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-Your reactions to the ratings and the show itself....
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Overtime #19: Really, reality?

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Why hello there everyone. Overtime is right there where you find it and I'm Pierre Kelly.  With more of our 20th birthday to GSN, we countdown 5 reality shows that made the air, and by reality, I meant shows with an outside ascpect and inolve some gameplay, talking to the cameras figuring out what happened get the idea.

5. Dancing With The Stars

I put it at the bottom of the list, because everyone wanted to watch new episodes, rather than see reruns of a previous one. It was on weekends at first, but was trimmed away week after week was gone. Keep it mind, this was 2012 and nobody wants to watch coupels dance from recycled seasons. Ain't that right?

4. Skin Wars

Next to last on the list because bodypainting is what made it a phenomenon. We were thinking "Skip It," but everybody else was like....alright, I'll take it. With a summer release, when will the madness stop?

3. Family Trade

One season was this: Trade in anything for a car. Yes, all your video games and computers and TVs for a car. Apparently, they were like.......nope.

2. American Dream Derby

If you thought horse racing had it good, then it involved a competition to see which horse racer walked away with the top horse racing of course.

and the top reality show is.......

The Amazing Race!

Last time I checked, it was on at the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, it went to 90 minutes or 2, but it followed the same set of rules and won a lot of Emmys and guess what? It's still here on CBS and ain't going nowhere.

And with that, it ends our program. We have the rest of April ahead, so keep it on this blog for more GSN goodness. Play on playas!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Go Lie down, Meghan Trainor!

(Don't distract youself from social media. Give social media what the comedians are talking about on @midnight. Mon-Thurs. on Comedy Central. After all, it is a social distraction.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: And it's time to light up this bad boy like Times Square in New York City. Thanks for shining with us, children. Let's shine this sucker up with....

The Starting Line.

Last year, we lost 2 emcees in the course of 2 weeks. They are Jim Lange & Geoff Edwards, but the former wanted to do a tribute in his memory. Steven Leblang, VP of Program Planning at GSN fired an email to other VPs in the company. Scriptor will type it in:

"We have eight episodes of Dating Game in house and ready to air with Sony OK. They include episodes from the original 60s ABC run plus the syndicated 70s revival Jim hosted that feature guests such as Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Tom Selleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Martin.
We also have usable episodes of Bullseye and Hollywood Connection, two other Sony-owned series which Jim hosted post-Dating Game.
The proposal on the table is to do a five-hour, 10-episode marathon from 8 AM-1 PM one weekday morning next week that would feature this product and any memorial spots which we understand [Chad Mallam, then VP of On-Air Programming]’s team is already in the process of producing. We would rely exclusively on digital and social media, as well as any press we believe we could message, to get the word out.
In order for this to happen, we would need a one-time waiver from Sony to allow us to air these episodes which are currently out of license. We believe that given our unique place in the TV landscape and our recent similar tributes to the likes of Dick Clark, Richard Dawson and Marcia Wallace this is something we should do."

Well, all they showed was the "Dating Game" marathon.....and that was it. All in all, it felt like a grim awakening for fans, and that scrapped plans for future tributes to make more money for the new style. Welp, there goes your tributes to dead people, fans.

Just after the break, what we thought of Lie Detectors and yet another morning change. Don't turn out the lights, keep it on and keep it here.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

Back in the bomb shelter for this apocalypse of GSN fun. This past Monday saw the start of Lie Detectors in which you had to pick the truth from 3 comics to win $1000 and be faster than Jeff Gordon and get them all right to pick the true story from the same 3 comics in order to win.............................$5000. Yes. 5 Gs. The last time I checked, "That's The Question" gave it away. Why would they give out an amount like this? To shed some light on it, here's a review haiku:


(Song stops)

Now we let others do it in the....

The review.....revue. Scott Rahner of GSNN Blogspot has this to say:

I would have liked Lie Detectors more if every round, a contestant got up and there was a giveaway with cash, even just $1,000 and then a $5,000 endgame. That would have been more of a game show.

