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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A not so clean slate

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Here I am about to enter this thing....

(slides down glass slide and lands face first into a pillow fort)

Ah, this thing must've had airbags.

(heads to the desk)

Welcome to GSN The Know, the blog that shoots it straight like Z-Bo hitting a 3-pointer off the glass. Time to wipe  the stains off with Windex and get to....

 The Starting Line.

What is GSN doing in the developmental slate so far? Well, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is pivoting towards Season 2 renewal; major changes for Hellevator Season 2; Divided and Breaking App a GSN development priority; Window Warriors to be scouted as "winter wonderland" theme.

With the high marks of Fresh Paint arriving, ratings were down a bit for the second week, but stayed true to power.

Hellevator will make these changes: The first, major change was the news that there will be teams of four in the upcoming season, not three, which is likely a result for faster gameplay and more rounds. Additional rumored changes include different gameplay, different set (or "warehouse") and a redesigned money ladder and top prize. More rumored changes for the second season of Hellevator account for highlighting game show moments that have gone bad in the past and a viewer interaction that lets the audience watching at home submit photos of themselves in Halloween costumes. This will be similar to what GSN has done with Winsanity through the play along feature It'll be highly doubtful that it'll run all October.

With Window Warriors on the way to the airwaves, Divided and Breaking App have not come along that far in the development stages yet. As of the March upfronts, Divided was in the "In Development" phase and Breaking App was in the "Pilot Projects" stages.

Since the end of March, Breaking App has been casting. At the moment, both Breaking App and Divided are on top when it comes to GSN's development priorities. Window Warriors will be in the fall.

Now the monthly window of opoortunity known as the Yay & Yawn of June.

The Yay: A tie between Winsanity and the ABC Sunday Fun & Games lineup. The latter got bigger ratings. Take that, FOX!

The Yawn: To Tell The Truth with Anthony Anderson. It tried to be like a true classic, but instead ended up like a talk show. Ouch.

In about 30 seconds, Winsanity not doing too good? Please don't shatter away as if you were a kid throwing a rock at a windshield which is what you can't do and you could get in trouble for it. Come back.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Oh hi. I was just vacuuming the studio floor. Had a harmonica pulled out and it's a signed John Popper one. I'll put that away under the desk while I talk about Winsanity. It seemed that the show has had too much coffee before the show. Here's what the ratings tell us.

GSN primetime ratings for Thursday, June 9th (All Times ET):
9:00pm Winsanity (new): 420,000 total viewers/0.10 18-49 (about 130,000 18-49 viewers); up 20% in total viewers from last week;
9:30pm Winsanity (new): 320,000 total viewers/0.06 18-49 (about 70,000 18-49 viewers); up 3% in total viewers from last week; down 24% in total viewers from lead-in

That's not good news at all. Because of that, a house cleaning note was sent to Donald and Kira and it read:

*For both of the next two Tuesdays, Family Feud (Harvey) will air Tuesday at 6:30pm; replacing Winsanity. A Winsanity rerun will remain Tuesday at 6pm.
So an extra Harvey Feud will suffer a bit of a setback in an attempt to keep GSN going. As if that wasn't enough:
*The next two Saturday nights, a Winsanity rerun will air at 9pm, not 8:30pm. The 8:30pm timeslot will be Family Feud. The 8pm Winsanity rerun remains.

Saturday night schedule for July 2nd and July 9th:
8:00pm: Winsanity (rerun)
8:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
9:00pm: Winsanity (rerun)
9:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
Let's hope Winsanity can rebound from all this.
So....the ABC Sunday Fun & Games lineup was so stellar, a poem had to be in the omen.

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my Hairdryer Gloves....
Comment it, maybe?
We kick it off with Adam Lentz....
"I'm a little surprised CFF premiered a little lower. But 7.7 is still a great number by summer standards. I'm glad Pyramid rose from Feud and debuted strong against the Game of Thrones finale. Even for Match Game premiering late, 6.6 million is still great. The question is can it hold. I don't know if the three shows will have high numbers this Sunday due to the Independence Day weekend. Then again, Celeb Feud after Independence Day last year was still strong.

