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-And a relationship disaster.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How Old did you date someone?

This stranded Castaways.......

The Four......removes one......

And why is age a factor in dating? All this and......

Why is Nick Foles catching Tom Brady cheating on his wife?


Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Madi2TheMax and this of course is  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.   

Do you a ghost island? Survivor does.

CBS announced today the 20 castaways who will compete against each other on SURVIVOR when the Emmy Award-winning series returns for its 36th season with a special two-hour premiere, Wednesday, Feb. 28 (8:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

This edition, themed "Ghost Island," features 20 new castaways divided into two groups of 10, and centers around the bad decisions of past players. In a new twist, players may be sent to a separate haunted island filled with Survivor relics from the previous 35 seasons of the show. The question is: will these new players be able to learn from the past mistakes of others and "reverse the curse," or will the past come back to haunt them? Showcasing the series' extensive history, Ghost Island is filled with real idols and advantages from previous seasons, including from Brazil, China, Africa and Australia, serving as a haunted graveyard for unfortunate choices made by former players.

"SURVIVOR continues to be a complicated game of social politics and everything rests on one's ability to make the right decision at the right time," said Executive Producer and Host Jeff Probst. "This season, Ghost Island serves as a constant reminder that one bad decision can haunt a player forever."

These new castaways will be forced to compete against each other with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in an attempt to become the Sole Survivor. The show is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst. This season's castaways include an Army veteran, a social media strategist, an emergency medical technician and a marine animal trainer.

The following are the 20 castaways competing this spring.

- Angela Perkins, 42 Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Army Veteran
- Chelsea Townsend, 24 Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah EMT
- Desiree Afuye, 21 Hometown: Newark, N.J. Student
- Kellyn Bechtold, 31 Hometown: North Manchester, Ind. Career Counselor
- Morgan Ricke, 29 Hometown: New Albany, Ind. Marine Animal Trainer
- Bradley Kleihege, 26 Hometown: Haslett, Mich. Law Student
- Chris Noble, 27 Hometown: Florida Keys, Fla. Male Model
- Domenick Abbate, 38 Hometown: Nesconset, N.Y. Construction Supervisor
- Sebastian Noel, 22 Hometown: Melbourne, Fla. Fishing Guide
- Wendell Holland, 33 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. Furniture Designer

- Jenna Bowman, 23 Hometown: Detroit, Mich. Account Executive
- Laurel Johnson, 29 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. Financial Consultant
- Libby Vincek, 24 Hometown: Houston, Texas Social Media Strategist
- Stephanie Gonzalez, 26 Hometown: Ocala, Fla. via Puerto Rico Graphic Sales
- Stephanie Johnson, 34 Hometown: Boise, Idaho Yoga Instructor
- Brendan Shapiro, 41 Hometown: Herndon, Va. Physical Education Teacher
- Donathan Hurley, 26 Hometown: Phelps, Ky. Caretaker
- Jacob Derwin, 22 Hometown: Merrick, N.Y. Music Teacher
- James Lim, 24 Hometown: Los Angeles Business Analyst
- Michael Yerger, 18 Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn. Real Estate Agent

SURVIVOR is hosted by Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by S.E.G. Holdco., LLC. Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst are executive producers.

For more detailed information on SURVIVOR and the castaways, log on to

After this commercial word, What's 4 minus 1? 

That's...............when Game Show Live! returns.

(fade to break)

Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive.....

A bouquet of flowers from Valentine's day is next week, so surprise her with Whether it's your birthday or any day, is the one for giving your loved one something nice.  Now back to our Pollenator-Inator...Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back.  Later on, was the beef for a UK boxing match fake, and if so, did they act like pro wrestlers?

(song stops)

It's the Funky Four....Minus one? 

That's right, It’s official: Charlie Walk will not appear in the finale of Fox’s musical competition show The Four. His attorney Patricia Glaser released a statement on Walk’s behalf confirming the news Deadline heard was coming:

"Out of respect for the contestants, my fellow judges and everyone involved with the show, I have made the decision not to attend the finale of The Four. I do not want my presence to be a distraction. Needless to say this is very upsetting. Although I continue to support the ‘Me Too’ movement, there has been an extreme rush to judgment against me in this particular case which is unfair and inconsistent with anything that even actually happened. I welcome any investigation so that in short order these unfounded and hurtful accusations can be put to rest.” – Charlie Walk

Walk will be in tonight’s episode, which was pretaped, but he won’t appear on the show’s season finale, which airs February 8 at 8 PM.

