Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Have you seen "Oh sit!?" If you didn't, don't worry, the CW website has it, but if GSN sells it, that would've been a surefire hit on our hands, but next week, we want you to sit down and get down on.....

-The Ratings Report to find out who is a duck and who got their goose cooked
-Ring around the newsstand...
-GSN or Game Show Network, logo-wise? Your chance to skip rope on it.
-And I'll play Solitare on GSN's Modus Operandi.

You got game? We got game! GSN The Know. Game on!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yeah, they sound like a beaut shop quartet to me.....
(theme fades out)

This is GSN The Know. I'm Pierre Kelly. Damien Sandow recently ushered us all into an era of enlightment, but GSN ushered us all to enlighten the people with game shows and still does to this day. And we got 4 quarters to dry up the brainwash with antibiotic hand sanitizer, starting with the first quarter. I would like to welcome Hilty to the program. He will give us the report for us:

Family Feud almost swept the top 10 thanks to a show called Minute To Win It, which landed in the #6 spot, but Feud chunked up 13 out of the first 14 slots. Now the....trash bin where you put all the crumpled paper inside and where all the empty frozen dinners are....

A big moldy sandwich came for Feud, first at the top and filling out the last 4 slots, scattered a few times with The Password Twins, $25K Pyramid being the olive in the sandwich, a midday showing of the Newlywed Game and Jeopardy! That'll end quarter #1. Hilty will hit off to go away....right now.

Second quarter time, and we'll get to some news in a minute after we tell you about a person gone too soon.

Bill Rafferty passed away last week. He had 2 successful game shows under the Goodson umbrella, Card Sharks on 1986 for the syndication market and Blockbusters in 1987 for NBC. Both of which ran for one season. Before that, he was a comedian and became one of the stars of "Real People" alongside John Barbour, Sarah Purcell and Byron Allen among others. Bill was 68 years of age. No tribute planned as of yet, but when it comes up, we will report it to you.

(song stops)

File this under WTH?

"The Family Trade," a reality series, gets the greenlight. If you want to know what I'm saying....forget it.
Now the American Bible Challenge. With the show less than one week away, they already brought out the teams for the first go-round. Let's look at them:

Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Charity: Oasis USA, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking
Team Members: Drew Vinson (student); Sam Altis (student); Matthew Blanton (student). These buddies and neighbors may like to joke around, but when it comes to their weekly trivia events, they are serious competitors. Each grew up as a Christian, but didn’t come to the full realization of his faith until adulthood.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Charity: Shriner’s Hospital for Children, a hospital that has treated Diane’s son at no charge
Team Members: Andrea Goeke (self-employed); Robin Long (substitute teacher); Diana Marshall (office manager). Close friends and co-workers, these three women have each felt God working in their lives—as in Andrea’s husband’s battle with leukemia and Diane’s 2-year-old son’s treatment for infantile scoliosis, a severe curvature of the spine.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Charity: Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis
Team Members: Crystal Evans (private caregiver); Amber Marsh (stay-at-home mom); Deborah Odehnal (student/office manager). These drama-loving women put on plays for their Sacramento church. As a missionary’s daughter growing up in Papua New Guinea, Amber would stay up all night reading the Bible. Amber finds her creative outlet in the church plays. Debbie is a breast cancer survivor and mother of nine who does mission work around the world.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Charity: The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers
Team Members: Eric Nagao (firefighter); Ryan Shook (firefighter); Frank Evaro (firefighter). After spending countless hours with one another, this group of firefighters has grown very close; they share a passion for competition and for their faith. Being in such a dangerous occupation, they have to rely on their faith quite often. They frequently gather after a long day of work to reflect and pray together.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Charity: Foodlink Inc., an organization that feeds the hungry in Sacramento
Team Members: Stephen Law (student); Michael Chen (assistant industrial hygienist); Ed Law (business owner). These three call themselves “the Jeremy Lins of Bible trivia.” Ed, who owns a window cleaning business, has always taught his six kids to lead a Christian life. His son Stephen is a high school sophomore who is passionate about knowing God. Michael is Stephen’s youth pastor and fellow competitor in bizarre eating contests.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Charity: Hope Center, a charity that provided Samantha with a free sonogram
Team Members: Samantha Jesse (waitress); Samantha’s mom, Mae Lynn Biggs (nanny); Lesley Hill (event planner). This is a feisty group of women who love God and have each found their faith tested. Mae Lynn helped her daughter Samantha with her pregnancy in college and Mae Lynn’s best friend, Lesley, provides support to the family and is a sympathetic shoulder whenever they need it.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Charity: Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham’s ministry providing relief after global disasters
Team Members: Roger Tench (retired fire captain); Bill Henderson (realtor); Chris Kidd (nuclear security maintenance specialist). Each of these longtime friends has been saved for decades and has found his faith put into play in different ways. From the time Roger’s wife was diagnosed with cancer to the time when Bill helped his community during the housing crisis by selling homes for no charge.

