Friday, August 30, 2013

GTK Overtime #3: A bald-headed deer in headlights stare

It's about time for Overtime. More stuff about GSN to get your weekend going and end the month in a happy way. Today's Overtime features a king of comedy. The man who destroys the ratings book week after week after week. I'm talking about Steve Harvey and his show Family Feud. He turned the franchise around after disasterous, well, not exactly that, seasons with O'Hurley and Karn. What makes you think that Steve Harvey made a classic show like this? I put together 5 moments of his tenture so far. If there's more in there, you let me know and we'll work things out. For right now, we begin with number 5.

We all like to pass the puck in hockey, or a hot potato at a birthday party, but there's something you'd like to pass....

Number 4. Is Pork considered meat or an animal that comes after something you can't touch? Evidence:

On to 3. Besides reading or playing around with an Ipad in bed, here's this....

2 remain. One moment has this for target practice.
(current plinko harp strum)
And the final moment belongs to..........
Another Overtime in the books. Tune in next week for another dose of what GSN is doing when no one is looking. Until then, play on playas.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Faithfully Yours

(August is almost over and we have to say goodbye to Redbox. You can rent DVD and Games anywhere at anytime and return them the next day. Plus, there's redbox Instant. Sign up for a free trial and if you whip out plastic money, fork over 8 bucks a month to watch it anytime, anywhere. for more info. Instantly, there's this.)

VO: You have a read the news stories......figure out the ratings......and celebrate Bible turning a year old, because from the WIlton-North building. Let's march to.....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.
Me: On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, a moment in American history this week, we march into a never ending parade of game shows on an entire network 24/7/365. Hilty is leading the parade and I'm the grand marshall to the blog, so fire the gun, Hilty!

After Family Feud taking 6 slots, Baggage, believe it or not, took 7th position with Feud filling out the rest. Now the ones fallen to the back of the drumline.

Sherriwed, $ale and Baggage kicked it off first with Feud and Super Password getting stuck in a sea of Match Game shows. That ends the first. Hilty will now float off.

The dog days of summer are nearing, but who's best in show and who's a can of dog food? It's our Yay & Yawn.

The Yay: The very first week of "The Chase." $180,000 in the bank to 3 strangers and The Beast isn't too happy about this.

The Yawn: Baggage taking the place of Chain Reaction on Friday Nights. However, that might not be permanent, because....
After the jump, which shows will be getting replaced on that night. I ask you to stay here for that.

(song fades out)

Back again and we found some changes. Starting at 7 Eastern, it'll start with an hour of Minute, 2 Chase shows and then Baggage afterwards. However.....

"The Chase" will be outta here come the week of September 9th. Can this be true? To find out, we have a segment called.....

Chart That! Hilty has returned to give the weekly reports on the Chase and where they stand prior to this week.

For the first week, The chase was at #13, but slid somehwere in the top 30 for that week. Not off to a good start, but.....

One epsiode the next week ended up at #46. Why aren't they watching this? It's because UK verisons are better than the ones around here. If you want Pointless, Celebrity Juice or The Cube to end up in the US, will it happen? I guess not. Other than that, enjoy your somewhat afterlife on

And a quick shoutout to Julie Harris who passed away this past week. She was a panelist on Match Game '75 with Gene Rayburn and a few more to add.

And to giev you a preview of Overtime this Friday, Buzzfeed brought in 22 best Moments in the Steve Harvey era of Feud. It's in .gif form, but this Friday, i'll give you 5 in YT form.

Time for the 2nd intermission in which is the sponsor and we end Acoustic August with Alexi Blue. Since her last name is my favorite color, she's done a lot of covers for YT including this one you're about to see.

And coming in is the 3rd period....

1 year ago. A show changed America foever. It was called "The American Bible Challenge." Many people thought it would be a flop or a disaster, but people tuned in just to see how this thing goes. How did it happen? A big happening. Not a hit. A homerun. That made the network what it is today. It was all about the Bible with pop culture references sprinkled in. You add Jeff Foxworthy and a choir to the mix and you bring in 3 teams playing for charity, not real money. All in all, it became top of the list TV for the network and many people who to church all watch it and with the 3rd season set for next year, there's no denying when the monster hit will continue.

Time to get going. Today's blog was brought to you by Kirk Franklin. Still making music after all these years.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with the speech that inspired a nation 50 years ago. Play on, playas.