Earlier today, the record company exec was suspended by his Universal Music Group label Republic Records as Deadline reported a second woman has came forward with claims of inappropriate conduct by Walk. The music giant had conducted an investigation after Life Lab founder Tristan Coopersmith went online earlier this week to describe an escalating pattern of alleged inappropriate behavior by Walk when he was at Sony Music.

The Four winner will still be rewarded a record deal with Republic Records as previously announced. The executives assigned to work with the winner will be determined by the label. The winning singer also will get career guidance from the other three experts, Sean Combs, DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor.

Chris Harrison is no stranger to hyping up moments on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Known for his go-to tease about the "most dramatic" episode ever — a promise he has consistently made across the ABC franchise's 20-plus seasons — Harrison, as both the host and a producer, relies on the upcoming show being able to one-up the drama each season so his phrase continues to hold weight.

With the forthcoming Bachelor Winter Games spinoff, Harrison has perhaps made his biggest promise yet.

"The whole show overall, I could not have been happier the way it turned out," he said on Thursday during a press call. "I’ve seen the first couple of episodes. It may be some of the best television we’ve ever produced — which scares me because now, instead of a one-off, we might be doing this every winter now."

He later doubled down, saying to those who don't tune in: "You will probably miss out on the best television of the year."

Winter Games will unite American and international stars of the Bachelor franchise when it launches Feb. 13 on ABC. The Olympics-timed spinoff will air across two weeks, running simultaneously with the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games, which will be airing over on NBC, and will finale Feb. 22. In total, 26 eligible singles will be competing for love in winter-themed challenges, trading in the sunny California Bachelor mansion, hopefully, to bundle up together at a Vermont ski resort. Of the cast, 12 recognizable stars hail from the U.S. franchise; the other 14 participants are stars in their own Bachelor outposts of Switzerland, Japan, Australia, China, Canada, Sweden, Finland and the U.K. Despite the competition aspect, Harrison assured The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday: "One thing that we agreed is that no matter what we do, Bachelor Winter Games has to be about relationships at the end of the day."

While the Super Bowl came this past Sunday.....This happened.

HQ Trivia, the fast-growing and controversial interactive game-show app, edged further into the mainstream on Sunday, airing a commercial on NBC just three minutes before the Super Bowl broadcast began.
The spot, in keeping with the online game's off-kilter aesthetic, featured a 12-second clip of a woman screaming in excitement followed by a screen showing the app's logo. The source: a video, posted on Twitter last month, featuring Lauren May, a young woman who won $11.30 playing the trivia game and celebrated with disproportionate gusto.
Though HQ's parent company, New York-based startup Intermedia Labs Inc., has already raised $8 million and is in negotiations to raise additional capital at a valuation of about $100 million, the company didn't dip into its cash reserves to pay for the ad.
Super Bowl commercials have been going for around $5 million this year for 30 seconds, but this one cost HQ nothing at all. NBC gave the spot to Intermedia for free. When asked about the price of the ad, an Intermedia spokeswoman indicated that no money had changed hands for the spot. "HQ Trivia does not do any paid advertising or marketing," she said. She declined to comment on how the company got the ad for free.
Why would NBC give away valuable ad time to a startup with only about 30 employees, especially one it competes with? Comcast Corp., parent company of NBCUniversal, didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but the surprise freebie gives credence to speculation that the two companies may be pursuing a possible partnership, an investment deal, or both.
HQ's host, comedian Scott Rogowsky, appeared this afternoon during the network's pregame coverage, and earlier this week, Intermedia hired Brandon Teitel, a former NBCUniversal executive, as the company's head of programming and partnerships.
A deal with Intermedia would be an enticing prize for Comcast, which, like all big media companies, has been looking for ways to reach millennials. In the span of just a few months, HQ has managed to attract live audiences each night that are on par with the biggest online broadcasts. HQ's shows, which air weekdays at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. New York time, have been routinely attracting more than 1 million concurrent viewers. At the end of last month, it attracted its largest audience to date: 1.6 million viewers. (For a sense of why that's impressive, consider that last year's Super Bowl broadcast on Fox attracted an average online audience of 1.7 million viewers.)
Intermedia Chief Executive Officer Rus Yusupov told Bloomberg Businessweek in January that the company plans to eventually create an interactive streaming television network on mobile phones.
HQ's Super Bowl coup came just days after a controversy over the company's other co-founder, Colin Kroll, flared up on Twitter. After Recode reported that Intermedia was close to raising money from Founders Fund, the venture capital firm started by Peter Thiel, the hashtag #deleteHQ was briefly trending on Twitter, as activists reacted to the possible involvement of a supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump and the fact that Kroll had been accused of "creepy" behavior while he worked at Twitter. In December, Lightspeed Venture Partners, HQ's first investor, said it had investigated the behavior but didn't find evidence of any wrongdoing.
According to a person familiar with the negotiations between Intermedia and Founders Fund, Thiel has had no personal involvement in the deal, which would include a $15 million investment, led by Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister. The person, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private, said that Banister conducted her own investigation and came away satisfied. On Twitter Friday, Banister implied it was unfair to assume that Thiel was directly involved in the deal. "Throughout my career journalists have on the one hand decried the lack of females in VC/tech and on the other consistently attributed my work, as a female VC, angel and entrepreneur, to my male colleagues," she wrote.