I saw Match Game is getting reran on Thursdays at 10 pm. I think and I hope the reruns perform well. If Pyramid does get a second season, please don't bring Anthony Anderson. I like the guy, but he stunk at that game. ABC did a very good job with this 3 hour block and its like our childhood is back even for the summer.

Heck, I would be happy if ABC canceled The View for a Pyramid or Match Game daytime revival. It would create competition with CBS's Game block."
Yes, GOT went head to head against that lineup, only to find out the former was in the season finale and Walking Dead is far away from the new season. Next is Scott T.
"ABC's $100,000 Pyramid is AMAZING! The set looks gorgeous, exactly how a professional primetime game show set should be designed. The music is fantastic, including the new theme that's played while Michael Strahan is introducing the categories. The prize amounts are fantastic. And most importantly, the way Michael hosts, it actually feels more like Dick Clark's version. The celebrities knew how to play the game, except for Anthony Anderson, but I'll forgive him since he's hosting To Tell The Truth. Oh, and great job to ABC for including the Mystery 7, which for the life of me, I can't understand why GSN didn't include in their 2012 version.

Now for Match Game... oh boy, the shag carpet, the music, the introductions... Now I can see why ABC chose Alec Baldwin to host, despite his outrageous hosting fee and anger management issues. He kind of does remind me of Gene Rayburn, both in look and voice. But ABC nailed Match Game too! It kicks the 2012 Canadian revival of Match Game to the curb, big time.

Now that I think about it, 2012 was a disaster of a year. GSN screwed up Pyramid, and Comedy Network screwed up Match Game. It may have taken 4 years, but THANK GOD ABC has properly done justice to these game shows.

And did I mention the music!? I LOVE THE MUSIC of these shows. ABC didn't butcher the theme songs, and they're playing the music and sound effects LIVE during the tapings.

I LOVE ABC!!! This takes me back to the Regis Millionaire days. One of only two primetime networks that knows how to produce great game shows (the other being NBC).

Oh, other things I should mention... guess we now know that Easiest Game Show Ever has been cancelled, because Michael Ian Black officially confirmed it. And Scott St. John is behind Match Game. No wonder it's great, because he's an expert at producing game shows (Deal or No Deal, 1 VS 100, Monopoly Millionaires' Club).

Ok, maybe I'm a bit too psyched right now. But seriously, 10/10 for both shows! A+++. The highest rating you can give! ABC is AWESOME!

Seriously, every game show fan should be watching these shows! $100k Pyramid and Match Game deserve renewals! It would be a crime to put this much time and effort into constructing those sets and reviving these iconic franchises, only to cancel them after one season. People had better watch, and the ratings had better be high!"
Guess GSN tried for the 2012 version of Pyramid. Look what it did to it 4 years later. Mario500 answers it with....
"I had predicated I was not going to like the new "$100,000 Pyramid" and "Match Game" before seeing their broadcasts today and realizing I was correct in my predicting so.

What I did not like about the new "$100,000 Pyramid" included the ways most of the players acted or the ways the host acted occasionally (they were acting as if they were trying to outrage their audience). I do not remember ever seeing the players and host on either the network version of "The $25,000 Pyramid" or the original syndicated version of "The $100,000 Pyramid" ever act in those ways.

As for what I did not like about the broadcast of the new "Match Game", I did not like how its host, the contestants, and some of the players seemed to do their best to outrage their audience. I was unable to watch more than half of the broadcast just as I was able to do with the one for the new "$100,000 Pyramid" since I had expected the former to be much worse.

