Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

You know why Taylor Swift sings "I Knew You Were Trouble" meant at this blog, we don't cause it to happen.

-We cause a little mischief at the ratings
-We drop a dish at the news
-We run amok at what the fans thought at the upcoming Feud Marathon
-And I'll be naughty by my thoughts on Family Trade

GSN The Know. The Troublemaker that plays nice all day long.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baggage Breakfast Buffet
(theme fades out)

Hey there guys & girls, Pierre Kelly here to wrap up February as we tell you all about GSN in a nutshell. The Oscars caused from controversy despite being 3 hours and 30 minutes. We, however won't be doing any of that in 4 quarters, so let's get going. Hilty, the postcard, please....

Family Feud filled out slots from 1-10 and nothing else. Now let's go to the Razzies....

Card Sharks came out first but Password Plus and $100K Pyramid was next. After Baggage, 100K Pyramid came in next to last in a crowd of Feud. That ends the ratings, Hilty will now dress down.

It's the end of February, so let's honor those who are the yin & yang of GSN with Yay & Yawn. First the Yay:

It took a long while to get Chain Reaction back into the top 10 with a single airing. How did it do it? I don't know. So to my knowledge, it's just an airing. Now the Yawn:

DWTS. It seemed every winter Hell would freeze over and for some reason it seemed it would go away, but GSN didn't and they didn't pay attention. Burn those tapes for all it's worth!

Now the second quarter and if I'm not mistaken, March 11th would be the date that we....

Circle Your calendars. Family Feud would host a marathon. The host: Steve Harvey, of course. As for Family Trade, 2 shows will rerun once all week long. Give it twice a week. It would've happened. Moving along now...

Karn of Feud fame took his act to Calagary to do a play guessed it right...."Game Show." But teh real game show went to TABC.

By way of Buzzerblog, Rock Center on NBC got the story and the hype never wore off. As for the ad, let's talk about it in a new feature we call it: It ADs Up.

When I saw thw advert, all we saw are nuns...and a bluegrass group. Is this going to be a weird season or did casting come up with ingredients for why Team Intersession didn't make the cut in the first place? Also, with stunts invloved, did Guy Fieri show up to.....nevermind. Anyways, halftime is up and we end Lindsey Stirling Appreciation Month with........this.

Thank you Lindsey. Your talent never ceases to amaze us. Hey, guess who turned 5 yesterday?

That's right, because if you weren't invited to the bash, you definitely missed out. But you'll still earn virtual cash if you complete surveys, polls, searches and more all in the name of cash. So here's to Swagbucks and to the next 5 years of getting it.

Alright, let's continue with MTWI's return. One last glance to look at is the GSN FB page and when they got the word out, there were a few. David Sherman kicked it off with:

'"BEAT THE CLOCK" on crack is coming back.'

Um....of course. WIll Stevenson, you're up next.

"How about classic episodes of "The Price is Right" --PLEASE!!!!!!!" long as CBS gets with Fremantle to negotiate, we'll let you know. My friend Robert Seidelman has this....

"That would be a good Family block with new episodes of Minute to Win It, followed up with other family friendly fare with Supermarket Sweep and Shop Til You Drop. Also on Thursdays, you have The American Bible Challenge. That would make a really solid family friendly block of programming that would not only appease the main demographic group, but also the die-hards of the network as well."

I'll watch those. Donald WOmack, Jr. is next with his take on The Pyramid, a most recent revival for the network:

"GSN did a fine job with "The Pyramid" - but you had insanely ignorant 'celebrity' contestants, PLUS you trashed the Clark '80s theme and overdubbed some 'tv-stuff version'. Spend a dollar, make two. DUH."

That made the Pyramid fall like bricks. I almost forgot taht Million DOllar Password would be gone, with DED and Bible taking their place on Saturdays if that helps. Joyce Kircher to wrap it up and she is angry! Look out!

"same shows over and over and over again im sick of them .. sick of family feud all day and all n ight sick of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show the old game shows .. there are loads .. no you show the same crap every day over and over again .. and dancing with the stars is NOT a game show !!!!"

Looks liek chill pills for her. Now we freeze into the 4th quarter and we finish up Sex & ROmance month with this.....

Burt Luddin's Love buffet is a short-lived enenity hosted by John Cervenka playing Burt himself. Although it may be a Newlywed-Game clone to you & me, there's somehting else that didn't fit in GSN's lexicon and bylaws.....acting. That's because the backstage crew are actually actors and they find out what's going on when the cameras stop rolling. Even though it's taped in Los Angeles, it's fictionally in Vegas. Better yet, there was a vacation on the line for one couple. The show was the only sitcom/game show hybrid the network tried and failed that way.

Time to grab a clean plate and fill some more. This blog is a done deal.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it, email either or, tweet me @Johnny_Arcade, and on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.