns, the show finally sent in a tow truck and went back on home. It joins MOTM as 2 shows premiered in January and getting the cancellation stamp in the same year. Ouch.
Steampunk'd needed a host. A talk show host that is. It went to.....Jeannie Mai. She's from "The Real." Those of you not up with daytime TV should know it's a more accentric clone to "The View" or "The Talk." Along with Tamera Mowery, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon from "The Cheetah Girls" and Tamar Braxton, it's in syndication. Jeannie's love of steampunk brings a different direction to what the newtork is today.
Let's end it with a little....

Carni-Poll. Where you might find a jazz club with Lena Nicole Thomas playing bass and her band playing cabaret versions of Disney classics while you wine & dine with somebody. First off.......

Where do you watch 'Family Feud' the most?

A 36% deadlock was either Synidcation or the network. Confused? No.

Which version of 'The Chase' is superior?

62% think it's the USA over UK! Go....Us!

 Will 'Skin Wars' get a third season?

66% say heck yes!

Will 'Idiotest' get a third season?

84% unanimously say yes to it.

Are you interested in the upcoming GSN series 'Steampunk'd'?

66% said no way.

Are you interested in the upcoming GSN series 'Man Versus Fly'?

72% will not watch the darn thing with a fly swatter.

And finally.....

What shows will you watch on GSN Thursday nights starting July 16?

61% say it's Chase and the new CR. I'll watch too.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Instalok is a group of young men that are gamers in their own right. Their passion for it parlayed it into parodies and most of the songs are about League of Legends, an online game that has been played by millions around the world. Even Brizzy Voices hears it in her Twitch streams. Recently, one of the members was married to a singer named Lunity, in which she'll be on this blog next week, but for right now, let's let the band to their thing.

And it's now time for the 3rd period.

Time once again for.....


Dodgeball was a gym sport played for years until GSN had this for 3 seasons. It was called Extreme Dodgeball. It was everything you'd expect about Dodgeball turned up a notch. Along with the commentary of Bil Dwyer and Zach Selwyn, it went very well. Extreme Dodgeball, coming into your face.....

At #7.

And just like that, we're done. Today's blog is presented by Piano Lessons with Sonya Belousova. Sign up now, get the first 3 lessons absolutely free. Oh, and if you bring a costume, the first month is free too. By the way, we'll be off for the annual mid-year report card.

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