Thursday, January 5, 2012

COming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know:

  • Malconent's got the numbers and he ain't afraid to use it in the Ratings Report
  • Carnie Wilson's weight Problems??? Why she should've stuck to Jenny Craig
  • Poll on a Pole: Will you be watching DWTS this month?
  • Occupy DWTS!!!! Why people say they're against reruns of it
  • And my take on why you won't see the most recent version of Feud on Antenna TV thanks to this poster.
It's all coming at ya Jan. 10th. So come dressed as you are, come be informative and entertained and be in the know, that is....GSN The Know. Bring some Starbucks frapps, too.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GSN The Know: Premiere Day!!!!

(theme fades out)

Thank you, boys & girls, and I want to be the first to welcome you to GSN The Know. A blog designed to know everything about GSN. I got hooked on the network at my cousin Reggie's house and that was a taste of what's to come. When my family moved to Cherokee Heights in a 2-floor house, we got digital and I was definitely on it. It carried me all the way to Fox Meadows until it got cut off for money reasons. That was teh era in which Game Show Network became GSN. My family moved once again in 2006 to Bartlett getting Directv on ch. 309, and that's where we have it today, and I get to share some of the GSN love with you. Helping me on the set is Christoper Parker, producer #1, who brings up the videos and works the audio for the show. Roxanne Simmers will be my story-catcher in the 2nd quarter and brings in some more from other websites and....

(Alicia brings in pan pizza and root beer)

Well, well, well, It's Alicia, in braces who's my server for today, because we are taped live in the Video Arcade Lounge, right across from a strip mall in the middle of nowhere on an outstretched highway in the USA. We can't tell you where in the USA, but you'll need a GPS for that. I am Pierre Kelly, I'll be your yeoman purser, tour guide, mathemetician and philosopher to everything GSN. We start the premiere show with the first quarter, and we bring in Malcontent. He's a robot who spits out numbers from last week. It's time for....THE RATINGS REPORT!!!! Malcontent, do your stuff.

The top ten first: The question on everybody's mind was "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" and on the week before the 2-week holiday binge, it did, getting 2 of the top 3 slots and #5 with Family Feud sandwiched in between 2 Newlywed game episodes and Baggage. Now teh bottom 10:

The Dawson version of Feud start out first and the B&W block made viewers want to go to sleep, but Match game round otu the final 4 spots. That does it for the Ratings report. Malconent, leave.

(malcontent leaves)

Tinme now for News, Notes and Andedotes. First, Buzzerblog sent a report that shocked the world. It reads:

Primnetime Schedule Changes Starting January 23

"On January 23rd Family Feud is moving to Monday primetime for their nightly marathon. Tuesday stays Newlywed Game. Wednesday stays Baggage. Thursday stays Deal or No Deal. On Fridays, Fifth Grader will air from 3PM to 6PM. Dancing With the Stars will air on the nightly marathons, from 6PM to 4AM. Dancing With the Stars will also air Saturdays from 6PM to 4AM and Sundays from 1PM to 6PM. Fifth Grader still airs Sunday nights."
Say it freakin' ain't so. Feud used to be on Sautrdays, but now it's on Monday. Does that mean we get to skip Raw for this? Also, Fifth Grader will be on in the afternoons. Okay, that's fine when you get off work and party after a hard week, but DWTS all weekend????  Can't there be a channel devoted entirely to it???

(siren wails)

What's this now? Oh, it's the Dead Body Report. First time on the premiere episode where we review dead celebrities from Bobby The Barin's Forensics Lab. This week's dead pool goes to: Kaye Stevens. A panelist on Match Game, seen on GSN, She also sang solo at such venues as Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and the Plaza Hotel's Persian Room in New York. She was also with the Rat pack....not the Brothers Grunt, the Rat Pack. She was 79 after losing a longtime battle with breast cancer and blood clots. ANd the 2nd quarter comes to an end. Sticking with the brothers Grunt, enjoy this halftime video:

Let's start the 3rd quarter. Earlier, we told you about the schedule changes and here's what you have to say in...Says What? One poster says:

"Amy Introcaso-Davis is Kelly Goode in disguise or is it Kelly Goode wearing a Amy Introcaso-Davis disguise suit/costume?"

Take your pick. Doesn't matter. However, one poster says:

"25 hours the first weekend of DWTS? It would be gone the next week for toilet ratings... "
Can You say....disaster???

That leads us to some DWTS talk, one poster says:

"With the hefty amount of money GSN likely forked over for DWTS, there is no way that they would just keep the show on the schedule for just a week or two, even if the ratings were poor. GSN is going to try to get as much as they can out of the show. Just look at Improv-a-Ganza; the show was a ratings nightmare and yet they still aired it for much longer than it should have been kept on just because they needed to "get their money's worth" so to speak."

But who knows how long it will stay? Maybe it'll be a hit like Fifth Grader did recently. How about this poster? Any plans for watching DWTS?

"Now, I have no plans to watch DWTS. If you guys don't want this show on GSN for long, then please do yourselves a favor and don't watch it. We need actual game shows like Supermarket Sweep and Shop 'Til You Drop on GSN, NOT crap like DWTS. Spread the word if you want to. Tell people you know that watch this channel to not watch DWTS. I've already done my part."

Agreed. To top it off, it's this poster:

"Two words to GSN, their acquisition of DWTS, and the DWTS commercials: F*** YOU!"

Praise the lord. End of 3rd quarter and now it's time for the final quarter called the 1-minute Warning. This is the chance where I get off my chest and say something to youse guys. The topic of this Warning is....rerun abuse.

I want to talk to you about a concern to many GSN fans, and it all boils down to just two words: Rerun Abuse. It seems that every month or so, they want to run an episode of Deal Or No Deal and it's scaring people to death. But why Rerun Abuse? Well, it's statement is to run all 4 seasons of DOND in a month and a half's notice. But take for instance "power of 10." There were 16 shows taped with 2 left unseen. "Million Dollar Password" on the other hand has 10 shows with 2 left unseen. Any show with 40 episodes along with taht is way beyond extreme abusing and that's just nuts. Look, with Match Game '74 and '75 stuck, Card Sharks in 1978 and '86 and the Pyramid in 1985, don't you think GSN needs a new lease of shows? With DWTS set to take over the weekend this month, can we stand up and whine about repeats repeating in the forums? We'll have to see and once DWTS is gone, maybe the rerun abuse will go away for good.

Whad ya Know? It's time for your old friend, Pierre Kelly to disappear, but I'll be back next week with more stuff. But before I go, please add me on FB:!/pierre.j.kelly

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