Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Who Broke My Buzzr?

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Buzzers and bells ring, and we're ready to listen. From Catherwood to Lane, it's a beautiful sight to see. Gone away is the old B&E library, but in comes Idiotest and Hellevator singing the praises to fans as time marches on. Let's walk through a GSN Wonderland beginning with.....

The Starting Line.

For this week, we will mostly focus our attention to Buzzr, the little horsepower engine that could. It seemed that the last time Buzzr did a special week was Labor Day when they did their "Lost & Found" promotion. Enter Halloween. Nothing Happened. Thanksgiving. That didn't happen. But we are in December. The network hinted this would happen....

Which led figuratively to this....

Yep. Everything Betty White throughout the month of December. Here to shed light on the subject, a doctor recommended by Dr. Mom, Dr. Buzzr.

VO: Dr. Buzzr is a graduate of Maple Heights Community College with a degree in game show classics. He is a lecturer in and around the Grimsborough area and contributed to many in the field of self-help for and He's been interviewed on many podcasts and has yet to appear in TV talk shows and daytime network morning shows. Dr. Buzzr is not an actual doctor, nor a Ph.D., in fact, he doesn't play one on TV. He's simply a game show fanatic who is a member of the Stephanie Thorpe foundation for New Media Excellence, the national Game & Reality foundation and the Stan Lee writers club. And now, coming from his office on the 6th floor of the Wilton-North building....Dr. Buzzr.
(song fades out)
Dr. Buzzr: Thank you Pierre Kelly. It seemed that the Buzzr channel is half a year old and they've tried to make marathons go. If they had Halloween their way, it would be a LMAD marathon. If Thanksgiving came, obviously a Family Feud marathon. But Buzzr didn't want those 2. Why? Because they wanted to avoid letting GSN have direct competition with it. But now Buzzr felt it was right to air a Christmas marathon with a well-known game show celebrity. I'm guessing New Year's Eve would be their next target. This has been Dr. Buzzr and I'm.....Dr. Buzzr.
VO: For a written transcript, please send $6.95 to:
(song stops)
Me: Thank you Dr. Buzzr for your insight.

Hang in there. After this, one GSN show gets nominated for an award. Come back or else.

(song fades out)

Had to build a snowman outside the building, but decided not to. Anyways back again and Hellevator as does Chain Reaction are up for either getting another season or packing its bags. But the former is nominated for a NATPE award for Reality Breakthrough. The others: @midnight, Billy On The Street, Celebrity Family Feud and Hollywood Game Night. Who ya got?

Here's something we didn't know about Hellevator.

 The Hellevator pilot actually did make it to air. That is, the episode labeled '1001' on November 18th where a trio of contestants won $51,000. This pilot was shot earlier in 2015 where the other seven episodes of Hellevator were filmed in the summer. The reason why the team won $51,000 is because producers had not decided on a maximum amount of winnings at the point.

Second, in the episode aired this past week (aired December 2nd), the doctor was called "Dr. Shigella" for a specific, inside reason. Shigella is a stomach illness that can last several days. When Hellevator was shooting its stretch of episodes, approximately a third of the Hellevator cast and crew got sick with Shigella. Production was delayed because of the epidemic of illness. 

Housecleaning note:

*Family Feud will air Tuesday at 10pm and 10:30pm; replacing Hellevator
*The Newlywed Game will air Friday at 1am and 1:30am; replacing Family Feud
*Additionally for this week (Sunday 12/13), Hellevator has been cut from Sunday primetime and replaced with Family Feud-same change as 12/6 above

And now to the reason you were glued to this blog is the answer to the question I teased you guys on Saturday. I, like some of you have Buzzr. I discuss it every now & then. Per contractual obligations, every time I book Christa Nannos for a blog date, I put up a promo for the network, in fact, I made a blog entitled "@ The Buzzr," but....It seemed the little horsepower engine tat could was thinking to themselves "I Think I Can," but the fan is thinking to themselves "I Think I'm getting a little upset on This." That's right, we figure out what is wrong with Buzzr? Our extended coverage begins with....

On a Saturday, David Downs had this picture....

What Fremantle was thinking was a lie. Scott Carpency had this to say....

"Who knew a Fremantle company wouldn't have access to Fremantle's property. What POS at Fremantle said we shouldn't let BUZZR have access to the entire library? BUZZR's taking a lot of the blame that likely should go to FMNA. Instead of taking the initiative to be a fresh diginet who continues to show "new" old content regularly, they represent themselves as another diginet who actually had to lease content from other distributors. Perhaps they're worse, but I couldn't tell you how many times individual episodes aired on Laff because I don't watch their shows. But, you get the idea."

He also says....