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, IL
Charity: The American Cancer Society
Team Members: Jonathan Horn (music teacher); Blase Horn (student); Adam Horn (student). These young brothers come from a large Italian-American Catholic family, many of whom live on the same street in Chicago. Each has found his faith tested when their grandfather died of cancer, a disease that has also struck several of their aunts and uncles.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Charity: Joshua’s Place Church, the only integrated church in their county in Georgia
Team Members: Olivia Moncrief (student); Katlyn Moncrief (executive assistant); Patsy “Memaw” Burnette (writer). These two sisters and their adventure-loving grandmother love playing Bible trivia. Olivia is a modern-day hippie who wants to work with kids; Katlyn used her faith to overcome low self-esteem; and Memaw watches over her granddaughters -- when she’s not planning her upcoming skydiving trip.

Hometown: Orange County, CA
Charity: Hunter’s Hope, an organization that, in partnership with Judson's Legacy, raises awareness and funds research for Krabbe Disease, an illness that Cristina and Drake's firstborn son battled
Team Members: Drake Levasheff (college administrator); Christina Levasheff (author); Dean Bobar (pastoral assistant). This highly spirited team consists of married couple Drake and Christina and their dear friend Dean who they met during a very life changing time. They have been rock solid friends ever since, and share a very unique and special bond.

Hometown: Plano, TX
Charity: Minnie’s Food Pantry, a charity that provides healthy food for families in need
Team Members: Lanett Patt (stay-at-home mom); Cheryl Jackson (President, Minnie’s Food Pantry); Lynette Shofner (small-business owner). Sisters Cheryl and Lynette are pastor’s kids, and Minnie’s Food Pantry, which provides healthy food for families in need, is named after their mother. Sister-in-law Lanett works with Lynette on Sisters of Savings (SOS), a subscription coupon list that enables people to save and donate their extra food.

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Charity: The Power Team, a group that spreads the word of God through strength and martial arts skills
Team Members: Jamie Morrison (Power Team speaker); Dallas Morrison (stay-at-home mom); Matt Dopson (Power Team speaker). Jamie, formerly a troubled kid who turned to God, and Matt, who never drank and saved himself for marriage, work with the Power Team. Jamie’s wife, Dallas, is the former road manager for the Power Team, but now stays home to raise the kids.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Charity: The Black AIDS Institute, an organization which focuses on AIDS in the black community
Team Members: Daryl Vinson (business owner); Roderick Leak Sr. (biology teacher); Reborn (motivational speaker). Daryl credits God with his miraculous recovery from heart failure. Aaron found God after going to church to attract a girl’s attention. Roderick grew up going to church. Now these longtime friends spread the word of God through “holy hip-hop.”

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Charity: Eve’s Angels, a group that provides assistance to victims of human sex trafficking
Team Members: Faith Coons (self-employed); Eric Wang (police officer); Amy Wiener (Bible school administrator). Longtime church friends, each member of the team has struggled with adversity, anger and doubt. Each has been saved by their faith in God.

Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA
Charity: Royal Family Kids Camp, a summer camp for kids in foster care
Team Members: Joe Seeley (insurance salesman); wife Shelby Seeley (event planner); Ken Seeley (iron worker). Shelby is the daughter of missionaries. Joe followed “hot girl” Shelby to church and became a Christian, then persuaded his twin brother Ken to come to church too.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Charity: City Crossroads, a nonprofit serving the Sacramento community
Team Members: Ron Milton (law enforcement); Ned Schaut (health insurance broker); Ricky Borba (media production). These rambunctious young best friends are Bible-study buddies. Ron is a Purple Heart-awarded Iraq War vet who ministers to prison inmates; Ned wants to build a skate park to minister to teens; and Ricky hopes to make Christian films and TV more mainstream.

TEAM Sweet Reeses
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Charity: Created Treasures Performing Arts Academy, a school that uses the arts to teach and heal
Team Members: Daniel Reese (student); Susan Marie Reese (teacher); Derrek Reese (high school social worker). Having survived personal crises earlier in their lives, Derrek and Susan Marie have been married several years and created a healthy home for Daniel and his sister where they enjoy playing Bible trivia, Bible Pictionary and Bible Outburst.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Charity: Masters Commission Atlanta, a faith-based leadership training program for recent high school graduates
Team Members: Adam Hulme (teacher); Bethany Shay (executive assistant); Jordan Marcon (school director). These longtime friends met through their work at the non-profit Masters Commission. Both Adam and Bethany had their faith strengthened during serious health crises; Jordan found his faith after a troubled high school career, when he joined Masters Commission.

So of the 18 teams, have you picked a favorite yet? I'll tell you who it is in the Fourth Quarter, and:

For additional contestant information, go to Press can download photos at

(song stops)

And I just found out that this program e has been given the Dove Foundation "Family Approved- All Ages" seal, as well as the Parents Television Council Seal of ApprovalTM. Way to go.

