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On The next GSN The Know....
-The aftermath of Door 3 and fan reactions....
-Follow-up on the 2016 upfronts.....
-And is the $25,000 Pyramid going away in my opinion?
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bodypainting's not Dead......yet.....

(think eHarmony is out of tune? Rock on with The perfect melody for any Disney fan, even if you're not.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: You've just hit you head, fell into a hole known as GSN The Know. It's neither an animal nor a's a blog, dummy. But GSN is what you call a party animal while eating on your Fish o filet sandwich. So put the dog out in the yard, put away your Sweet & spicy Doritios and listen to a human animal feed your GSN mind in.....

   The Starting Line.

It's more of.....

Door 3: The Closing of a Door.

(song fades out)

With September of 2015 in tow, Lauren Elise joined Door 3 and the School girl edition of 4 Facts, ! Lie had these stats. Numberator:

Over 200 likes were oppsed to 3000 dislikes. 3000 thumbs going down. Hmmm......what did they not like about the new host? The Taylor Swift one she did had 300 dislikes. A little better but that sealed death. The last true video with variety was...........this.

That was the nail in the coffin and next week, we'll give you the aftermath, but back to its death. Loryn Powell left the company when this came on Facebook....

"Industry friends: my role as senior producer/head writer/host of age-restricted challenge videos has come to an end. Do you or someone you know need a potty-mouthed blonde with butter-knife sharp wit and the comedic timing of Michelle Tanner? My expertise include writing inappropriate jokes that will probably get cut and making the sound guy uncomfortable when putting on my mic. I am also fluent in millennial speak and can seamlessly work phrases such as "Bye Felicia", "on fleek", and "truffle butter" into any conversation."

Everybody else did leave temporarily to the unemployement line especially Lauren who automatically left that month, but the real story came from Trisha Paytas. She of course, was the Sexpert, but our cameras went into our home and here's what happened to it.

That was it for Door 3. Next week, the aftermath and what the fans thought.

After this timeout, we reveal the Skin Wars 3 contestants. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll take my pet pterodactyl Dragon for a fly around midtown Grimsborough and land on Checkers for lunch. You watch this.

(song fades out)


(Quick fade out)

Oh hi, our interns came to lunch at Paula's Place and nothing was horrifying while we were gone.

With Skin Wars approaching 4/20, the lineup looks likes this.....