Cash Show and The Q, can you top this?

AJ Styles, you might have this on your hands.

NBC has partnered with Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia to produce a new large-scale physical competition series "The Titan Games," which will feature Johnson. The 10-episode series from Universal Television Alternative Studio ("World of Dance"), A. Smith & Co. Productions ("American Ninja Warrior") and Seven Bucks Productions ("Rock the Troops") will offer everyday people the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in epic head-to-head challenges designed to test mind, body and heart.
Inspired by Johnson's desire to motivate global audiences to reach their potential for greatness, the competition welcomes men and women who are strong enough to believe in themselves and simultaneously confident enough to test their own abilities by taking on physical challenges of epic proportions. "The Titan Games" will not only test the competitors' physical strength, but also their mental and emotional endurance. Taking place in a thrilling arena, determination will be rewarded as a new breed of heroes will emerge.
The announcement was made today by Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment and Meredith Ahr, President, Universal Television Alternative Studio.
"Dwayne's passion and drive for excellence, coupled with his inherent knowledge of all things physical, make him uniquely qualified to partner with us for "'The Titan Games,'" Telegdy said.
Added Ahr: "As master of ceremonies, Dwayne's contagious and uplifting energy will motivate and inspire our competitors as they get their own moments in the sun and unearth their inner champions."
"We wanted to create a new kind of athletic competition unlike anything ever attempted before," said Johnson, co-founder of Seven Bucks Productions. "'The Titan Games' will challenge competitors to succeed in ways no one thought possible while entertaining the whole world at the same time."
"With 'The Titan Games,' we wanted to create a platform that would allow competitors of the highest caliber to be tested on multiple levels, to grow, to battle for success and ultimately be given their moment in the spotlight," said Garcia, co-founder of Seven Bucks Productions. "We have found the perfect collaborators in NBC, Universal Television Alternative Studio and A. Smith & Co. Productions to bring this all to life."
"'The Titan Games' will not only be an athletic spectacle, but will intertwine compelling storylines with new heroes that viewers will fall in love with," said Arthur Smith, CEO of A. Smith & Co. Productions. "We're looking forward to working with our long-time collaborators at NBC and teaming up with the one and only Dwayne Johnson and Seven Bucks Productions team to bring this unparalleled television series to life."
In each episode, competitors from across America will step inside an electrifying arena and put themselves to the ultimate test by facing one of six reigning Titans. They will battle their opponents in remarkable feats that will require both mental stamina and physical strength. If a contender can defeat one of the existing Titans, they will take their place as a member of the elite Titan group. However, winning is just the start in this arena. Once one becomes a Titan, they will need to be victorious every week to remain at the top. The season finale will end with an epic battle where the Titans compete against one another in hopes to become the last male and female standing. The nationwide search has begun.
If you're motivated, athletic and willing to push yourself beyond your limits, you could have the opportunity of a lifetime, courtesy of Dwayne Johnson. For those who think they have what it takes, visit
"The Titan Games" is produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions in association with Universal Television Alternative Studio and Seven Bucks Productions. Dwayne Johnson, Arthur Smith, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Brian Gewirtz and Toby Gorman will serve as executive producers for the series.