Even I got one last story for you in the same category:

One newspaper up in Maine talks about the host. More news now. Did you know that until the day "The Pyramid" premieres, there is a promotion about the Feud at Burger King in which you can win prizes? No? If you didn't, you need to go there and get some pieces to win. Sticking with Feud....

They are having a contest. Yes, Family Feud is having another contest, but this time, you vote on the Steve Harvey episodes you show. No Combs or Dawson? Darn. Anyways, it'll be on Thursday when Bible and Chefs are over. The winners will treat themselves to laughs, surveys and cash. Time to get more stories going in the.....

Speed round.

We start with a localized version of Sherriwed....

The theme for Millionaire gets into the ASCAP HOF....

Family Feud does it's live thing in Canada...really?

KenJen in Parade magazine.....

And Tyra Banks disses a DOND Model? What the....

Thank you Buzzard for covering up a curse and taking us into halftime. We continue August Acapella Awareness Month with a sweet adelines....yes, sweet entitled "Heavenly." Even though they took 2nd in a nationwide competition and disappearing off the face of the earth....sort of, they can still get down with the best of them, and if you imagine a beauty shop singing quarter, you'll find out once you watch this video. Roll it!

And we say hello to quarter 3. I thought I'd take a week off on the GSN Forum Palace and let all you Buzzerbloggers know about the Pyramid starting with.....

"I can live with no 7-11 or Mystery 7 because the progressive pot for getting 7 out of 7 makes up for it. I’m happy that all the elements from the 80′s version (the theme song, the 7 in :60, and, I hope, the sound effects in the Winner’s Circle) are back."

And they are...sort of. We'll see if they're real or not Sept. 3rd. Next one....

"There’s quite a bit that has to go into operating and making the trilons; the slides, lettering, light bulbs…not to mention either hiring stagehands to turn them, or get a motor for all six. Then what happens if one breaks down?
Operating a big screen is likely easier, and if something happens, it’s probably a lot easier to repair."

You're right. In the old days, stagehands gave assisstance as to how teh board works and why. Nowadays, it's all by computer to make it easier. Next comment:

"I’d love to see celebrities who were regular contestants back in the day. I don’t know how many there are, but plenty of wanna be performers made the game show rounds in the 70s/80s. I know for a fact Paul Feig, big time TV director & creator of Freaks & Geeks, was a contestant in the mid 80s."

Yeah, me too. Now look at this list of stars who'll play in this experiment:

Week 1Oscar Nunez (Oscar Martinez on The Office)
(Megyn Price on Rules of Engagement)

Week 2
Lamorne Morris (Winston Bishop on New Girl)
Dot Jones (Coach Bieste on Glee)

Week 3
Jai Rodriguez (Consultant on Queer Eye)
Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy)

Week 4
Danny Pudi (Abed Nadir on Community)
Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennett on Community)

Week 5
Jim O’Heir (Jerry Gergich on Parks and Recreation)
Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer on The Office)

Week 6
Nicholas Turturro (Sgt. Renzulli on Blue Bloods)
Aida Turturro (Janice Soprano on The Sopranos)

Week 7
Joshua Malina (David Rosen on Scandal)
Wallace Langham (David Hodges on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

Week 8
Melissa Peterman (Hostgf of The Singing Bee)
Samantha Harris (Former co-host of Dancing With the Stars)

Let's stay on the site and find out what they think starting with:

"I haven’t heard of any other than Melissa Peterman, but that’s cos I barely watch any US television. They sound like they’re from pretty big shows, though, and my sister definitely recognized a few of them."

Actually, Melissa was on the CMT version of "The Singing Bee" which lasted longer than NBC had and was on The CW's "Reba" with country star Reba McIntyre. Next one...

"With the exception of “The Singing Bee” and maybe “Scandal” (I think that’s a new show, so I’m just not sure of it), all of these shows are primetime network shows. I guarantee people will know Samantha Harris and Chandra Wilson. Good list I say. I WILL say…not seeing some of the faves of the past (Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, Rita Moreno, etc.) is slightly disappointing, but I’m still UBER excited! :D" 

I'm think just one time, I may see those legends return if it becomes successful. And to wrap it up...

"I think it would be kinda cool, since she never appeared on Donnymid, to invite Donny and Marie on to play against each other. Donny has hosted this game in two countries…I’d bet he’d be a good player."

If only you'd said that....
And now we jump ahead into the 4th quarter. Earlier in the 2nd, you saw the teams for the Bible Challenge and here is my pick.

When I looked at the teams for the American Bible Challenge, I had no idea on how they would fare well. Each team has done something positive for the lord above. For a team of hip-hoppers, they look urban, but I want their strategy to upset 2 teams. A team of senior citizens look like they may have lost a few brain cells, but they can still make up for good answers. A martial arts team may look cool, but if there is a physical activity, they may be the faves. After looking at this, I have predicted that.....a group of girls from Georgia wants to win the whole thing. They look solid and ready to put up a fight, but the team can pull out a few tricks to spoil their competition. That's what I want. What's your pick?

And that about does it here. I'm Pierre Kelly, your game show savior to the masses reminding you to do the following:

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.