Alison Kenyon (44, Grass Valley, CA)– Alison joined one of the nation’s first modern burlesque troupes at the age of 21, and later moved on to circus school where she practiced contortion, hand balancing, and fire swallowing.  Her resume also includes professional wrestling and Argentine tango. Now, the mother of a four-year-old son, Alison is a children's birthday party expert- Penney the Clown- and specializes in branded body painting for corporate clients.
  • Brittney Pelloquin (28, Broussard, LA) Body painting for four years, Brittney primarily works as a visual artist, painting portraits and murals, but says being able to evolve her talent by using the human body as a canvas is both exciting and fulfilling. She has already competed at the World Body Festival the past two years. In her spare time, Brittney teaches art to children with special needs. 
  • Hans Haveron (36, Los Angeles) – A former fashion model, Hans comes from a family of professional artists. He began his career in the fine arts arena at age 15 when he left home to sell his art on the streets and is now an internationally known visual artist and muralist who has worked on films, music videos, commercials and Los Angeles Fashion Week events. 
    • Jermaze Wade (36, Decatur, GA) – When he’s not managing his own airbrush shop in Atlanta, Jermaze uses his art to inspire the community and its youth. He describes his artistic style as a blend of urban-realistic and urban-contemporary. 
    • Jess Watson Miller (24, Sydney, Australia) – An internationally recognized body painter, Jess was named Australian champion in professional body painting three times and in 2014 ranked 4th at the World Body Painting Festival. She is both a circus performer and director of the black-light body art circus “LUMINOUS” in Australia. 
    • Joseph “Otto” Ott (38, Winneconne, WI) – An industrial painter by day and body painter by night, Otto grew up on a dairy farm. With a long career of custom painting cars, trucks, bikes, boats and mailboxes, he added human bodies to his list of canvases almost 6 years ago. 
    • Kyera Dalesandro (25, Virginia Beach, VA) – She started her own artistry business at age 17, specializing in beauty, bridal, and high fashion makeup, as well as face and body painting. After earning a BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, Kyera worked as an art instructor and manager of an international company. Now following her dream to be a professional artist in Los Angeles, Kyera is ambitiously pushing herself to higher levels of creativity with every project.
    • Luis Martinez (21, Atlanta) – A third-generation clown performer, Luis came from Mexico to the US at age 5 and began developing his artistry at age 13 when he started his own clowning business, often painting faces.  Completely self-taught and body painting for over six years, Luis often practices his craft by videotaping himself painting celebrities on his own torso and uploading the videos to YouTube.  He says his style is inspired by realism and a limitless imagination.
    • Michael Mejia (25, Queens, NY) – An American-Colombian artist with a diverse international background in art, a versatile, mixed-media skill-set and a unique conceptual vision, Michael is best known for his hyper-realistic animal body paintings. He has been body painting for six years and has been commissioned by celebrities such as Jason Derulo, Claudia Schiffer and Timbaland.  
    • Rick Uribe (20, El Paso, TX) – A tattoo artist, body painter and muralist by trade, Rick grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. As a teen, he wanted to use his artwork to better the community and has now painted over 20 colorful murals across the city.  
    • Shelley Wapniak (33, Brooklyn, NY) – Trained in a multitude of artistic mediums including fine art and landscape architecture. Shelley is the owner of a successful children’s entertainment business.  She has been body painting for three years, but rarely shows her work to her Orthodox Jewish family.  Standing 4 feet, 9 inches tall, Shelley describes herself as “strong and spunky.”  She also lives with no sense of smell due to rare condition called Anosmia.
    • Tiffany Beckler (27, Rock Hill, SC) – A former tattoo artist, Tiffany began her body art career at age 16, painting faces at a theme park and did her first body painting at age 17. For years, Tiffany has put her passion above everything else and continues to live, breathe and bleed art.  She describes her personality as “passionate, silly and sassy” when it comes to things she cares most about.

    There goes your lineup. Who will join Natalie Fletcher and Lana Chromium as Skin Wars champion?

    Chain Reaction is dead. For now at least. Like The Pyramid, it tried to be like its first version, but viewers seemed to find the lack of it interesting, plus the betting chain killed it. Hope it'll spend the afterlife in the afternoon hours.

    Pi Day was this past Monday and TPIR celebrated it in fashion. Watch.

    Not long ago in the pre-GSN era, a couple of ladies admire a classic Pyramid host. You'll will see it around the 7-minute mark and let me know what you think.

    What's in a Name?

    And finally, Steve Harvey takes on another person........named Steve Harvey. Confused? Well, it'll be on the Meredith Viera show soon.

    Now the 2nd intermission presented by It's hard to move out of a small town and go into a big metropolis. Paytra Gessler moved out of Toledo, Ohio into New York City in her teens. She's a fitness freak as you may now, but she is a singer & songwriter. Here is one of them.

    And as an extra added bonus, she nails an instrumental medley.

    Now we go to the 3rd period.

    Why is GSN a younger-skewing network? Well, GSN's median viewer age is down to 59, according to David Goldhill yesterday (President and CEO of GSN). Back then, 65 was the median. Family Feud, Idiotest and Skin Wars helped that, and Hellevator lowered the boom. Not only that, the numbers keep rising from younger ages. With Idiotest and Skin Wars on the way next month, the numbers may continue to repeat like it did the last 2 seasons they tried. This includes specials for Idiotest and their new Fresh Paint series for Skin Wars. Obviously, The Chase and Chain Reaction were skewing older like the morning classics. Why? Because GSN is getting the picture in getting younger viewers like Spike and USA. Will that continue?

    Time to go fly some model drones. Our blog is presented by America's next top autistic model. Just when they thought America's Next Top Model was done for good, Tyra Banks makes a triumphant return to the popular network TV series, only this time, 18 models compete for a spot to see who'll be the new face of the Autism Speaks foundation and ambassador of the charity. Mentally Insane! Mentally challenged! Mentally fun! Coming sooner than you think on The CW.

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