John Davidson, former host of Hollywood Squares, or Joooooooooohhhnnnnn Davidson, if you're Shadoe Stevens,  along with That's Incredible! and The $100,000 Pyramid, will present a night of classic game shows on Saturday, February 10 at 8 p.m. ET. The three-hour retro block will begin with MATCH GAME and end with two episodes featuring Davidson as a contestant on What's My Line? and I've Got A Secret. And for even more John, you can watch him co-host Game Show Network's daily lottery giveaway, Daily Draw, every weeknight at 7 p.m. ET leading up to Saturday.

8 - 9 PM Match Game
9 - 10 PM Dawson Family Feud
10 PM What's My Line?
10:30 PM I've Got a Secret

Now we move on to.....

Buzz-GSN where we ask you guys on the GSN facebook page everything and anything.

Kathy Schutt will begin with......

"GSN, please remove the wide green and yellow vertical lines that are on either side of the screen. They are very distracting from enjoying the classic shows. Thank you for considering my suggestion."

Don't you own an HDTV? 

Next is Michael Yates.

"I have to say that I am sad that you guys changed Saturday night classics. My mom looked forward to watching Press your Luck on there."

It's still on. Bob Wooten will go next.

"When is GSN going to air new shows of The Chase or replace it with another show. The constant repetition of The Chase is getting very old and boring (I have all of the answers memorized)."

It's off the air in 2015 and has been rerun abused weekdays. Never said that in a long time. Next is Christoper Ryan with this plea: 

"Please rid of the green and yellow bars during Dick Clark's Pyramid game show. And other shows too."

Is GSN trying to fit the screen with that? Next goes Betty Roberts.

"I watch the game show network a lot! Love it—new shoes & old! But if I have to see the ad for Ala Carte TV one more time I will be tempted to give up GSN. A few days ago I counted 7 times that morning! One time it came on 2 times in 10 minutes!"

That makes it.......14. Jamie Hilton Smith will close it out.

"Please go back your old format to when you first started.....that's what made everyone fall in love with you in the first place. We miss the classics like Scrabble Wheel of Fortune with the shopping rounds price is right Tic tac dough and even Hollywood Squares. Please please please go back to this format i know y'all get thousands of letters every week. But please there is only enough Steve Harvey on family feud we can stand. We don't need no 5 hours during the week and 6 hours on the weekend when you can be airing other classic game shows during that time. I'm game show fanatic and it disappoints me that you show so many hours of Steve Harvey and family fued when you can be airing the classic game shows during that time frame."


Time for a Gamestop Game Break. Answer a question and you will cross this bridge: Can You.....Sqramble This?

Hint: The WB had a drama set in this city.

Figure that one out after a Google Play Music interlude, because in honor of the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl, here's our Remote Control redhead Christa Nannos with..................this.

Hope you weren't asleep on this answer: 

It has become the oldest city in Georgia. 

We'll get to our last segment in a minute, but first, our Game show gypsy queen has this for you:

They say good love is hard to find.....but.....

most dates end in a disaster. Introducing.....

Relationship Disasters. A month of disastrous TV shows involving dating.
Today's relationship disaster:  Age of Love. 

What if it doesn't matter what you date as long as how old you are? Age of Love proved it in 2007. 

The show featured 30-year-old Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis as he looked for love among a group of women ranging in age from their early 20s to their late 40s.

Wonder why age is divided?

well, The contestants were divided in two age groups. The "kittens" were the women in their 20s, while the "cougars" were the women in their late 30s to late 40s. Each week Philippoussis would accompany one or two of the women on a private date, and at the end of each episode would ask all but one of the women if they would continue to see him. The rejected woman would be eliminated; this continued each week until just one remained. For the show's season finale, the final three contestants flew to Philippoussis' hometown of Melbourne, Australia to meet his family.  

But there was a problem: Critics noted Philippoussis was closer in age to the twenties than the forties. He was only three to nine years older than the "kittens", while nine to 18 years younger than all of the "cougars".[2] 

Now the aftermath. 

After the last episode of the show, Philippoussis refused to comment on the outcome of the relationship, stating that he was "concentrating on tennis".[3] However, in a radio interview which aired on November 28 in Australia, he did state he was "currently single"[citation needed], and in February 2008 had been seen with model Siobhan Parekh.[4][5] It was announced on October 26, 2009 that Philippousis was engaged to actress Jennifer Esposito,[6] but had split by August 2010.[7]
In 2009 it was revealed that Salinas and Philippoussis had stayed together for five months after meeting on the show. They split amicably in September 2007. 

Proving once again age ain't nothing but A......

Relationship Disaster.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Settling grudges since 1964.

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