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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Project Top Housewife of Uber Below deck of What happens

This week...Bravo takes a Taxi....

Love Island inhabitants arrive via rowboat....

And chicken dinners in black and white. All this and.....

"uh sir, get off the phone, we're having Broadband issues with the internet in the newsroom"

(hangs up phone)

Thank you. Next week, we'll all switch to wi-fi. But for now, Let's..............Get.....................Lit!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Sailors:  From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Joeykat and with Madi2theMax taking a vacay this week at Vidcon, it's time for Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

Bravo is reviving Emmy-winning game show Cash Cab, from Lion Television, an All3Media company, with original host Ben Bailey. Cash Cab begins shooting this summer and will premiere later this year.
In this series reboot set in New York City, the stakes are higher than the original, the car will be upgraded and the questions will include more for lovers of pop culture, according to Bravo.
Each episode will feature three games, and much like the original series it will all start the second the contestant enters the Cash Cab. If the passenger can answer enough questions correctly before making it to their destination, they'll win big bucks. However, three wrong answers and they're kicked out of the Cash Cab and back on the street. Along the way they'll get two shout-outs – one on social media and the other via a street shout out – where the contestant can pull over and ask a stranger for help. Passengers who successfully make it to their destination can simply walk away with their money or they can play a double or nothing video bonus round, either going home incredibly happy or with nothing at all.
The original Cash Cab, part of the global Cash Cab franchise that originated in the UK, aired on Discovery Channel from 2005 to 2012. The show was revived on December 4, 2017 with new seasons airing in 2017 an 2018.
Bailey's original show took place in New York City, with some episodes in season six set in Las Vegas.
Contestants who ultimately hailed the Cash Cab were not made aware that they were part of the game until they hired the cab and Bailey informed them of the show and its rules.
Cash Cab joins Bravo's reboot of the iconic dating series, Blind Date.
The revival is produced by Lion Television with Tony Tackaberry, Allison Corn, PJ Morrison and Stan Hsue serving as executive producers. Ben Bailey also serves as executive producer. 

After this commercial word, love is an island. 

That's.......when Game Show Live returns. 

(fade to break)

Jordan:  Some members of our viewing audience will receive....

A spot into the new Orphan Black audiobook season thanks to You've bingewatched the show on Netflix, now preorder what you didn't see in the show by going to this:

Now back in black to a man that's never wack,  Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Joeykat, we're back folks, you're inside what is Game Show Live! WOuld you like another episode of Shanaigans?

(song stops)

Before we continue, programming note:

This is because of teh ESPY awards on ABC. My money on Rapinoe and the Soccer team.

The cast for CBS' Stateside adaptation of Love Island, the famously naughty international sensation, has been revealed in every sense of the word.
As seen in the photo gallery and the video linked below, the "11 sexy singletons" ready to find their perfect matches range in age from 21 to a positively ancient 29. Among them are a model, a musician, a model and musician, and someone who has never had a boyfriend before. (Additional Islanders will be introduced as the season progresses.) They are...

Elizabeth Weber (24; New York City; advertising executive)
Caroline "Caro" Viehweg (21; Los Angeles; marketing student)
Mallory Santic (25; Vancouver, WA; analyst for Nike)
Alana Morrison (21; New Haven, CT; college student)
Alexandra Stewart (25; Los Angeles; publicist)
Kyra Green (22; Los Angeles; musician)
Cashel Barnett (27; Sacramento; model/musician)
Yamen Sanders (24; Los Angeles; real estate agent)
Michael Yi (29; Miami; model)
Weston Richey (25; Dallas; photographer)
Zac Mirabelli (22; Chicago; grocery store cashier)

Premiering Tuesday, July 9 at 8/7c and then continuing every weeknight (through Aug. 7), Love Island begins with this group of single "Islanders" coming (that is, arriving) together in a stunning villa in Fiji, "ready to embark on a summer of love, friendships and ultimately, relationships." Every few days, the Islanders must couple-up; those who fail to do so risk being alone forever ejected from the island. In addition to choosing partners wisely, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers who have the opportunity to shape events on-screen and ultimately crown as winner one couple who will then have the chance to walk away with both love and the cash prize.
A Love Island app will give the show's fan an immersive experience, including around-the-clock exclusive content, messages and gossip from inside the Villa.
Arielle Vandenberg serves as host.

