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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mommy, where do all the cancelled game shows go?

(This web series is so haunted.....we can't tell you. Social Medium. The hot new web series now on Youtube.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Whether you are a redhead or a Red Sox fan, you're seeing a Red, White & Blue-owned station that you'll see what you read....once this blog is over. So put down your Gingerbread Spice Latte in that Red Starbucks coffee cup, set aside your leftover dinner from Red Lobster and let's read....something in.....

The Starting Line.

Some things never change. The primetime section of the network is constantly changing. One thing that hasn't changed.....the daytime section. We start with the morning hours.

8:00am Match Game: Despite an O'Hurley Feud experiment for one week in May 2015, unchanged since April 2013.
8:30am Match Game: Ever since GSN introduced 8am hour programming (2010), unchanged
9:00am Card Sharks: Unchanged since September 2014
9:30am Press Your Luck: Unchanged since September 2014
10:00am Card Sharks: Unchanged since June 2015
10:30am The $25,000 Pyramid: Unchanged since June 2015, but mainly a staple in this timeslot for about five years
11:00am Whammy!: Unchanged since June 2015
11:30am Whammy!: Unchanged since August 2015
Now look at this. Match Game at 7:30 CST has never been changed. How many classics have survived with a time slot like that? And since 2 months ago, A 10:30 CST showing of Whammy! was the most recent. Now to the afternoon hours.
12:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): Unchanged since October 2014
12:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): Unchanged since October 2014
1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): Unchanged since September 2013
1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): Unchanged since September 2013
2:00pm Catch 21: Unchanged since somewhere in 2009/10
2:30pm The Pyramid: Unchanged since 2013
3:00pm Chain Reaction (Lane): Besides a few short-lived interruptions (Deal or No Deal, Family Feud), unchanged since 2012.
3:30pm Chain Reaction (Lane): Besides the Thursday Catherwood rerun, Lane's Chin Reaction has been consistent in this timeslot since 2011.
4:00pm Deal or No Deal: Besides Dog Eat Dog for two weeks a couple months ago, unchanged since early 2014
5:00pm Deal or No Deal: Unchanged since Fall 2014
6:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): Besides The Pyramid, which only lasted eight weeks, unchanged since June 2012
6:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): Besides Lie Detectors, which only lasted one short week, unchanged since June 2012
7:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): Unchanged at 5 days a week since early 2014
7:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): Unchanged at 5 days a week since early 2014
Catch 21 is by far the only show to stay put in the 1:00 CST timeslot. Even Lane's CR seemed to have stayed there since 2011. and since last year, the most recent was Harvey Feud.
So next time you turn on GSN, look at what the morning and afternoon hours bring in.......small changes.
And after this timeout, Steampunk'd getting cancelled? We'll answer that question and a whole lot more. If you don't return after this break, Elizabeth South will come over to your house and duct tape you to a sofa in the living room and will sing to you the entire Frozen Soundtrack with Sara The Piano Gal accompanying it. Come back, won't you?
(song fades out)

No need to knock or ring the doorbell, because we're back in the door.
Last week's (October 26-November 1) GSN total viewer average was 347,000 viewers (all seven days 8-11pm ET) in primetime and 309,000 viewers in total day (All seven days, 8am-4am ET), according to TVNewser.

This is the lowest primetime average a GSN week has set since the week of October 13-19, 2014 (where the primetime average was 345K).
The real reason: Hellevator reruns on Friday. To make matters worse....
*GSN will air a rerun of Hellevator Friday at 11pm (in addition to the already scheduled 10pm rerun); replacing a rerun of The Chase

And That's starting this week. Another change is this....
*Family Feud will air Wednesday at 9pm and 9:30pm; replacing new runs of Idiotest
*New runs of Idiotest get moved to 10pm and 10:30pm (encore at 1am and 1:30am); replacing Family Feud
And there may be changes to both CS and DOND. Will that boost the averages to above normal? We'll see this month.
It seemed that Steampunk'd wanted to be like Skin Wars, but......GSN has decided to pull the plug and end this mess once and for all. The reason was it started out good, but it fell down to a season-low before rising back up again at a new time slot. I asked Scott Rahner of GSNN BlogSpot to tell us why it got outscored by Skin Wars and he said....
"I would say Skin Wars is "king" because it has RuPaul and Rebecca Romijn, who are both well known outside of the body painting world. Meanwhile, the most known on Steampunk'd was Jeannie Mai and I do not think she compares to the level of Romijn/RuPaul. The three judges on Steampunk'd were nobodies.

Steampunk'd was also darker than Skin Wars and focused on more contestant drama, which turned horrible when it came to ratings.

Skin Wars had two challenges per episode (both shot sometimes in one filming day) while Steampunk'd had one long one which consisted of three days of filming.

Skin Wars > Steampunk'd, obviously."
So there you go.
Thnaksgiving, as you know is right around the corner. The network has unveiled the marathons for its holiday week and
*On Thursday (Thanksgiving) from 5-9pm: Idiotest
*On Friday from 10am-8pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
*On Saturday latenight from 12am-3am: Hellevator (reruns)

*John O'Hurley's Family Feud will air Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12pm and 12:30pm; replacing the Harvey version for these four days only (and not the following weeks)
*Hellevator (8pm) and Idiotest (10pm and 10:30pm) will air in reruns on Wednesday night. The Hellevator rerun is from 10/28 and the Idiotest reruns are from 9/23/15
*GSN will also air a rerun of The Chase on Friday. The episode of The Chase originally aired 1/27/15.
Yep. Ben is coming over for the turkey and dressing over football. Also, while most of the people will camp out for Black Friday deals, Harvey Feud will be on all day. The day afterwards when you need to stay up before church in the morning, Hellevator will scare at you as if people used to watch B movies when you didn't have cable back then. O' Hurley Feud will make a one-week engagement at lunchtime and everything else will take a week off of new runs.
Idiotest will film the 3rd season on these days.....
Monday 11/9
Tuesday 11/10
Wednesday 11/11
Thursday 11/12
Tuesday 11/17
Wednesday 11/18
Thursday 11/19
Monday 11/23
Although it's not renewed yet, we'll let you know when it'll happen.
Of course, you know the slogan for this subchannel....
But I wanted to have some fun. My FB friend David Downs had these rejected slogans and I took 7 out of the 10 he did today. Keep in mind, this is what Buzzr is today IMO and why they should stop adding affiliated stations and add more episodes.  Music please, Lizi!
How about this one?
Try this....
Want more? How about this?
Here's one....
And last, but certainly not least and soon to be my all-time favorite....
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by It's more of....
Nanno-Vember. This time, our GTK Soda Girl is taking on a song Adele made for the first time in years.....and here you go.
Time to say goodbye to Christa....for one week and say hello to the 3rd period.
The reason why I named this title is because It's like asking mom for the curious questions when we were kids. The afternoon hours is where game shows go to die. As you walk into a graveyard, you see The Pyramid. All 38 of what was supposed to be 40 epsiodes. Also there is Chain Reaction. The Lane version has been doing it and garners the highest ratings of the afternoon. Should Catherwood's version not do well, the afterlife of what's supposed to be a revival of the once-glorious word game franchise will end up here. Also, Catch 21 as we told you earlier is there for years. Since 2013, DOND and Harvey Feud have all been the stars of the show. So there you have it. The afternoon hours. Where some GSN originals lay to rest in a not-so-grim environment Monday through Friday.
Time to hit the door. Today's blog is presented by sci-fi doors. Making it look like Star Trek, Star Wars, MST3K, Battlestar Galatica, Babylon 5 and the ASMR series Departure.
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