"Here's a stat. If BUZZR aired a different 30 minute episodes every minute the network has existed to this day, they wouldn't have gotten through 1/4th of the Fremantle library yet. While that's unnecessary, it shows how much Fremantle has and how much they could share with BUZZR, without "using up" their library. The point is, it would take BUZZR 2.25 years, or 27 months and 2 weeks to air the entire library before they would repeat one episode. Now that's a lot of potential. And FMNA won't give them more than a couple hundred shows."

(song stops)

Maybe we go over to Game show Follies to figure it out.

In it, Casey talks about the theories of Buzzr. dth1971 commented it up with....

"Why can't we do a net petition to BUZZR to stop this rerun abuse of classic game shows they have in rotation before the channel decides to cease for good in early 2016? Another way BUZZR can make a profit is to air in the late night hours for a few hours non game show related informercials like GSN does in the late night hours (And GSN has been airing informercials on late nights since 2008 in the middle of its 1997-1998 dark period when they temporary lost the Goodson-Todman library rights except for The Price is Right and 1994 Family Feud.

If BUZZR ceases in early 2016, there goes hope for the Bob Barker TPIR reruns to get clearance."

Now hold up. Buzzr can't be off the air next year. But he also says.....

"Something else to add: Would it be great (besides the informercial in late night hours) for BUZZR/Fremantle to do a KICKSTARTER and/or INDIEGOGO campaign to help raise money and profits so it can get more episodes of its game show library to air in the rotations (and less RERUN ABUSE too!) on BUZZR as long as the channel struggles to survive and not have its fate to cease in early 2016?

Of course, BUZZR can keep on weekends the non game show related E/! shows (Stanley on the Go, Dog Tales, and Animal Rescue) as long as the channel stays on the air and whether or not BUZZR airs late night non game show related informercials."

That may happen, but would it run a telethon where I & Angie Greenup host and have Tiffany Smith, Alicia Malone, Josh Macuga and others of the Youtube world man the phones for 12 hours and have performances like Shira Lazar singing a Ella Fitzgerald standard on top of a piano played by Sonya Belousova or Elspeth Eastman singing a power ballad from Meatloaf?

(crickets chirping)

No.....okay. But talks about it.,27398.msg344839.html#msg344839

In it, they have a theory as to why one GSN rep is dressed like a UPS guy delivering a box of 50 tapes to each show to leave on the doorstep of the Buzzr building, having somebody sign it and air it to create a channel all to avoid a lawsuit.,25476.msg438090.html#msg438090

Even the TPIR fansite known as Golden Road talks about why they repeat so many times. To figure out why, Buzzr needs to make a profit in order to get new ones on the air.

In conclusion: A digital subchannel that is now 6 months old has yet to make money. Look at Double Dare & Beat The Clock on Sunday nights. Do you know how many episodes they ran? 15. That was just it. Even $ale only ran 14 out of 15. Look, it's only 6 months old and MeTV makes a whole lot of money to get new ones on the air. With Comet & The Works just getting started, only time will tell to make a move for Buzzr to earn cash. Another thing: Adding more stations. Recently, they put in Austin, TX., which is home to Rooster Teeth and the Anomaly Podcast. It'll be a matter of time to pull something out of their pocket to get new ones on the air.

Now the 2nd intermission presented by With the award show set for next week, we have a couple of acts that hail form Utah. So let's have a 2-week connection to the Beehive State. Utah has many famous people who are considered Mormons. One of them is Sara Arkell, alias The Piano Gal. Only 13 years old, she took party in a Frozen piano duet with Jason Lyle Black, who will perform next week. Right now, she's with Maddie Wilson of "The Voice" for an Amy Grant classic. Enjoy.

Breathe in. It's the 3rd period.

Time once again for.....


#3 seems to be an epic of biblical proprtions....

The American Bible Challenge was a 3-season wonder Jeff Foxworthy took on. Who knew that a biblical game show on a non-religious channel would be a hit? In it, three teams of 3 answered things about the bible and sometimes pop culture in a race for $100,000 for their charity, not their own cash. The first 2 will have all 3, then 2 for the next 2, only 1 for the elimination round and a Bible Study showdown about a given subject in 60 seconds to answer as many as possible. As of that wasn't enough, they added in Kirk Franklin to help lead the choir. This became one of the biggest hits in GSN's history. TABC rings in a prayer at....


And then there were 2. The Chase & Lingo. Who will be #1? Keep on this blog next week to see who'll come out on top. Also, we'll announce the winners of 2015's GTK Know-It-All Awards. It's a great way to end 2015 right.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with our GTK Soda Girl Christa Nannos wishing you all a happy holiday song. Play on, playas.

(song fades out)