Temptation happens on the island.....of wight.

E! Entertainment in the UK is to air the latest U.S. reboot of Temptation Island.
The Sky-backed broadcaster has acquired season one, which launched in January, and season two, which was ordered in February of the dating format from Banijay Rights.
The show, which is produced by Banijay Studios North America, airs on the USA Network with Mark L. Walberg, host of the original Fox series. The show follows four dating couples who test the strength of their relationships as they move to an exotic island alongside a group of sexy singletons in search of love.
E! will air the show from August 4 in the UK. The first season consists of 11 episodes with season two running to 13 episodes. Banijay Studios North America's David Goldberg and Caroline Baumgard exec produce alongside Scott Jeffress.
It is the first major acquisition for the entertainment channel since Sky took over NBCUniversal's portfolio of pay-TV channels in the UK following Comcast's acquisition of the company. 

Oh and sticking with Temptation, the god awful 2007 remake of $ale will get newer episodes on Buzzr July 29th. When you see it, this is what happens.

Image may contain: one or more people

My thought exactly.

They say slow and steady wins teh race, but......

Million Dollar Mile will at least reach the finish line. CBS just announced they will air the rest of the likely cancelled TV show beginning July 6th.
The series was pulled from the weekday schedule after two low-rated episodes had aired and moved to Saturday nights. After two more episodes had aired, the series was pulled off the Saturday schedule. While CBS hasn't said that the show is cancelled, it's hard to imagine that it will be back next season.
Hosted by Tim Tebow, the obstacle course competition show follows contestants as they make their way through the "Million Dollar Mile" and their biggest obstacle, an international team of top-ranked athletes which has but one mission — to stop the contestants from finishing the race and winning the prize.
The rest of Million Dollar Mile' season will resume on CBS on July 6th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

Punch this next one up.....

The Fox Television Stations are bringing back half-hour comedy game, Punchline, for a six-week run starting July 15.
This go-round will be hosted by Reba star Melissa Peterman.
"We loved this summer test when we did it two years ago and now with a few tweaks and a new superstar, comic host Melissa Peterman, we think we have a fresh summertime hit for our stations," Stephen Brown, Fox Television Stations' executive vice president of programming and development, said in a statement.
The show features two teams, composed of two comedians each, facing off in a contest to see who can improv the best punchlines based on the day's headlines.
"I am a game-show fan and hosting is something I love," Peterman said, also in a statement. "Add in brilliant comedians and it is a winning combination." 

Time for a Gamestop Game break. What do these things have in common: A jalapeno, Buffalo Wings and a ghost pepper? 

Figure it out after a Google Play music interlude because I want to bring to your attention the wild child Wild Card Chase Martin. Hailing from NashVegas, she does Instagram covers like this......

But now in a Game Show Live! first, she's here via IGTV and she's ready to tackle the queen of hip-hop soul.....and Rose Royce prior to that. Alright Chase.............let's go.

Took less than 2 minutes to find this answer to this link:

Muy Caliente!

This past 4th of July weekend, the day before we all took off to BBQ burgers and hot dogs, a new spider-man movie came to town and our chief mechanic of the Pyl Big Board Stewdippin has his reaction.

Remember what TV was like way before HD. Sure you do. TV back then had variety and class, from cartoons to sitcom reruns, but game shows were the norm in its yesteryears. Now we show you why in our Game Show Live!......

Warp Ahead!

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a $100 gift certificate to the Starlight mall. I'll be there to play a lot of Arctic Thunder at the Cyberstation Arcade while I dine on Sbarro Pizza and get some books from Waldenbooks. Hope I see a hole in the entrance. 

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