I agree and X gets the square. Casey abell of GSF says:

The main problem with the show is that the pace seemed to lag. The audience just sat around while the comics did their shtick. There wasn't any back-and-forth questioning like on the show I've already mentioned a couple times. The good thing is that the stories were occasionally funny, and the comics - all of them unknown to me - were likable enough (as Obama once said about Hillary).

Yep. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

(song stops)

Numberator also tells me that 282K viewers watched the debut of this new show. Well if you want to endlessly rerun the program paired with 2012 Pyramid by the time the season's over, you're looking at it.

However, one bit of house cleaning came in the morning time and it was.....

John O'Hurley's Family Feud will air in the 8am timeslot Monday through Friday; replacing Match Game. Match Game remains at 8:30am.

For realzies? If GSN were to replace it with Match Game from 1990. 1998 and it's unwatchable, but I've said it before and I will say it again: Classics can't kill people, ratings every single morning kills people. Would you rather watch Trivia Trap over O' Hurley Feud? You can. But I'm glad they went with it and Karn Feud would've been a top pick if they had to go with the first 2 seasons at the very least. But if they chose Anderson Feud......well, it's a different story. Now we have 90 minutes.....90 COTTON PICKIN' MINUTES OF CLASSICS! Now you're making the whole thing unwatchable. I will say this in declaration that on the week of April 20th, that Game Show Network, 20 Years and running..........has jumped the shark.

Time to catch my breath for a moment and let actress Anna Lore recite this poem:

Hey, I just met you...

And this is crazy....

So here's my Eggsstractor....
Comment it, Maybe?
Thanks Anna for making us all fuzzy & tingly inside.
Okay, we start with Lexie Guerrero with this desperate plea:
Really? Are you serious? Why can you fire somebody and decided to put the whole B&E library, the whole Bob Stewart Library and the Merv Griffin tapes to make it 24 hours over the Buzzr network, hello? J. Tipler has this:
"So with Lie Detectors leaving the schedule in about a month, Baggage and Newlywed about burnt out, classics waving bye-bye, let's have a look at what we have to fill 140 hours per week. You decide how to divide up this pie between FaHarvily Feud, Chase, Idioitest and Church. 4 shows and 7 days, no problem. I wish the best for GSN but something has to give very soon."
To calculate, it'll take the rest of April, all May and some of June to have new LD come in before reruns take over. Both those 2 modern shows need to chill out for a bit and have the Wilson version of TNG and syndie DOND come in before finally returning. Ok, let's make it more fun with:

Carni-Poll. A coaster city where the fangirls flail and squeal and bump and grind.
What will the ratings be for 'Lie Detectors' (premieres April 20th, 6:30pm ET)?
40% knew it and they were right. Under 300K viewers. Guess it pays to see the ratings, huh?
Did you watch the premiere of 'Lie Detectors'?
62% didn't, but 37% did. Really?
Only if you watched, how would you review 'Lie Detectors' on a scale of 1 to 5?
36% thought it was a very poor show. And I thought MOAM was very poor, too.
In the year 2015, what should the barrier be for classic game shows?

52% say it's pre-1990. Buzzr can't get here fast enough next month.

Will 'It Takes a Church' get a third season?

67% don't want it. Good for them.

Will 'The Chase' get a fifth season?

82% want to keep chasing. Last query:

Will 'Idiotest' get a third season?

71% want to continue watching Ben's charm and the outrageous puzzles.....maybe they're logical like Supertramp.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by The USC Sirens make their return to the blog for the continutation of April Acapella Awareness Month and this song:

Time to shake out the 3rd period.

Time once again for.....


Well, we're halfway through the countdown and next week, it's the top 10. But first, let's recap the shows 20-11. Let's go, Speakerbox!


19: As Seen On









And there you have it. (song ends)

Next week, we start........The top 10.

Guess it's time to call in Lauren Pierce, Felicia Day and Cooper Harris for a swan song this week. Today's blog is presented by the Kylie Jenner Challenge. Making Miranda Sings look silly.

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