I have no interest in watching either one of these programs any more. Their formats should have not been revived; they were better off left in the past for us to enjoy through rebroadcasts and home games (they were basically products of their times better off untampered).:
Oh come on, ABC made all 3 big hits this past week. Will you get it out of your mind? Here's William Vollmer with the last one:
"Steve harvey Celebrity Family Feud is, as I've said before, a known comodity. We knew what to expect from Steve before we tuned it. It was a surprise that there were two full games in the episode instead of tow smaller games and a championship game, like in the Wilard Scott specials. My only disapoointment was that because of time constraints (apparrently) Steve didn't have mucvh time to talk with the families before game play.
MIchael Strahan Pyramid. Strahan seemed comforatable in his role as host, interacted nicely with the Celebrities and the contestants. We knew, from seeing her on Million Dollar Password, that ROsie O'Donnell would be a great Pyramid player, Sherry Shepard brought her intelligence to game playing, Kathy Najimba showed she hadn't lost the skill from when she won 3 years rent on a past edition of Pyramid to her role a celebrity partner. Anthony Anderson showed that as a game host/player, he makes a good actor. Surprised to see in the winner circle that the contestants are facing the board, but where in four rounds of the winner circle was the "Gotcha" category? THe one designed to slow the team down in trying to win the grand prize. Nice to hear the famous "Pyramid" cuckoo for a misqualified clue. I also prefer the tiebreaker used in previous versions of Pyramid.
Alec Baldwin Match Game. Baldwin seemed to want to channel Gene Rayburn to with his own personality, succeded some. Rosie O'Donnell, in the famous Brett Sommer position, was great. IN fact, if Match is picked up for more episodes, Fremantle better watch out, she may become the go to clebrity for the "head to head" portion of the SuperMatch end game. Deborah Messing was okay in the Elaine Joyce, etc. postion. "Dr. JB Smooth" was horrible in teh Richard Dawson/McClain Stevenson postion, the others forgetable. Last comment did it have to be so raunchy?"
I think it used to a bit in the 70's, but the 1998 was turned way up. Thank god for ABC who made it a hit and made it retro.
Programming note: Tonight will mark the Skin Wars finale. Either Allison, Rick or Brittney will take the gold in this competition.
Let me rant for just a bit. A typical Sunday at GSN had a memorable Sunday in which game 7 of the NBA finals between Cleveland and Golden State figured out who won the title. Look at the ratings if you will please....
7:00pm Family Feud: 515,000 total viewers
7:30pm Family Feud: 588,000 total viewers; up 14% in total viewers from lead-in
8:00pm Family Feud: 526,000 total viewers; down 11% in total viewers from lead-in
8:30pm Family Feud: 557,000 total viewers; up 6% in total viewers from lead-in
9:00pm Family Feud: 495,000 total viewers; down 11% in total viewers from lead-in
9:30pm Family Feud: 511,000 total viewers; up 3% in total viewers from lead-in
10:00pm Family Feud: 420,000 total viewers; down 18% in total viewers from lead-in
10:30pm Family Feud: 464,000 total viewers; up 10% in total viewers from lead-in
Now to put it this way, the ratings for Feud was a rollercoaster but the ratings for the NBA Finals (Game 7, the last and deciding game; was highest rated since 1998) did not hurt GSN and Family Feud. As if it wasn't enough, The 9:30pm run of Family Feud is one of the highest, but not the highest in GSN-Harvey Feud history. The primetime average was 689,000 total viewers. But can it go against The world Series, the Super Bowl and WrestleMania? Only time will tell.
Now the 2nd intermission presented by We were supposed to have Bart baker on the show, but due to obvious circumstances, not to mention why his videos aren't family friendly, we decided to cancel his appearance, so instead we bring you something that is actually family-friendly......Madi2TheMax doing impressions!
Way to go Madi! I miss Agent carter. Now the 3rd period.
For the 5th consecutive year......


We now track the ups & downs of 2016 in it's half-year. Starting with the good grades.....
GSN move up the cable ranks in the top 30 and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint started off in a big way. A big shift in classics in the spring didn't hurt the lineup and Winsanity makes its debut. Then came the bad grades....
Family Feud was always available as marathons on holidays, The Chase getting the boot as did Man Vs. Fly videos on the door3 channel, thank god, An extra Card Sharks leaving the schedule for good and Chain Reaction with Mike Catherwood.....gone.  Grading the papers.....
A C minus. It needs to shorten the Feud airings since it's more than 100 and it's driving us nuts. next week, the predictions for the rest of the year.
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